Tidbits of Conspiracy News


December 7, 2019 By Joseph P. Farrell

There were a lot of good articles this week that didn't make the "final cut" but they're definitely worth passing along for your perusal. Thanks to K.M., V.T., S.D.H., M.W., K.L.  and many others who contributed these:

Are Women Destroying Academia? Probably

Digital immortality: Transhumanism may hold key to eternal life, along with multiple caveats & ethical dilemmas

The mystery of Harappan script: An enigma from the ancient world

Jennifer Jaynes death, Obituary : USA Today Author Found Dead.


There Still Aren’t Any Rules Preventing Rogue Scientists From Making Gene-Edited Babies

And last but not least, Italian cold-fusion scientist Andrea Rossi is reporting a long sustained reaction with more electricity than heat:

Statement of Andrea Rossi: “We Did It, Obtained Permanent Self Sustaining Mode”