1. I wrote about the Italians learning from the experience of the Greeks:
    It is basically proceeding down those lines. I wonder if a certain Greek economist is advising the Resistance, especially on the parallel currency…

    As an aside, how ‘trustworthy’ is the Italian election process (the ballot counting and such)? If it is as back-door-able as the US one is, the next (s)election may already be won by the Brussels collaborators…

  2. We should know by Monday the 26th if the Italian President has been able to cobble together some parliamentary majority or call new elections. There are lots of options on the table, even including a return to the League – 5 Star Movement coalition. With all its defects, it did actually achieve a few things. But without a Brussels-imposed economic policy. And above all without Mr. Conte, who, by the way, was actually caught on video at an official occasion openly plotting with Merkel (coolly sipping an expresso) against his own minister Salvini as shown below.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    Love the hat!

    Really sorry to hear the Ministry of Truth’s Google & YouTube platforms are monopolizing access to your vidchat$.

    Ut Oh! An elected official going off NWO scripts and going w/the people’s will. Next thing you know that pesky public will demand a democracy. This scars the B-Jesus out of the Banktatorship’s puppet talking heads of state.
    Why they’re mad trying to actually represent the will of the people.
    The posh bureaucratic puppets in Brussels are extremely uncomfortable w/accountability; being as most are really unelected.
    If things don’t go the NWO way; there’s always those who count the votes who really count. If that fails, there’s the NWO’s bullet vote.
    Let’s see there’s the race card, the anti-Semite card; and Oh Yes!, the Russia did-it! Putin card.

  4. What is it with companies who have a system that works wonderfully well, and then they decide to change it, which always seems to reek havoc with users…………go figure.
    Now Italy, this whole mess is placed at the center ie Brussels and this monster that is the EU is imploding with great speed, ie look at the UK. So ol’ Martin Bormann who is not rolling over in his grave but trying to pry open the coffin. The Madrid Circular is dead, and the EU is imploding and the soon the better.

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