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Folks my buffering rate is now so slow, that I am going to CANCEL tomorrow's vidchat and try to reschedule it for later this month. Please bear with me and pass this along to any members on your email list Thanks for your patience.

5 thoughts on “TIDBIT: SITE NEWS”

  1. SchwarzenStein

    Man, that’s very unfortunate. I bet today’s vidchat would have been just as packed, if not more so, than the last vidchat we did.

  2. Think about using “Zoom”, it seems to work quite well and is fairly easy to manage.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    Sorry to hear.
    Hope you get around this w/o too much sweat.
    Looking forward to the vid chat when it happens.

    1. anakephalaiosis


      Bill Gates fled to his bunker, to hide,
      after latest software upgrade,
      because corona vaccine
      in windows machine,
      became circuit marmalade.

      – Doctor Lunix

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