13 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM JAN 30 2020”

  1. More than nasty business that nano technology. When weaponized and aerosolized can become a most widely dispersed deterrent of susceptible air breathers of land, sea, and air. It would seem that those folks from you-know-where have not only learned a thing or two left over from those Unit 731 days but have resourced (stolen) and expanded upon early lethal contagions. And Jim Marrs thought the Nazi’s were bad actors with preferred population control measures. One can understand why those folks from you-know-where have hacked into cancer research data centers for a pointer or two on how to cure certain out-of-control cellular activity.

    Get plenty of rest, drink plenty of fluids, refrain from those vices that overly tax vital organs, get enough exercise, and stay healthy. Superior viable cell biology seems the best deterrence against malignant and premature cell degradation. If multivitamins are chosen ensure adequate mineral supplementation, too. In one’s humble and quacking opinion, of course.

  2. Mass “scientific” experimentation on whole populations – it has happened time and again in the modern era and quite possibly in the more distant past.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    Anytime they profess to tell us the whole story; who in their right mind would believe it. They never tell the whole story. Any story is usually misdirection, misinformation, and truth is definitely MIA.
    Harvard has a track record that is very deadly in consequence. Not a good sign by far.
    It seems to more we know; the deeper the consequences.
    The WHO is getting into the thick of it.
    Are more & more bad actors are showing up for this global pandemic stage?
    Real? Or, not real?
    Too late?

  4. Well, well well Dr Farrell you are into something important. The Lieber Group is sponsored among others by Darpa, The Office of Naval Research and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research. Just a coincidence, more than 95% of Lieber’s associates and staff are Chinese. Mr Lieber still appear on Harvard’s Chemistry Faculty website at this time.



  5. Doc, I still like Rappoport’s idea on pollution revolution suppression in Wuhan and other manufacturing centers in China IN ADDITION TO THESE STORY LINES. I think all these story lines reinforce and camouflage each other.

    1. Btw, speaking of middle class revolts against the 1% (thats what Rappoport calls the pollution protests in Wuhan and other Sino cities), has anyone seen the fireman fighting the police in Paris? At what point do ALL the French middle class give up on the 1% er .0001%?

  6. This beginning to look like a scenario from a Stephen King novel whose title I can’t recall. But it was serialized on ABC I think in the eighties of the last century. Is this a case of art imitating reality.

    1. Wow Marcos. Never read it. Just read the wiki on it. I’d like King’s plots more if he did not throw demons n such in there. Just the same, it does seem histories script writers agree with you.

  7. Very interesting, I had shown the same two stories to my husband yesterday (only the NYT version of the professor’s arrest) and I said: “I don’t know what is going on, but I think whatever it is, it just got a lot more complicated – SOMETHING is going on behind the scenes.”

    1. No it just got a lot simpler. Bet these folk are drawing funds from the same folk as Epstein.

  8. I’m sure that Prof Lieber and Harvard intended that the corona virus would be non-discriminatory and had no doubt been also deeply involved in creating safe spaces with support animals to assuage the trauma of its eventual outbreak. All that, of course, once they had cashed their checks.

    1. Perfect response, basta. Wish I could have hit a like button but then, I am glad this isn’t FaceBot.

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