You might want to consider today's blog in relationship to today's other blog about all those birds dropping from the sky, for it might be yet another little indicator that those hypothesizing about the possible relationship between [ELECTROMAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY INVOLVING NUMBERS AND LETTERS CENSORED] and the [STORY EVERYONE IS SICK OF HEARING ABOUT CENSORED]. When I read this article shared by J.D.F., my jaw popped open and I thought "these people really are brazen."

Of course, I could be over-reacting in my usual hack-from-South-Dakota-walking-off-the-end-of-the-high-octane-speculation-twig sort of way, in which case we can all have a laugh and a chuckle as I, like Wile E. Coyote, plunge to the bottom of a very tall canyon with a ker-plop. But I'll leave it to the readers here to make up their minds, and whether or not they're suspecting the same thing I'm suspecting. Here's the article:

2nd coronavirus vaccine trial begins in the U.S., with a pinch and a zap

The article contains the usual information about this and that company doing this and that testing, and contains some information on how these vaccines are supposed to work (after a rather anxious moment reporting that Chinese researchers are involved in the tests). Then there's this little tidbit, which must have made Dr. Grouchy (rhymes with Fauci) smile from ear to ear with delight was he contemplated millions of people out of work, and all the vast millions he and his cohort at Microsludge stand to make:

These early-stage studies are a first step to see if a vaccine appears safe enough for larger tests needed to prove whether it will protect. Even if the research goes well, it is expected to take more than a year before any vaccine could be widely available.

Dozens of potential vaccines are being designed in labs around the world, expected to begin this testing process over the next several months.

Several months to a year should help Mr. Globaloney shred lots of files and records, so that's nice.

Anyway, here's "how it works", according to the article:

Most of the vaccines under development have the same target: A spike protein that studs the surface of the virus and helps it invade human cells. Yet many work in quite different ways, making it crucial to test different options.

Inovio researchers packaged a section of the virus’ genetic code inside a piece of synthetic DNA. Injected as a vaccine, the cells act as a mini-factory to produce harmless protein copies. The immune system makes protective antibodies against them — primed if the real virus ever comes along.

There you have it, a veritable mountain of details of such an abstruse scientific nature that I, hack-from-South-Dakota, can barely figure it out. As near as I can make out, they've used a section of the viral genetic code, and spliced into  "a piece of synthetic DNA", which, like all vaccines, is supposed to make the body produce all sorts of copies of that synthetic-DNA-with-its-genetic-copy of the section of the virus's code, and voila, no problemo.

Part pardon me for asking, Dr. Grouchy (rhymes with Fauci), just exactly what else is in that "piece of synthetic DNA"? Given that Italian report from a few months ago that found all sorts of crud in vaccines, including some sort of uunrecognizable nanotechnology, and given those reports we've heard of human stem cells also appearing in vaccines, are you and your lackeys at Microsludge putting other things into those vaccines that you're not telling us, so that when you order everyone to take them, they'll be full of stuff they don't even know about?

The reason I ask is, well, you know, big pharma has as sterling a reputation as JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, or Deutsche Bank, and I was just wondering, especially since that Italian report came out. It's right down there with I.G. Farbensanto, in my opinion.

Oh, yea, there's another reason I'm asking too, and that's that relationship between [ELECTROMAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY INVOLVING NUMBERS AND LETTERS CENSORED] and the [STORY EVERYONE IS SICK OF HEARING ABOUT CENSORED] that some have posited, because I found the end of this article to be disturbing and highly suggestive in that light:

But after the skin-deep injection, researchers must hold a device over the spot that gives a little electrical zap. The synthetic DNA is large when it comes to penetrating human cells, and the pulse helps the vaccine more easily penetrate and get to work, Broderick said. (Emphasis added)

Well whaddya know! Takes a little "zap" to get things started huh?  Kinda like those people who've suggested that the narrative itself might be a cover for many things, among them a [ELECTROMAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY INVOLVING NUMBERS AND LETTERS CENSORED]- activated [STORY EVERYONE IS SICK OF HEARING ABOUT CENSORED] little bug?

See you on the flip side...





    1. Well, the test run requiring face masks when around people is a mind conditioning step to accept the idea/concept Can’t immediately turn the frog boiling pot on high or he/she would protest Can’t have people protesting about having to wear a mask while protesting now can we? Better to have them under house arrest with free access to the Internet to vent their anger and frustration harmlessly with downloads, uploads, web links and diatribes like this….eh?

