April 28, 2020 By Joseph P. Farrell

While the propatainment ministries and media of the USSA and other countries have been ratcheting up the hysteria about the Wuhan-Lieber-Fauci virus, other things have been going on, one of them being the sudden disappearance from public sight of North Korea's Commie King Kim Jong Un, according to some stories passed along by G.L.R. (thank you!). And, after you read these two articles, perhaps you will share my high octane suspicions:

North Korea's Kim Jong Un Reported By Japanese Media To Be In Vegetative State

With Kim Jong Un Reportedly On His Death Bed, These Are The Most Likely Heirs To The North Korean Throne

According to the first article, Commie King Kim apparently suffered a heart attack, and then a botched surgery for it:

Amid conflicting reports about Kim's health, Japanese weekly magazine Shukan Gendai reported on Friday (April 24) that a Chinese medical team member on the mission to North Korea briefly explained the situation to its senior writer, Kondm Daisuke.

The medical expert said during a visit to the countryside earlier this month, Kim clutched his chest and fell to the ground. A doctor accompanying Kim immediately carried out CPR and took him to a nearby hospital for emergency care.

The doctor also requested a medical team from Beijing for assistance. At the hospital, prior to the arrival of the Chinese medical team, the North Korean doctor performed cardiac surgery but there were complications due to the hereditary dictator's obesity and the doctor's anxiety. -Taiwan News

A variation of the rumor was repeated by a Beijing television executive whose uncle is a Chinese foreign minister - telling her 15 million followers on Weibo that Kim Jong Un is dead based on a "very solid source."

Later in that first article, however, there was some pull-back:

Update: Following an earlier report that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un may have been evacuated from Pyongyang (as he was nowhere to be seen during the national holiday celebration of his grandfather's birthday on April 15) amid speculation about his failing health following a report from a Seoul-based website that Kim was recovering after undergoing a cardiovascular procedure on April 12, late on Friday Reuters reported that China has "dispatched a team to North Korea including medical experts to advise on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un."

Citing "three people familiar with the situation", Reuters writes that a delegation led by a senior member of the Chinese  Communist Party’s International Liaison Department - which is the main Chinese body dealing with North Korea - left Beijing for North Korea on Thursday.

Meanwhile, both South Korean government officials and a Chinese official with the Liaison Department challenged subsequent reports suggesting that Kim was in grave danger after surgery, while South Korean officials said they had detected no signs of unusual activity in North Korea. On Thursday, President Donald Trump also downplayed earlier reports that Kim was gravely ill. “I think the report was incorrect,” Trump told reporters, but he declined to say if he had been in touch with North Korean officials.

One day later, on Friday, a South Korean source told Reuters their intelligence was that Kim was alive and would likely make an appearance soon. The person said he did not have any comment on Kim’s current condition or any Chinese involvement. An official familiar with U.S. intelligence said that Kim was known to have health problems but they had no reason to conclude he was seriously ill or unable eventually to reappear in public.

In the first article there is also a Tweet by BlacksWanDamme which states that the Chinese medical team dispatched to North Korea was rather substantial:

In China, a team of ~50 people was formed with doctors from the "National Cardiovascular Disease Center of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Fuwai Hospital" and the "People's Liberation Army 301 Hospital". They took the equipment & took a special flight to Pyongyang.

And finally, as the second article makes clear, there is already discussion about Kim's successor, who may be, as it turns out, his "evil sister," which as one commentator quips, will at least be a victory for feminism, as North Korea will have its first Commie Queen Kim.

Now, color me suspicious about this whole thing, and indulge my high octane speculation here. Firstly, I'm not surprised that the North Korean doctor may have botched Kim Jong Un's heart surgery. I'm not surprised, not because I don't think Koreans can perform heart surgeries, but rather because I'm surprised that they have any doctors at all in North Korea. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if the person doing the heart surgery was a nuclear physicist or reactor engineer, probably being the only person handy who had any technical expertise in anything technical. This is, after all, North Korea.

What I am suspicious about is both the timing, and that Chinese "medical team." Commie King Kim had, of course, broken several precedents in his meetings with President Trump, and there was some progress being made between the two countries over North Korea's sclerotic nuclear program. One can imagine that Beijing - which was moderately supportive publicly of the efforts to rein in the rogue state - was privately not terribly happy about developments. And this is the same Beijing that has not been terribly forthcoming to this day about what really went on in the outbreak of the Lieber-Fauci virus in Wuhan. I've even entertained the notion that perhaps the response of Mr. Xi's government, which at best was confusing and at worst deliberate lying and obfuscation, was because Mr. Xi had been completely blindsided by the whole affair, and that other elements within China were perhaps creating a crisis for his government. There have, after all, been some unconfirmed stories that members of Deng Zhao-Ping's clan were not too happy with Mr. Xi, especially after he made himself Empero... er... President for life.

Anyway, while all that Trump-Kim love-fest and kumbaya was going on, Mr. Trump, it will be recalled, was putting the trade screws to China. Then, conveniently, the whole Lieber-Fauci-Wuhan virus story broke, the propotainment ministries and media of the west went into full Chicken Little apocalypse hysteria mode, and that was that. The story looked to me then, and looks to me now, like an operation of Mr. Globaloney (or if one prefers, Mr. Globalogna) designed to accomplish several objectives, forced "vaccines", cashless society, the Billious Hates (thank you for that one, Dr. S.) Mircosludge model of health care with constant "updates", the turning of world opinion against China and putting the brakes on its One Belt One Road initiative, and weakening Mr. Xi's government, while simultaneously boxing in Mr. Trump, taking the air out of his rallies as a re-election strategy, and removing hair-sniffing Mr. Biden from the difficulties caused for his election bid by his Ukrainian problems and Rudi Gulliani's exposure thereof, and by his wonderfully entertaining and somersaulting dementia. Can't have "We hold these truths to be s-s-self-contradictory, self-evident, that, you know, all men and women are created equal, know, by the Thing" in a presidential debate! If all of that indeed was the design, then it has worked wonderfully well so far,  because Biden seems to have lost his mind just as Trump has lost his cahonies and played along with the Fauci-propotainment ministry narrative.

So back to Commie King Kim: I cannot entirely erase the idea from my mind that perhaps Kim was "given" his heart attack, or, if not, that the crisis was seized upon by Beijing to send "experts" to make sure the troublesome dictator would not recover and stray any further off the reservation to go golfing at Mar-a-Lago.

Just a thought.

See you on the flip side...