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Here are this week's honorable mentions, courtesy of M.D., V.T., D.F., C.V., D.W., and E.G.

A bearer bonds story from a few months before 9/11:

$2 Trillion in Fake U.S. Bonds Seized

Sanity at Last: Court Refuses to Kowtow to Personal Pronouns Like 'Xemself, Faerself'

Brazil opens ‘spectacular’ Antarctic research base, but will it have the cash to fulfill its potential?

Men in name only: New study shows testosterone levels in American males are dropping dramatically. Why would that be?

Gene drive research: why it matters

World War III Already Happened, America Is A Simulation







  1. Beauty elegance and self respect are dying silently but very rapidly
    more and more disgusting madness and uglyness
    every peice of private intimity is trashed
    nothing left
    the only question is
    Can this uglyness everywhere will stop and how

    1. Claude,
      When was the last time you looked in someone’s eyes? Do you embody beauty and elegance? Do you respect yourself? To my thinking, that is the surest intimacy; if the sense of sight is not attainable, other senses might offer a similar closeness.
      Slowing down, slowing way down,
      to combat the uglies. Your example is your contribution.

  2. I wonder if those Brazilians will run some of their scalar/X-wave Finite Aperture experiments down there and see if the location changes the results…

  3. “Sanity at Last: Court Refuses to Kowtow to Personal Pronouns Like ‘Xemself, Faerself'”
    .. the defendant rises.
    “If it please your whorenor”
    next star wars movie – The Rise of the Half Lives.
    new antarctic base named Brazchill. Feminists protest.
    perhaps fantasist, but I’ll throw this one in here for the WWIII watchers.

  4. Robert Barricklow

    Personal Pronouns & Transgender Agendas?

    First of all, the pecking order of humans starts w/the most high & mighty of all human beings, the transnational corporation w/its many heads and tentacles reaching into every corner and crevasse of Earth’s current tenants. Yes, Earth is a property, a solid rock investment.
    Next, in the pecking order are the robots.
    Oops, that’s I’m a few pages ahead of the current time line. Let me skim a few pages back.
    Ah. Gender identity.
    Well, speaking of time….

    White Rabbit

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Methinks this gender biz is all about transitioning to a more conducive robot lingo. Man has shown a tendency toward a storage of emotion in objects to his self-understanding and self-exploration. The coming robotization is counting on that to engage mankind into a seamless transition into meaningful relationships algorithms[aka robots simulating humans]. Soon, the borders of human/robot will be bled together into a matrix where reality can easily be digitally created & circulated at the speed of light, networking throughout the electronic skin of earth.

  5. Robert Barricklow

    Brazil’s successful “torch job” of the original Antarctica site went w/o a hitch and the new Nazi…
    I mean, the new Brazilian scientific/biological research site is high tech and very up-to-date. The Ministry of War; er., the Ministry of Defense is paying for the building.
    But the funding is of a known unknown, that began w/Martin Bormann…
    Now there’s some highly-safe, ice-cold biological research going way down-under, to benefit all mankind?

  6. Robert Barricklow

    Men in name only?
    Reminds me of W.C. Fields
    Field had a portable bar on the set w/a fresh made alcoholic drink he referred to as “orange juice”
    One day an unwitting assistant put real orange juice in it.
    WC exclaimed/Hey!
    Who put orange juice in my orange juice!

    Who made my Burger King a Burger Queen!

  7. Robert Barricklow

    Bottom line?
    As in all world wars[and conflicts]; the people loose.
    Elites win[remember/they finance/bet all sides.

    Corporate media?
    Meaning 99% of news is an agreed upon fable being supporting by a cast of casino shills for the empire?

    Are the “terrorists” the 99%’ers
    who are wise to the less than 1%?

    Get wise.
    War is an ongoing business
    w/many interest$ and subsidiarie$.
    Why kill war? The Golden Goose whose touch is destructively profitable in derivative crisis generated policies and undisclosed/numbered bank accounts.

    = W[in]W[in]$$$

  8. In reference to the hormones, they are making us more aggressive not less and aging before our time. Guess they are taking it back to a time when thirty was the expected life span. That age range must be all we are useful for to some.

    1. My friends in the land of the big dragon will sell bulk powder analogs that will NOT convert to estrogen. These products became a federally controlled schedule lll substance around 1989.

  9. Many food products (meat, dairy and now artificial “meat”) contain high levels of estrogens NOT reported on the label.

    1. Just a dry run by our elites to turn us deplorables into Soylent Green Dana. Meat being us will only be available to our elites we will only be a delicacy for special occasions.

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