  1. Also perhaps important, along a related ‘pathway’:
    “Researchers in Sebastiano’s laboratory make iPS [induced pluripotent stem] cells from adult cells, such as those that compose skin, by repeatedly exposing them over a period of about two weeks to a panel of proteins important to early embryonic development. They do so by introducing daily, short-lived RNA messages into the adult cells. The RNA messages encode the instructions for making the Yamanaka proteins. Over time, these proteins rewind the cells’ fate – pushing them backward along the developmental timeline until they resemble the young, embryonic-like pluripotent cells from which they originated.

    During this process, the cells not only shed any memories of their previous identities, but they revert to a younger state. They accomplish this transformation by wiping their DNA clean of the molecular tags that not only differentiate, say, a skin cell from a heart muscle cell, but of other tags that accumulate as a cell ages.

    Recently, researchers have begun to wonder whether exposing the adult cells to Yamanaka proteins for days rather than weeks could trigger this youthful reversion without inducing full-on pluripotency.

    Sarkar and Sebastiano wondered whether old human cells would respond in a similar fashion, and whether the response would be limited to just a few cell types or generalizable for many tissues. They devised a way to use genetic material called messenger RNA to temporarily express six reprogramming factors – the four Yamanaka factors plus two additional proteins – in human skin and blood vessel cells. Messenger RNA rapidly degrades in cells, allowing the researchers to tightly control the duration of the signal.”

    So, we could be seeing the purported “vaccine” reprogramming our very cells to another’s agenda…

    1. No wonder the ‘leaders ‘ live such long lives. Remember when President Trump mentioned that Biden had a new look, he most likely got some new technology body work (although it didn’t work on his dementia). I would bet that once a man and a woman gets the new vaccine that it also passes down to the fetus and then when it’s born the infant gets a booster vac that changes us into. .?? We humans are being genetically engineered. This time period is the fight for our lives. The way Fauci and Gates smile and laugh when they talk about mass vaccination, they just can’t hide their glee that their plans are so very close to reality.

      1. Robert Barricklow

        Looks like it also wiped Biden’s memory banks as well?
        Or, is he just experiencing dementia?
        Or, just a normal trait of the U.S. Congress/Senate?
        Or, a consequence of being puppets?

        1. Perhaps his character in the current charade play is that of a useful idiot, in which case he is up for Oscar.

    2. Thinking about the above overnight, I wonder if the ‘zapper’ is used to control the duration of the messenger RNA’s effectiveness…

      “Vaccine” promoters would want to accomplish whatever agenda they are pushing (word used intentionally) in one shot. So, they may actually be ‘overdosing’ receivers with the “six reprogramming factors – the four Yamanaka factors plus two additional proteins” to force the desired changes in that one shot.

      Then, since the messenger DNA is delicate enough that it “rapidly degrades in cells” anyway, an electrical charge to it might cut-off its activity at the desired point. (Look for someone counting-off the seconds between “vaccine” delivery and the application of the zapper…)

  2. Maybe they are putting Zyklon B into the ventilators, it clears the lungs, you know. look for Prussian Blue stains on the tubes, Fred Leuchter might be able to help out there.
    Wonder if these bravehearts from the outback would do the same for the USA if Ft. Detrick (MA) was shown to be the source.
    “The largest inland city in NSW has voted to sever its China sister city relationship in a move slammed as “racist dog whistling” by a fellow politician.”
    then that would be antisemitic if they did.
    The ZAP jump start brought to mind Huxley’s Brave New World (Order), and zapping eggs to get them to clone.
    Humpty Dumpty had a great wall of china, but made in the USA seemed much closer to home finer. Humpity Trumpity was a great clown, as the good old USA went slinkering down. as planned.

    1. Someone brought up the idea that like all expensive new manufactured items – especially computerized appliances – that the ventilators come all equipped and chipped with 1+4G. If you think a $400 washing machine is 1+4G eqiupped, what are the odds that a $50k to $100k med device will be? I am familiar with that tech shift in apheresis machines at blood centers. Most are online and connected to the manufacturers servers and techs directly. Phlebotomists are sometimes called by the mfr’s tech rep looking over their online shoulder. Management has been upping the G on their wifi hyper aggressively since at least 2006. What are the odds that the higher G in closer proximity to already damaged folk is a factor?

      1. Black boxes are in cars to potentially cause car wrecks to those with the wrong social scores so perhaps the connections you refer are another means if they are getting medical treatment. All controlled by computer programs and based on programmed criteria based on your actions, beliefs, and speech. That way they get to pretend we are doing it to ourselves for not falling in line. It’s pre-programmed Karma and therefore they get to pretend innocence.

