April 14, 2020 By Joseph P. Farrell

You might want to consider today's blog in relationship to today's other blog about all those birds dropping from the sky, for it might be yet another little indicator that those hypothesizing about the possible relationship between [ELECTROMAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY INVOLVING NUMBERS AND LETTERS CENSORED] and the [STORY EVERYONE IS SICK OF HEARING ABOUT CENSORED]. When I read this article shared by J.D.F., my jaw popped open and I thought "these people really are brazen."

Of course, I could be over-reacting in my usual hack-from-South-Dakota-walking-off-the-end-of-the-high-octane-speculation-twig sort of way, in which case we can all have a laugh and a chuckle as I, like Wile E. Coyote, plunge to the bottom of a very tall canyon with a ker-plop. But I'll leave it to the readers here to make up their minds, and whether or not they're suspecting the same thing I'm suspecting. Here's the article:

2nd coronavirus vaccine trial begins in the U.S., with a pinch and a zap

The article contains the usual information about this and that company doing this and that testing, and contains some information on how these vaccines are supposed to work (after a rather anxious moment reporting that Chinese researchers are involved in the tests). Then there's this little tidbit, which must have made Dr. Grouchy (rhymes with Fauci) smile from ear to ear with delight was he contemplated millions of people out of work, and all the vast millions he and his cohort at Microsludge stand to make:

These early-stage studies are a first step to see if a vaccine appears safe enough for larger tests needed to prove whether it will protect. Even if the research goes well, it is expected to take more than a year before any vaccine could be widely available.

Dozens of potential vaccines are being designed in labs around the world, expected to begin this testing process over the next several months.

Several months to a year should help Mr. Globaloney shred lots of files and records, so that's nice.

Anyway, here's "how it works", according to the article:

Most of the vaccines under development have the same target: A spike protein that studs the surface of the virus and helps it invade human cells. Yet many work in quite different ways, making it crucial to test different options.

Inovio researchers packaged a section of the virus’ genetic code inside a piece of synthetic DNA. Injected as a vaccine, the cells act as a mini-factory to produce harmless protein copies. The immune system makes protective antibodies against them — primed if the real virus ever comes along.

There you have it, a veritable mountain of details of such an abstruse scientific nature that I, hack-from-South-Dakota, can barely figure it out. As near as I can make out, they've used a section of the viral genetic code, and spliced into  "a piece of synthetic DNA", which, like all vaccines, is supposed to make the body produce all sorts of copies of that synthetic-DNA-with-its-genetic-copy of the section of the virus's code, and voila, no problemo.

Part pardon me for asking, Dr. Grouchy (rhymes with Fauci), just exactly what else is in that "piece of synthetic DNA"? Given that Italian report from a few months ago that found all sorts of crud in vaccines, including some sort of uunrecognizable nanotechnology, and given those reports we've heard of human stem cells also appearing in vaccines, are you and your lackeys at Microsludge putting other things into those vaccines that you're not telling us, so that when you order everyone to take them, they'll be full of stuff they don't even know about?

The reason I ask is, well, you know, big pharma has as sterling a reputation as JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, or Deutsche Bank, and I was just wondering, especially since that Italian report came out. It's right down there with I.G. Farbensanto, in my opinion.

Oh, yea, there's another reason I'm asking too, and that's that relationship between [ELECTROMAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY INVOLVING NUMBERS AND LETTERS CENSORED] and the [STORY EVERYONE IS SICK OF HEARING ABOUT CENSORED] that some have posited, because I found the end of this article to be disturbing and highly suggestive in that light:

But after the skin-deep injection, researchers must hold a device over the spot that gives a little electrical zap. The synthetic DNA is large when it comes to penetrating human cells, and the pulse helps the vaccine more easily penetrate and get to work, Broderick said. (Emphasis added)

Well whaddya know! Takes a little "zap" to get things started huh?  Kinda like those people who've suggested that the narrative itself might be a cover for many things, among them a [ELECTROMAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY INVOLVING NUMBERS AND LETTERS CENSORED]- activated [STORY EVERYONE IS SICK OF HEARING ABOUT CENSORED] little bug?

See you on the flip side...