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Hi folks!  As you know, we just had the (first?) Gizar Guys Get Together, and for me, it was quite an experience. Three and a half days of the most deep, dense, and enjoyable conversation I've ever had with Blakecosmos, Scarmoge, Schwarzenstein, Echo Oscar, and Dr. Walter B. that I've ever had. But due to my time constraints and another round of company, I am behind this week on blogs, and may not be able to catch up until next week, when I hope to resume blogs and post this month's vidchat schedule, and also to schedule an important dialogue with a well known face here at the Giza online community. So please bear with me.

9 thoughts on “TIDBIT: BEAR WITH ME…”

  1. Bear with me indeed, so your dance book is full, we await the chat from those guys who did make it to Joseph’ house. I just wonder what Shiloh made of all the extra bodies in the house.

  2. Cool, needed some time to catch up on a few vidchats I’ve missed. Stunning how many insightful noggins are gathered together here. The vidchat questions are as astute as the replies intriguing (and entertaining). Watched an older one last night that reinstituted a long lost gratitude, laughter, and the divine grandeur of knowing we have escaped the AI bastille. Hats off to the members here, you guys are as intrinsic to the dialectical Manna as Dr. Farrell himself.

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