1. When we all strive for sovereignty,and hold a firm belief in our Constitution,all States shall follow .Currently,I believe we are no more than chattels on the stock exchange as cattle.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    This “new” normal they keep trying to hammer into the global psyche is a euphemism for NEW World Order normal.


    1. Robert Barricklow

      The new normal is a new enclosure movement. l
      Like the 18th & 19 century enclosure movement that took all the land owned in common by all the members of the village, or a least available to the public for growing food and/or for grazing animals
      Almost overnight the land was privatized & fenced. Now the villagers would have to go to the cities and fill their factories for the new world order; the industrial revolution.
      Problem is the opposite this time; as it’s automation that’s putting those old new world workers out to pasture. But those commons/pastures are gone.
      So what’s this new enclosure really going to be about?

      A CV op for microsoft digital human currency[you really don’t want to see the wicked patent]; for mandatory vaccines; for invisible tattoos; for wearing masks [to hide your yellow stars]; continuous updated shots into your body; which of course, they must own, since it’s not yours to decide what to do?

      1. ladylogosmotive

        Damn, I have done so well on my new keto lifestyle that past 8 months…the truth of all this sent me over the edge today…I ate a whole pint of keto chocolate ice cream…well there’s still hope for me spiritually, psychologically and proportionately. I always enjoy your knowledgeable posts.

  3. The problem is that we are currently on a Harkonnen-run planet. Otherwise, many of the ‘universal’ initiatives would make total sense.

    On universal health care: Two separate times, a companion and I were forced to use the UK health system while traveling in their country. We were treated impeccably.

    The first time, it was a tooth problem triggered by the airplane flight (pressure differential). Two dentists in different cities saw her semi-immediately (she was in great pain) and sorted-out the tooth. Medication was prescribed and was inexpensive. A great testament to their system. (And she was ‘seen’ as a Briton, not an American!)

    The second time, I was two islands out off the western Scottish coast. I had picked-up an ear infection, which finally got unbearable. We backtracked one island, and I was immediately seen in a small local clinic. Diagnosis was made, and medication was prescribed. The doctor even recommended that I buy the medication at the local pharmacy, because it was less costly there. Again, great service. (And I was ‘seen’ as a Briton, not an American!)

    So, I am on the side of an American universal health care system, with two caveats: First, taxpayers have to be aware of TANSTAAFL, Robert Heinlein’s “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” A hefty chunk will be taken out of their paycheck to pay for the system, partially-balanced by cutting-out all the profit-seeking bloodsuckers from the present system. Second, we have to try to keep the Harkonnens out of the system. Probably impossible, but there may be enough good people to make it happen.

    On mandatory vaccinations and all, it falls under the same ‘rules’. We are currently on a Harkonnen-run planet. Nothing from the ‘top of the pyramid’ is for your benefit, and may be actively dangerous. Under another (enlightened) governing-system, many of those ‘universal’ initiatives would make total sense for humanity…

  4. I am vaguely familiar with this court case was this before or after the NAZIs came to power in Germany. Hilter used the examples of the genocides of the natives of the Americas and of the Armenians by the Ottomans to justify his coming crimes. As for the vaccines, they would be an excellent cover for a planetary extermination program by our pathological elites.

  5. Robert Barricklow

    South Dakota leads the way!
    Outlaw ALL vaccines! … and
    Medical Mandates!

    Hear! Hear!

      1. Robert Barricklow

        Chile, where the Chicago Boys & Pinochet set historical precedents; are also wanting to issue immunity passports ASAP.
        Chile & Germany, both w/ historical precedents wanting to lead the way into a NWO future?

  6. To the state legislature in South Dakota, thank you for treating your citizens as adults. Please pass this legislation. It’s important. Freedom is always risky–safety is seldom safe. I would rather run the risk of dying a free man than being slowly maimed and killed because of government’s mistake. It’s obvious to me you have a better understanding of the adjective “limited” prefixing the word “government”. Help us preserve this. Please.

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