March 19, 2020 By Joseph P. Farrell

If you're tired of hearing about that story that no one  - including me - wants to talk about, but that we're all thinking about and talking about anyway, and if you're wanting to have a little high octane speculative fun and look at "cool and suggestive pictures" with lots of "implications," then read this article that was submitted by S.A.:

The Mystery of Lapulapu Ridge: Deep down under the Pacific Ocean there is an enormous mobile underwater city. It has been operating there for centuries… millennia. It leaves tracks and debris all over the ocean floor as it mines the murky depths of the Mariana Trench.

Now let's assume for the sake of argument and high octane speculation that the pictures linked in the article are legitimate and true. Indeed, some of them appear to have come from U.S. government sources. If you're like me, you clicked on those links and had a look at the pictures.

And they are, well, stunning and very provocative, whatever one makes of the article's hypothesis that "someone" is "mining" the ocean floor, at very great depth. But if you're like me, you noticed other "oddities" in some of those pictures, rectilinear "structures" that look like pyramids or steles or obelisks "top-down", so to speak. In fact, one thing that struck me was that if one did not "know" this was the ocean floor, one might be tempted to think one was looking at certain well-known areas on the surface of the Planet Mars.

That observation brings me to my first high octane speculation of the day. If you're familiar with the various researchers who've looked at and dissected the Cydonia region of Mars and its celebrated and well-known "Face" - Richard Hoagland, Dr. Mark Carlotto, Pozos and many others - one of the things many of them point out are the celestial alignments of the structures at Cydonia. Indeed, Dr. Carlotto published a whole book about it. Dr. Errol Torrun and Mr. Hoagland also did an analysis of the internal alignments of those features decades ago. Whatever one makes of those analyses, the fact that they were done at all indicates there were enough people who were willing to entertain the "artificiality" hypothesis.

So one might make a predictive high octane speculation: might these pictures eventually lead to researchers making those types of analyses? Answer: probably, given enough interest in the subject.

That brings me to my second high octane speculation of the day. What if, in those putative analyses, people discover connections between what is going on "down there" at the bottom of the ocean, and "up there" at the top of the abyss of space? If the connection sounds too difficult to believe or too tenuous, it's worth recalling that there are ancient myths of "wisdom gods" appearing from the sea. The Babylonian historian-priest Berossus, for example, recounted for Alexander the Great the story of the "fish-man" Oannes who appeared from the ocean to give civilizing arts to the ancient peoples of Iraq.

There's a third high octane speculation to offer here. What if we're looking at the activity of that "breakaway civilization?" The standard view of this theory is that beginning in the post-war period in the late 1940s and 1950s, a breakaway group began to emerge, funded secretly with massive amounts of money, to study the UFO phenomenon and develop technologies that could emulate its performance characteristics. Most readers of this site are probably aware of the vast amount of research and lore that has emerged in the alternative research field in this connection, for example, the alleged statements of former Lockheed-Martian... er... Lockheed-Martin skunkworks director Ben Rich: "We found an error in the equations and now we can take ET home," and so on. In this theory, after decades of massive funding and secret research in black projects, some believe - myself included - that this group has pulled far ahead of "public science" and technology, perhaps by decades. In support of this theory, various "drips" of information are used as loose corroborating evidence: Lockheed-Martin's revelation of a small spherical "fusion reactor" revelation a few years ago, a reactor that looks like a scaled up version of Philo Farnsworth's 1960s "Fusors" and "Plasmator" patents for ITT, or DARPA's and NASA's century goal to make the USA "warp capable", the Nazi Bell story, and so on. Part of this theory involves the creation of massive underground infrastructure to support the project, and keep it well hidden from prying eyes.

By parity of reasoning, the abyssal deeps of the oceans would afford such cover, and even more so, and provide additional benefits that resources that lie beneath the ocean floors could be tapped, and the oceans themselves as food sources, could be tapped if we but had the requisite technology. And if one is willing to entertain the idea of a breakaway civilization that emerged from those covert and secret UFO study groups of the 1940s and 1950s, then rest assured, the reports of USOs, Unidentified Submersible Objects, with their vast underwater speeds, their ability to transit from submarine to aerial operations, their known shadowing of American and other naval vessels, would be an obvious area of interest and study for such a group.

See you on the flip side...