Labor Day


OK folks, I am off getting a pedicure, my bunions sanded, getting de-wormed and generally taking advantage of the holiday. Have a good holiday everyone!

1 thought on “LABOR DAY NO BLOG TODAY”

  1. Robert Barricklow

    Historically Labor Day has been May Day.
    Goes way back in a number of agricultural histories.
    Naturally, this has been politicized[weaponized].
    Here in the US; where the news is virtually 24/7/365 financial/stock market news; there is NO labor news.
    Another example of: global in-you-face 1% class rule.
    Here in the US, they’re busy trying to repeal as many of those hard-fought legislative labor laws as possible; and,
    in point of fact, are doing it globally now in actual practice.

    As always: “they’ talk the walk; but refuse to walk the talk.

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