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Many thanks to all of you who once again shared your time, the articles you found, and your thoughts about them. This week's honorable mentions were submitted by R.M., C.M., V.T., J.K., R.D., G.B., and K.M.:

German probe opens into suspected internal spying at Airbus

“Our duty is to obey the United Nations,” Says Pope Francis — What Kind Of New World Order Thinking Is That?

Robopriest: Catholic church could ordain sophisticated AI ROBOTS as priests, Franciscan Sister proposes, with the church moving towards a 'post-human priesthood'

Terrorist Groups, Artificial Intelligence, and Killer Drones

Saudi Arabia executes 134 people including six kids as brutal crucifixions spike'

SURPRISE! The Official Escort for 16-Year-Old Global Warming ‘Expert’ Greta Thunberg Is a Leftist Hack Funded by George Soros Org.

Mysterious magnetic pulses discovered on Mars

Same media that once deemed chemtrails a conspiracy theory now openly promotes chemtrailing the entire planet to “end climate change”



  1. I know that as a Christian some of my views are more traditional. (My views are based on reason and openness anchored in the insights of the apostolic and apologetic tradition within Christianity rather than reason formulated in the shot-gun, reactionary, post-modern shock and awe approach to historical traditions. I’m not being critical of anyone here per se, but I do believe the prevalence of the evangelical attitude toward tradition in the US has created a false sense of the historical narrative toward the development of Christianity that is not grounded in the details of tradition or history. Too little attention is being paid to that legacy, and as a means of social engineering post-modernism is more pop psychology than genuine inquiry. We all need to exercise caution here.) But…

    Has no one noticed the embrace of an AI priesthood by the Catholic Church runs completely counter to its understanding of the role of Christ within the body of the Church–of whom each priest and bishop are appointed via apostolic succession? Of all creatures defined within the Christian tradition the most machine-like of them all were Lucifer and demons. “Their habit of will against God was formed outside of time and beyond time, meaning they have become locked into a habit of will in opposition to God that restricts their thoughts to a machine-like logic. When they fell, they lost their creative capacity or their ability to see beyond the event horizon of the self.” What happened to the necessity of a priest’s humanity?

  2. anak…….I always enjoy your postings!! 😉 Thanks for the George W. letter….most interesting!!!

    Advertising on a cathedral….what ARE we coming to??!!! Because of my age & my experiences within the “Christian mindset”, I am beginning to wonder why DID we accept the “tale” sold us by the Roman Gov’t who hijacked the Jesus Story in order to form a means with which to control the masses??? According to the book, “The Jesus Papers”, Jesus was NOT crucified…plainly stated in Roman records. Hmmmmmm…..

  3. Bless me “robot” for I have sinned………. Say 100 – “War is peace, Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is strength, I love big brother. Go and sin no more.
    Confession, good for the soul 😈

  4. my tidbit, Kevin Blanch (California Dead Tide Pools) goes to Vienna to find a humongous Samsung advert on the St Stephens Cathedral. Signs of end times. link at url time, so you can just pause it there.
    Holy HandGranade, for hire (/Monty Python).

  5. Robert Barricklow

    Throw the [Jesuit/Mason] leadership out of the temple[s]/ by Christ!

    Terror groups[fronting for intelligence agencies] are field testing AI killer robots[slaughterbots] in numerous configurations and circumstances.

    Worse than slaughterbots are the Outhouse of Saud insane asylum, off-with-their heads, leadership.

    Another headliner asylum inmate, mainstream media, wants chemtrrails on steroids for more climate CONTROL.

    Robots/wannabe human robots are battling against nature/humanity.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Our star, the Sun, is what scientist call a maim sequence star. Main sequence stars slowly increase their brightness as they grow older. Increasing heat from the Sun threatens life on our planet. The effect of vegetative life on Earth effectively lower that heat level through CO2/Oxygen regulation.
      Slowly extinguishing life on Earth would effectively heat Earth to beyond supportable life at some tipping point?
      The Sun is already increasing the heat.

    2. Robert Barricklow

      The truth is that Earth’s environment has been massively adapted to sustain habitability. It is life that has controlled the increasing heat from the Sun. We are made by our star, and also threatened by it.
      Helium is increasing the heat of the Sun through the aging process. t
      The extra heat makes the Sun expand and from its greater surface area heat escapes and warms the Earth. The Sun is now too hot for the further development of organic life on Earth.

      1. Robert Barricklow

        Quite simply, you cannot explain the workings of something alive by cause-and-effect logic.
        We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten mankind’s gift.

  6. LOL… Icelanders will throw intruders into a volcano. That is funny. Where have you been for the last hundreds of years. The Scandinavians lost their courage many, many years ago and will never get it back. db

    1. Anglosphere has tendency to be brutal, while posing as saints, to keep up appearances. Saint Swampington was nitpicking, about the embroidery on his apron, while good men were fighting, in 1782. That summons it up.

      Scandinavians are less brutal, and yet more honest about it, being less cloak and dagger. When target is defined, they move as one. Invading Britain was a mistake, a spiritual suicide, that caused harm to Druidry (Goðaveldi).

      Man does not have to show off, to prove a point, when knowing deep down who he is. Samuel did not beat around the bush. Identity is not American strongest point, when having to seek roots in Europe, like the thief in the night.

      1. Man needs to stop bumper sticker phrases when man knows little to nothing about masonry except what he reads on the internet. Jesuits and masons forever. How’s that for a bumper sticker. db

        1. anakephalaiosis

          Yes, by decree in bumper sticker land, that translates to:

          Be your own founding father, and marry a farmer’s daughter.

          Looking out for kin, is what Cyning means, in Old English, originally.

  7. Jesuits were the bloody hands of papacy, i.e. assassins with prayer books, during the European wars of religion, in two centuries. Thereafter, the grooming of the stone masons guild, provided the Jesuits with a new spook identity, as Freemason agents – with papal deniability. (“Free” as in free beer in the tavern.)

    When aggrieved wanderers erect their first synagogue in Reykjavik, they need to fortify themselves, and therefore American boots on the ground, to lobby a 51st state into the American flag.

    The indigenous might say, that neither is welcome, and both can go to hell. If Icelanders refuse to accept Geopold Swampington, as their new “founding father”, Uncle Sam might adopt them by force.

    The powder keg in the Middle East, surrounded by enemies, is of course seeking escape options, to airbus itself away, when hell breaks loose. So it needs to plan footholds elsewhere.

    Iceland is no option, as there are hidden sides of Icelanders, when dealing with unwelcome intruders. Icelanders simply throw trespassers into their nearest vulcano, as an environment friendly garbage disposal.

    It is naive to think, that Europeans want to share the heavy burden, of having Jesuit agents with aprons, as founding fathers. Such idolatry is not Christian heritage. Those, who killed Christ, are cursed, by mark of Cain – as Jesuits.

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