October 8, 2019 By Joseph P. Farrell

Many of you may have read Dr. Dehart's and my book Transhumanism, or my more recent book Microcosm and Medium, and hence have run across the whole spectrum of mind-manipulation techniques and technologies discussed in them, including the transhumanists' idea of downloading and uploading their memories into computers (and, presumably, back into younger cloned versions of themselves). Add to this the whole adrenochrome-young blood transfusion/modern vampirism madness, and what you have is a quest for virtual immortality, or at least, longevity.

As if to drive home the point that all of this might just be possible, S.H. shared this article about scientismists at the University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas have altered the memories of birds, making them "remember" new songs:

Scientists Zap False Memories Into Birds to Teach Them Songs They’ve Never Heard

"Researchers have managed to teach birds songs that they had never heard before after activating select neurons within their brains—basically implanting false memories.


"However, in this case, neuroscientists at the University of Texas Southwestern relied on a different process called optogenetics, or the scientific name for controlling the behavior of neurons through a combination of intense lights and genetic engineering. Their findings were published in Science.

"Young zebra finches typically learn their birdsongs by absorbing and mimicking the songs of their parents. However, researchers managed to manipulate electrical activity in the birds’ mind, inserting genes into specific neurons into their brains that relate to learning songs. These genes allowed the scientists to activate proteins within the finches’ brains, lodging the song into their minds.

Of course, one can imagine all sorts of good applications for such a technology, and naturally, the article concludes with the usual ready-to-hand assurance that all this is a good thing precisely because of all those good applications and that we're "still a long way off" from total memory implantation or alteration in humans:

While the results of the experiment are an impressive feat, the sort of detail-rich, granular memories we enjoy still can’t be implanted in humans. However, the study could well open the door to potential treatments for human beings, including treating people affected by traumatic pasts, autism, and speech disorders.

But note that little passing reference to "treating people affected by traumatic pasts." I suspect every regular reader here senses the dangerous presence of "Soviet psychiatric 'hospitals'" hovering just on the dark fringes of the implications of that statement, or of Dr. Ewen Cameron's attempts to remove one personality and set of memories and implant another with his notorious CIA-MK-Ultra mind control experiments in "psychic driving." Who is to determine what is "traumatic"? And why even bother with that, if someone's thoughts or opinions conflict with the official narratives? They are obviously suffering "trauma" and need "help"... let's just get rid of those nasty memories. I've had some very traumatic experiences in my life, some of them when I was young. Their memories still haunt me and affect my life. But that's the point: they drove me in certain directions, some bad, and some very good (and overall, the latter), for I sought consolation in attempting a virtuous and spiritual life. Do I want to relive them? No. Do I want them erased? No, because they are part of what makes me human.

Put this development into the context of the whole transhumanist quest to upload and download entire personal memories. Add to that cloning, human-computer interfaces, and we are indeed looking at a kind of "immortality." But what if it becomes an "immortality trap," an ever-repeating loop that its participants can never turn off, living weary of "life" in a technocratic hell?

What bothers me here is the potential for the removal of any sort of development of a basic spiritual sense, that basic humanizing understanding that not every impulse is to be entertained or indulged, nor every bad memory avoided, or "modified."

We watch scientism expand and expand its boundaries until nothing is sacred, and there is no boundary which they will not cross or defile or tinker with, not the mind, not the memory, not even the sweet song of a little bird.

See you on the flip side...