August 26, 2019 By Joseph P. Farrell

This week's "inbox" was full of articles that people sent to me about all the fires raging in the world's forests and jungles, and the narratives accompanying them, from the forests of Siberia and California to the jungles of Brazil and the Congo. The real question is ... why? We'll get back to that, but first, here's a sampling of just some of the articles I've received. For example, G.B. sent this one along:

Bolsonaro Admits Farmers May Have Started Amazon Wildfires, Warns World Not To Interfere

And in case you missed it, get a load of the "narrative" here:

As the outcry over the wildfires currently tearing through the Amazon intensifies, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro admitted on Thursday that farmers might be illegally setting fires to clear land for pasture, after previously blaming NGOs for the the 85% spike in wildfires, compared to 2018 Reuters reports.


But he warned outsiders not to interfere, as French President Emmanuel Macron insisted that the situation in Brazil should be discussed by the G-7 in Biarritz this weekend, while UN Secretary General Antonio Gutterres expressed concern about the fires via Twitter. Macron called the fires "an international crisis" in a tweet.

As the article goes on to note, there was even an amount of encouragement from the Brazilian government for farmers to initiate controlled burns as a part of a plan to utilize the Amazon basin for mining and agriculture.  But as G.B. pointed out in the email accompanying the article, farmers do controlled burns all the time without starting major conflagrations, though sometimes accidents do happen. Rather, what's more intriguing is President Bolsonaro's warning to the rest of the world not to "interfere." It's rather as if he does not want anyone looking too closely at whatever is going on. We'll get back to that "whatever" in a moment too. For the record, however, I too thought the same thing as G.B. when I first heard about these fires, coming so quickly after the fires started in Siberia, due to lightning strikes.

G.B. and several others people also sent along this article:

The "Lungs Of The Earth" Are Being Burned Away As Unprecedented Wildfires Absolutely Ravage The Planet

One comment in this article sums it up very aptly:

I know that this number is hard to believe, but there have been more than 72,000 wildfires in Brazil so far in 2019, and most of those fires are happening in the Amazon rainforest.  I understand that many of you may not care what happens in Brazil, but you should.  Approximately 60 percent of the entire Amazon rainforest is in Brazilian territory, and that rainforest produces approximately 20 percent of all the oxygen in our atmosphere.  So essentially the “lungs of the Earth” are being burned away right in front of our eyes

The fires are burning at the highest rate since the country’s space research center, the National Institute for Space Research (known by the abbreviation INPE), began tracking them in 2013, the center said Tuesday.

There have been 72,843 fires in Brazil this year, with more than half in the Amazon region, INPE said. That’s more than an 80% increase compared with the same period last year.

The Amazon is often referred to as the planet’s lungs, producing 20% of the oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere.

An eighty percent increase of fires in the Amazon basin this year over last year? In addition to being very suspect, we're to blame "the little guy", the farmers, for this? If that's the case, then why didn't controlled burns by farmers ignite a conflagration much earlier? Like G.B., I suspect that the finger pointing is meant to deflect attention from something else. Again, we'll get back to that. The second article goes on to note the burning of forests in Alaska, Greenland(!), and elsewhere. You can add Canada, the Congo, to that list. Indeed, C.M. spotted this article about Angola and the Congo, and the fires there and the areas affected are larger than in Brazil!

More Wildfires Are Burning In Angola & Congo Than Brazil

Make no mistake about it, this is an environmental crisis, for with far fewer plants cycling carbon dioxide back into oxygen, the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases, yielding the standard global warming paradigm.

So, add it all up, in the last year or so we've seen major fires in: (1) Russia (Siberia), (2) Brazil (the Amazon basin), (3) Canada, (4) Alaska, (5) Greenland(!), (6) Angola, (7) The Congo, and of course (8) Nuttyfornia. Can fires start by lightning strikes or controlled burns that run amok? Absolutely they can.  But what I'm not buying - call me crazy as I head toward the end of the twig of high octane speculation once again - is the idea that all these fires, within more or less a short period of time, and covering such vast swaths of land, are all due to "the little guy" or mere accident. When one has been spraying heavy metal particulates into the atmosphere for years, then that in itself becomes an addition of combustible material to land all over the world, and the lightning strike can start a fire which will quickly get out of control. Indeed, I've speculated previously that weather - which would include lightning - has been weaponized, and we might be looking at something far more sinister than just controlled burns by farmers. We might, in short, be looking at geophysical warfare taking place right before our eyes, and hence President Bolsonaro's warning to the rest of the world not to "interfere." Indeed, if my speculation is the case, then the last thing Mr. Globaloney would want are people going to Angola, The Congo, or the Amazon Basin and talking to eyewitnesses about what they've seen and experienced. It might lead to evidence of "anomalies" of a very unnatural character that accompanied the fires in Nuttyfornia.

But there is one bright spot in all this smoky darkness, because judging from the comments from people in their emails who sent me these and similar articles, more and more people are waking up to the possibility that these conflagrations might not be entirely natural.

See you on the flip side...