1. Ah, I still got problems trusting Dylan after his almost confession of selling his soul to Ed Bradley. His confession to Ed Bradley. Not selling his soul to Ed.

  2. Um Yeh. It might be a good idea to read the comments on their youtube page.

    To be sure RFK2 has been campaigning hard on being that honest guy exposing Bayer/pharma corruption worldwide. All that’s needed now is for this Gates foundation Event201 WHO psyop to get exposed for what it is and that whole family will be dynastic again.

    1. Yes we do need to talk about it. More so now this little detail has been let out of the bag. ….I don’t like sharing articles from the Guardian, but this is different as I know the facts are true. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/mar/31/welsh-surgery-says-sorry-after-telling-the-very-ill-not-to-call-999

      Just where the directive came from for this, we are trying to find out. The Health Board? The Welsh Government? ( health in Wales is devolved from the UK Gov) or the Doctors from the surgery itself. I’m waiting to see if I have been included in this hit list.

      1. Robert Barricklow

        When your health system’s bottom line is profit; not health, this policy makes cent$!

  3. interesting comment in the kid’s video:

    16 hours ago
    Austrian scientists have studied the dead from the corona virus. They reported to Harvard Medical School that all the deceased had Motrin, ibuprofen and Advil in their systems. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if our US government has tainted all of these meds? Thank you to the Austrian labs who made this discovery!

    Those drugs destroy the liver.

    1. Who needs to taint them. They were destructive from the get go. Surprised to see any evidence of their uniform damage come to the surface. Keeping evidence buried deep is the one skill pharma excels at.

    2. …and, its been said, the liver is the seat of the soul….the control center of the endocrine/emotional/spiritual system…and we all know that imbibing too many evil ‘spirits’ will destroy it. ( cheap pain avoiding pills included )

      1. I can’t remember the last time I had a YouTube comment stick. They’re always disappearing.
        Thanks for posting, though. It’s tough to wade through thousands of comments. Always try to screen capture anything good you find because they will disappear.
        And I agree–those OTC, in certain low doses for certain people can be deadly, especially combined. But their mistake was reporting it to Harvard!

  4. Robert Barricklow

    The man in me will have to stomach this Dylan video.

    … live on in infamy[shades of both Pearl Harbor.

    … right there in front of everyone’s eyes
    [shades of the current v19 op]

    Somewhere w/in the song lines; one has to remember
    this was a mafia killing of another mafia faction.

    … see if you can shoot the invisible man.

    Masonic/Occult references like 33, human sacrifice

    The age of the anti-class has only just begun…

    1. anakephalaiosis

      When having no grasp of reality, one is considered to be a “rootless tree”. Normally, religion provides an anchoring. When religion fails, the world collapses.

      Agent Kennedy was fake, and he was retired out of the picture, before his false myth could be exposed. History is full of fake gravestones, and deceptive performances.

      Agent Kennedy was promoted as “king”, and that is another deception, since “cyningas”, as defined by the Rune system, have not been around since the Middle Ages.

      Rynstafas grow the deepest rooted trees:


  5. Wow! Dylan doesn’t miss much…does he? On the death of Johnny Cash, he said John was the north star you could guide your ship by. Or, something to that effect. He’s a brilliant poet in my opinion.

  6. Interesting find! Now following R. Kennedy Jr. on TWT; though unsurprisingly prudent, there are interesting items on the Big Pharma themes he addressed.

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