        1. Roger, you have to figure-out the “offending” syllable: The ‘c0ck’ in author Graham Hanc0ck got me once. Another ‘modding’ was in a URL: david1cke . Without the space between the first and last names, it becomes “davi D1CK e” to the automatic modding system. Another was poet Emily D1ckinson . Any word with “dic k” or “dy ke” within it will get you modded/deleted. Someone got modded for actor Dick van Dy ke . ZDB got modded via a URL: b1tchute . The modding system sees it as “b1tch”. And most ironically modded: h0mo sapiens sapiens…

          Some of these “offending” syllables will cause an automatic modding. Others will simply delete your entire post upon submission, without warning you. These days, I make a copy of my post before submission – just in case…

        2. (Modded. Caught by an actor’s name. Once again…)

          Roger, you have to figure-out the “offending” syllable: The ‘c0ck’ in author Graham Hanc0ck got me once. Another ‘modding’ was in a URL: david1cke . Without the space between the first and last names, it becomes “davi D1CK e” to the automatic modding system. Another was poet Emily D1ckinson . Any word with “dic k” or “dy ke” within it will get you modded/deleted. Someone got modded for actor Dic k van Dy ke . ZDB got modded via a URL: b1tchute . The modding system sees it as “b1tch”. And most ironically modded: h0mo sapiens sapiens…

          Some of these “offending” syllables will cause an automatic modding. Others will simply delete your entire post upon submission, without warning you. These days, I make a copy of my post before submission – just in case…

        3. (Third time’s a charm…)

          Roger, you have to figure-out the “offending” syllable: The ‘c0ck’ in author Graham Hanc0ck got me once. Another ‘modding’ was in a URL: david1cke . Without the space between the first and last names, it becomes “davi D1CK e” to the automatic modding system. Another was poet Emily D1ckinson . Any word with “dic k” or “dy ke” within it will get you modded/deleted. Someone got modded for actor Dic k van Dy ke . ZDB got modded via a URL: b1tchute . The modding system sees it as “b1tch”. And most ironically modded: ho mo sapiens sapiens…

          Some of these “offending” syllables will cause an automatic modding. Others will simply delete your entire post upon entering, without warning you. These days, I make a copy of my post before entering – just in case…

    2. Pierre: “…zapping eggs to get them to clone.”

      That brings up another possibility. From the cited article:
      “But after the skin-deep injection, researchers must hold a device over the spot that gives a little electrical zap.”

      In biological labs, geneticists have found a combination of chemicals to return differentiated skin cells back into stem cells. There are even a variety of ‘strengths’ to stem cells:
      “Stem cells can be specified as totipotent stem cells (capable of producing all cell types of body), pluripotent stem cells (capable of producing all cells of the embryo), multipotent stem cells (capable of producing cells impacted by the microenvironment), and unipotent stem cells (capable of producing only one or two types of cells).”

      I wonder if the electrical zap could serve to aid a cell up or down the ‘order’ from ordinary adult cell into some stem cell, after injection of the (totally non-suspicious) vaccine ingredients. Then, it pumps-out daughter cells with whatever DNA has been added to the mixtures…

  3. Yep turn the livestock into pod people about 400 million. 90 million managers who will privilege with eating creatures whose names begin with c long form r the short form for protein. As for our masters the Morlocks they will feast on long pig.

  4. Every time a new virus shows up there’s Fauci! . He has 4 patents for the GP120 Glyco-protiens, from about 30 years ago when he was researching HIV/Aids.
    In 2016, when he was director of NIH National Institute he was asking Obama for $196 million to research DNA vaccines for the Zika vaccine.

    Here’s an article about the man who invented the RT-CPR tests that the U.S. is currently using for Covid 19. Its the same test they used for HIV which he said Does Not show that a person has HIV or is infected. The way the test works is that it depends on how many reiterations the snipet of nucleotide goes through. If you want to show that everyone has a positive test then you do 50 cycle reiterations. Where China might only be using 30 reiterations and show not as many are infected. It’s no wonder people are getting negative and positive results back. This testing has been a circus since the very first week we heard about Covid 19 and that’s the way “they” want it. Confused and not verifiable. They run the show and what a show it is. Our Governor does a 1/2 to 1 hour performance every day, I wonder about the other States and what script they are getting.

    1. This whole testing thing cannot just be about detecting COVID-19. Of course they want a faulty test initially. I think this is about mass genomic testing. I think most of us, including you here, do also.

      Whether or not this leads to fulfilled prophetic scenarios I believe they want DNA on everyone for a host of reasons. They are looking for something(s) and for someone(s). They have an occulted agenda. I’m working aggressively to deny them this by making a royal pest of myself. I am not naive. It might not help prevent its coming, but no one in DC that I call cannot say they weren’t warned.

