Tidbits of Conspiracy News


And speaking of quantum stuff, P.T. passed this one along, and yes, it regards quantum computing and a recent alleged 'big leap forward'. As you read, think beyond the quantum uses of cracking internet encryption (remember, I warned that this might happen). Think rather of group observer effects, the macrocosm, the transhumanist agenda, and (here it comes) Mandela Effect:

Google Claims ‘Quantum Supremacy,’ Marking a Major Milestone in Computing


  1. Robert Barricklow

    What reader[s] was this story’s narrative targeting?
    No doubt some truths mixed w/the usual suspects?

  2. Sometimes, one takes timeout to think. In this case, one apparently stops time, while thinking, to be ahead of the game.

    Assuming, that a timeout were occur between incarnations, then one approaches the death phenomenon, as being timeout.

    Point is, that there are other means to stop time, and Pi, being a mathematical symbol, is one of them, balancing the diametrical.

  3. Interesting, that they would take a chance on their credibility of a presumptive pre-publishing paper. Although quantum computing has been whispered about, then talked about, and now this claim in bold print, one has some reservations about timeline and its change. One’s guess, at least one of them, would be that that peta-flopping Mandarin over you know where attempted hacks that upped the schedule or possibly stole something they’re now trying to copy – Again. If this qubit data cruncher is online, it may well be active in the cloud and having an affect on wired systems of connection. Irritating intermittent pauses and what looks like bandwidth skimming. One is trying to cut back on the wireless noise, you understand. Besides, can’t afford fiber optic or super satellite system. Haven’t mastered the quantum crystal as yet.

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