August 12, 2019 By Joseph P. Farrell

By now you've probably all heard the news: alleged human trafficker Jeffrey Epstein died last Saturday, apparently of suicide. And as one might expect, my email inbox was stuffed with this or that article analyzing all the problems with what  (little) we've been told. As one might also expect, I also have some high octane speculations to offer. But before we get to those, I for one have little difficulty in understanding or seeing how someone like Mr. Epstein might be driven to such despair, or fear, or both, as to take his own life. By any accounts, it was a thoroughly debauched and depraved life if we are to believe the allegations surrounding him (and I do), and as such, a profoundly empty life. There was little of virtue, beauty, goodness, or any sort of transcendent truth in it or light of God in it. He was surrounded by wealth, power, privilege, sex, and narcissism and psychopathy in all its forms. I think for all these reasons he may have been, underneath it all, a profoundly sad, and profoundly fearful man. I do not have difficulty believing that suicide is possible.

However, I don't have difficulty believing that he was "suicided" or "Arkancided" either.  In his "suicide" and the blatantly obvious circumstances surrounding it, Epstein joins Vince Foster and Danny Casolaro (the reporter who was investigating the Inslaw-Promis scandal for Inslaw chief, Bill Hamilton), and indeed, many people have already pointed out the parallel. And with that, we come to just a few of the articles that flooded my email inbox when the news broke.

'This smells very fishy': Skepticism ensues after shocking Epstein suicide death

One report from the UK Daily Mail suggests that Epstein had tried to warn guards that someone was trying to kill him, and that Epstein was taken off a suicide watch:

Jeffrey Epstein told guards weeks before he hanged himself that someone tried to KILL HIM

And of course, there is the story already floating around the internet - already abuzz with theories - that Epstein did not commit suicide, is not really dead, and that a "double" was substituted while Epstein was spirited away to Israel in a secret deal between Trump and the Mossad:

Robert Steele: Epstein Not Dead, Case Dismissed, Stolen Money Safe — Epstein Laughing!


And yet another version:

SUICIDED!? How does the most famous and closely watched jail inmate in U.S. history kill himself?

And of course, US Attorney General William  Barr is predictably appalled and outraged that such a thing could happen and has ordered an investigation:

AG Barr "Appalled" By Epstein's "Suicide", Orders Inspector General Probe Into Mysterious Death

And last but not least, Amazing Polly immediately recorded this video which pretty well covers all the dots:

The  New York Times has reported that Epstein was not on suicide watch when he allegedly committed suicide. In any case, you get the idea: most people are very skeptical of the story, including me. In fact, imagine my total (lack of) surprise when I heard the news Saturday. Most of us, I'll wager, were shocked by the news, but not surprised by it. It fits the Vince Foster-Danny Casolaro pattern.

For the purposes of today's high octane speculation, I am going to assume two things: (1) that Epstein is really dead, and (2) that he was murdered in a fashion as to make it look like suicide. The real questions then become the standard ones in any crime: who had the means, motive, and opportunity or means to do so? Given Mr. Epstein's associations - consider that he knew both the Clintons and Mr. Trump, and various British royals, Robert Maxwell, the Bronfmans, and so on, the strong whiff of intelligence agencies surrounding the man - the "who" is fairly straightforward, for any number of people are implicated in his "network". The "who" part of this question more or less answers itself: it would take an intelligence operation to penetrate a jail staff, and carry out an "Arkancide". Whose intelligence? That's hard to say, for indications are that Epstein had some sort of connections at least to MI-6, the Mossad, the CIA, and possibly a few others. Any one, or combination of them, would be capable of carrying it out. Money  can buy a lot of things, including a few guards willing to look the other way.

The real question of "who" is contingent upon "why", the motive. Here things get dicey, because here is where my high octane speculation comes in. Regular readers here, or people that are regular listeners to my interviews over the years, will be aware that my hypothesis has always been that each of these stories of human trafficking or sex slave rings or pedophilia, from the Franklin Scandal, to the Saville affair, to the Penn State scandal, to the "Finders" scandal, and even in my opinion as far back as the California Wineville Chicken Coup murders and all the way back to the case of Oscar Wilde in the 19th century, and perhaps further back even than that, are interrelated. We are, in my opinion, looking at something that has been in the criminal underground for a very long time, and it is a global network. It is an occult network, in the fullest senses of the word. It has been and is being run to obtain and maintain power, and its commodity is human bondage and misery. The template of the Franklin scandal is the clue, for by catering to the wealthy and powerful, and recording their deeds, "control files" could be built. It required "Lolita expresses" and remote islands and cameras and secret recording equipment, all of which appeared in the Franklin scandal, and which again appear in the circumstances surrounding Mr. Epstein. We all know the stories, and have seen the pictures.

If one scrutinizes these separate stories, they all have one thing in common: they're all analogue networks, up to and including Mr. Epstein's, with one important exception in Epstein's case, as we shall see. By "analogue" I mean they required Lolita expresses, two way mirrors, hidden cameras, secret recordings, and a network of rich and powerful people interfaced with factions within various intelligence agencies. What is unique in Mr. Epstein's case, as I pointed out in a previous blog, was the connection to the Inslaw-PROMIS software scandal. It's that connection that may be a profound clue, perhaps, into this latest in a long list of Arkancides, for it may be the indication that the network was in the process of "going digital", that it was in transformation when Mr. Epstein became a part of it, and that this process may now have been completed. With the means of tracking anyone and everyone through such a network via sophisticated software, people like Mr. King of the Franklin scandal, or Joe Paterno of the Penn State scandal, or Gordon Northcutt of the Wineville Chicken Coup murders, or, now, Mr. Epstein with his very analogue "black book," are no longer needed to maintain the network, for its "capital" and "collateral" have been perfected by the current surveillance capabilities. In such a system, the Epsteins, Northcutts, Paternos and Kings are no longer assets, but liabilities to the operation. The important people in such a network are no longer the Epsteins, in other words, but the technocrats with their databases and computers. And perhaps, that too, is another reason Mr. Epstein was Arkancided, for he did cultivate scientists and technocrats, and perhaps he knew who some of them were.

In short, it's a way of cutting overhead costs...

On the other hand, let's assume for the sake of a different speculation that the "substitution" theory is true, and that another person was substituted for the suicided Epstein while the latter was spirited away. The standard version of the theories out there is that we was whisked away to his Mossad masters in Tel Aviv. That's one possibility. But there's another: what if the whole thing was staged, and Epstein was indeed whisked away, but whisked away not to a safe house with his erstwhile masters, but to a facility where he can be more safely watched... far from Arkanciding hands, until he testifies, or perhaps strikes another deal, and sings like a canary...

See you on the flip side...