      1. Royalty to sheep in one shot. Any other special valuable characteristics gone too. Crypto value down to zero. Can never claim inheritance.

      2. Robert Barricklow

        Yes, OrinsChild.
        Everything they do is an endemic Swiss Army Knife of ops. The test can be corrupted w/virus itself
        [or, other tricks of the trade]. The test can see who are the “believers”[they’re Grade A prime beef.
        I could go on, but you gat the idea.
        Matter of fact, you could probably school me; and, I’ve been at crosswords w/them for more decades than I care to admit.
        Havent’t won time.
        But it’s my nature.
        Authority & me shall not mix.

      3. OC, very good! I had not thought about the possibility of obtaining DNA via C-V testing. One swab can be used for multiple purposes. Clever. Panic the masses, and get unlimited DNA samples for testing…

        This also ties into the Theranos portable mini-test-kit. You would want immediate results, to be able to tag or apprehend someone before they faded-away into the woodwork. Guess we are seeing the taken-black results of the Theranos research here…

  5. Unfortunately vaccine tests failed to find that it sterilizes you from natural reproduction. But don’t worry we have the technology to make designer babies for those who get approval to be parents. Plus to make up for it, and now that you can be trusted not to over populate the globe, we are releasing all the nifty life extension technologies that have recently been discovered so on the bright side you’ll live to be two hundred. But do to the lack of the only qualified LGBT parents to make sure the precious kids of the future are not prejudiced we will be creating industrial factories and institutions to create and program the workforce of the future!

  6. Robert Barricklow

    Zapped right out of my chair!


    An engineered electromagnetic-virus, whose call sign is 60GHz. All the better my dear; to suck oxygen out of your hemoglobin, w/5g assistance.
    Maybe not a bullseye, but in the general target zone.
    It’s designed to take the public, at large, out. Zapped!

    Either starve; or, fight!

    Fine the bad guys.
    Take ’em out!

    Get back to normal.
    Start the economy UP! ASAP!
    Get the just-in-time food supply chain healthy again.

    Take out the enemy w/in!
    All Nation-States should follow suit;
    if not already doing so.

    Get a real media to inform and investigate.
    Drop Propatainment Ministry in the Deep Blue Pacific.

    In other words,
    Get Real!

  7. Here is comes; possibly one of the motives behind this “plandemic”; let us track you using your cell phone and we can end the lock downs today.

    A financial reset and transition to digital currency, Gates “vaccine” with its digital ID2020 “mark of the beast” tag included, and 5G will bring us all the way to that prophesied one world government dystopia. Trust the plan…NOT.

    1. Since I lost my work I no longer have cell phone service and everyone else is slowly losing too so good luck with that.

      1. You don’t honestly believe that the tracking technology relies on your having service, do you? If your phone has a charged battery, the location service is still running. You may not have your phone on you, but they can find the phone.

          1. Robert Barricklow

            I’m stealing that!
            A superb twist on a well known slogan.
            It’s now part of my lexicon!

          2. RB: Take and use as you see fit. But I’ve already come to this conclusion. When I travel and don’t want a record I leave my cell phone home.

          3. We really r living in all these dystopian movies. Matrix and minority report. Anyone else feeling that someone is trying to constrain our sense of imagination?

          4. I hear you ZDB, but I’m letting my intentions known. Somehow, the majority of people at this forum are not likely to be devoid of imagination any time soon. And we’re not the only game in town either. Where I’m at people are waking up with alarming speed. If I were them I’d draw this thing to a quick conclusion lest they lose all of their power base except the minority whose totally committed to their chains.

          5. Robert Barricklow

            Not only do cell phones track you; on or off –
            they algorithmically adjust your news –
            so you get no jam[real news].

            “The rule is jam tomorrow and jam yesterday- but
            never jam today.”
            “It must come sometime to jam today” Alice objected.
            “No, it can’t” said the Queen. “It’s jam every other day;
            today isn’t every other day, you know.”
            “I don’t understand you” said Alice. “It’s dreadfully
            – Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass

  8. A cattle-prod to assist vaccine effectiveness? Why not, a little electricity does wonders for brain function. Not! There’s something seriously wrong with these people.

  9. Saw a wiki page last week for conspiracy theorists who think pharma have bad intent. Imagine there is another page like it for telecomms today.

  10. Last time the check engine was on the car’s dashboard lit up the cause was a sensor in the air intake manifold that detects and controls the oxygen to fuel mix…the mechanic plugged his “black box” into the dashboard jack, sent a signal…poof light went out. Worked for the car.

  11. I hope that when Mr. Globaloney has the vaccine ready to give to the people that instead of having a “Massada Moment”, the good doctors, Robert Kennedy Jr, and the Paul’s (Ron and Rand) lead the rest of us in a charge against those who want to poison us and the planet.

  12. Jim Stone at :
    “Remember the motive behind this virus – to get everyone who’s not a privileged tribe member fragged by a eugenics shot and then tagged. Italy was the country that ran it’s own tests on the vaccines and discovered that the childhood shots had absolutely no ingredients they were supposed to have, and would not trigger an immune response to anything they were supposed to be for. Italy proved the shots were fraudulent and horribly damaging, and now, guess where corona took off the worst? Yep, they needed to be punished. That was not a coincidence.

    With this in the near past, who would trust a top-down, ‘pushed’ vaccine?

      1. I see your point about this article, and concede that it is well written and contains some serious world views. But it’s conclusions sound very much like those I would expect from the whole Harvard Endowment global agenda. Does anyone else see what I see? Am I just being thick, or is this author talking from some other anatomical part of his body in his conclusions rather than his mouth? They had me up and until the last 1/5 of the article. Then, it careens off into the never-never land of scientific optimism of “permanent quarantine until we find a cure.” No matter what I do with this one, I’m left scratching my head.

        1. OC, I understand your concerns. I was more interested in the article’s gathering-up what is “known” from under-attack depositories around the internet.

          The article does have a few ‘holes’, such as not mentioning the Ft. Detrick MD early CV connection. Also not mentioned is the Taiwanese researcher who genetically-traced the five CV sub-strains and who noted that only the US has all five sub-strains – implying it was the ‘source’ country.

          These days, I do the old disinformation hip-hop. I read an article for the sprinkled-around Truths (which are used to establish the author’s ‘trustworthiness’) and then filter-out the imposed Spin and Agenda. After reading several articles and imposing the above, one can sift-out probable wheat from the chaff. I both credit and blame Miles Mathis for this methodology/worldview…

          1. I thought you would. This kind of stuff doesn’t generally escape your active mind. I just thought some warning necessary.

            The real clincher for me was the credited author and the consistency of the conclusion. I do not doubt there is some real detail here–and for that reason I am passing the article on to a friend of mine. But the conclusions are all too familiar with that “progressive naivete” that so infects the “intelligensia”–which is neither intelligent nor free-thinking. I never said this was not a serious infection. I am saying it’s an operation of some sort–and the conclusion of this author only adds greater fuel to my cynicism.

    1. Also interesting, in light of the ZeroHedge article’s findings:
      “COVID-19 Patients need Oxygen Therapy, not Ventilator”
      “Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell is a doctor treating COVID-19 patients in New York City’s Maimonides Medical Center. Nine days ago, Dr. Cameron opened an Intensive Care Unit to care for COVID-19 patients in New York City. Here is what he learned in his own words:

      ‘I am a physician who has been working at the bedside of COVID+ patients in NYC. I believe we are treating the wrong disease, and that we must change what we are doing if we want to save as many lives as possible.

      In February, South Korean physicians reported that critical Covid-19 patients responded well to oxygen therapy without a ventilator. Patients are getting multiple organ damage from hypoxia. It’s not the pneumonia that’s the killer, it’s the cellular oxygen deprivation. And we are hurting these patients with ventilators.’ ” (my italics)
      From the ZeroHedge article:
      “In an interview with Medscape, Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell went on to say that the closest thing to the symptoms he was witnessing in his emergency room were those created by altitude sickness.

      This condition occurs when the organs that sense the level of oxygen concentration in the air you breathe notice that level decreasing, and begin a cascade of physiological changes that, as the COVID-19 patients horrifically showcase, can quickly turn deadly when they throw your body’s balance out of wack. And since these organs are found in your neck right next to your carotid arteries, it is well within the realm of possibility that after frying the nerve cells that control smell and taste, that if the viral load is large enough, that the infection may eventually move into these organs and fry them too – tricking your nervous system into miscommunicating the concentration of oxygen in the environment, and scrambling the same system that’s used when your body is subjected to the lowered oxygen levels that occur at high altitude to possibly trick your body into producing fewer red blood cells.”

      1. Heparin has just been officially approved in Italy for treatment of certain types of pulmonary crises (link posted in Community section).

    2. Yep. Sent Dr Cam’s yt on to a few folk. So far crickets. Feels like stockholmers trying to avoid any imaginitive work.

  13. anakephalaiosis


    Bill Gates tried to vaccinate Cooper,
    to entangle a double looper,
    and with a catchy
    corona patsy,
    he fork-zapped the trooper.

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