April 13, 2020 By Joseph P. Farrell

Now, before we get started this week, I need to let everyone know that there will be no blogs on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday this week, so I've doubled the number of blogs for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. With that said, here's the first of today's offering:

While we're all sick of hearing about Covid19 and the daily propatainment ministry campaign to keep everyone indoors and cowered, there's been a strange reaction  going on "up there", in space. In the last few weeks, for example, we've seen stories about (1) the European Space Agency cancelling a probe to Mars because of the virus, (2) strange videos of a "something" near the Sun looking for all the world like Ezekiel's wheels-within-wheels, which Never A Straight Answer (NASA) once again reassured us was all a trick of light and shadow and an artifact of image processing, nothing to see here, move along, and (3) then, as if someone wanted to say "not so fast," we've seen strange videos of "some things" flying around the Moon. More tricks of light and shadow and processing artifacts, perhaps.

Meanwhile, to reassure everyone that life goes on as abnormally as possible, the USSA has launched some satellites on Mr. Musk's rockets, while astronomical observatories around the world are closing down for - you guessed it - the corona virus, according to this story shared by M.G.:

COVID-19 forces Earth's largest telescopes to close

Ponder that one a moment. In all our previous "flu-demics" and medical emergencies  from the HIV scare of the 1980s to SARS, we've never shut down observatories.


It's almost like Mr. Globaloney doesn't want any pesky science-and-nerd-types seeing something "out there" that Mr. Globaloney doesn't want them to see.

However, in the "you just can't make up this soap-space-and-virus-opera" department, as all this propatainment ministry nonsense from "I'm-connected-to-Bill-Gates-who-wants-to-vaccinate-everyone-and-chloroquine-produced-by-Bayer-in-1934-is-not-a-cure-because-I-want-a-vaccine-so-I-can-make-lots-of-money-with-Mr.-Gates" Dr. Fauci in his daily White House sponsored fear-and-trembling updates goes on, President Trump found enough time to sneak away and sign an executive order.

The subject?

Mining the Moon (thanks to S.R., B.H. and many many others who shared versions of this story):

Trump signs executive order supporting space mining, Russia criticizes the move

It makes me wonder, with some "things" flying around close to the Moon, and observatories shut down, just what the heck is going on. Now on the one hand, talk about Moon and asteroid mining has been going on for a while, and I've blogged about the topic repeatedly. Back in 2014 at the Secret Space Program conference in San Mateo, Nuttyfornia, I talked about some of those bearer bonds scandals, and how some of those "fake" bonds had space messages going on all over the place. On the front of some of these bonds, which the federal goobernment (which has given us some of the nuttiest explanations for things on record, from magic bullets to airplane fuel melting buildings which collapse in a pancake at freefall speed) assured  us were fakes, you had on the front of said bonds the picture of the president who fell victim to said magic bullet, while on the back of the "bond" you had pictures of the Moon, the Lunar Excursion Module from Apollo days, and the space shuttle. I began to think that space assets were the way that Mr. Globaloney would attempt to write off all that bad paper he had created in the financial system, when - lo and behold - we were told that all that bad paper amounted to a mere 14- to 17,000,000,000,000,000 dollars, several times the amount of the gross domestic product of the entire planet. But what a coincidence, articles then began to appear that some rocky asteroid X,Y,Z out there was worth (you guessed it) about 14- to 17,000,000,000,000,000 dollars in titanium, platinum, gold and all sorts of other stuff, all we had to do was go out and mine it. (Isn't that nice? We could actually have a gold standard and back all that bad paper with something other than Christine LaGarde's numerology.)

Now, if you've been following along during all this propatainment ministry narrative, you'll have noticed a raft of strange financial stories that somehow manage to evade mention by Dr. I-want-to-vaccinate-everyone-and-make-lots-of-money Fauci. Stories like the Fed taking reserve requirements to zero (yes, I said ZERO), and the German state-owned bank Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau thumbing its nose at the EU, the European Central Bank and all the Brusselsprouts and telling German businesses and no one else's businesses that it was prepared to prop them up with virtually unlimited credit until the Fauci crisis... er... I mean, the corona crisis was over. (How does that song go? Deutschland uber alles?) Interestingly enough, while Kreditanstalt was promising lines of credit and liquidity as high as the Moon (patience, we're getting back to that), its headquarters was nonetheless located down here on Earth in Frankfurt in the German state of Hesse, which headquarters other financially sound institutions like the European Central Bank, and that pillar of financial responsibility, Deutsche Bank, which was caught red-handed shorting stocks before two buildings collapsed of airplane fuel fires and pancaked into lower Manhattan a few years ago. Then, lo and behold, in Yet Another Amazing Coincidence, the finance minister for the German state of Hesse decided to walk in front of a train and ended up smeared all over railroad tracks just a few days after Kreditanstalt made its generous announcement because (we were told, but not by Dr. Fauci!) that he was depressed over the corona virus.

Now, to put a fine point to all this Amazing Coincidence, it looks like Mr. Globaloney created the Fauci crisis as a crisis of opportunity to achieve several objectives, one of which is some sort of financial reset, and with that, we're back to Mr. Trump and the Moon mining executive order. It's one thing to talk about mining the Moon, but quite another to order it, by an executive order no less, and that during a Fauci crisis that looks like a financial reset.

To put it country simple: it looks like Mr. Globaloney is in a big hurry to get out there and mine those space assets... and to be extra sure no one keeps an independent eye on what he's actually doing (or not doing but claiming to do), best to shut down those observatories.

Yea... I know... that's really really off-the-end-of-the-high-octane-speculation-twig. But with everything else so crazy, why not?

See you on the flip side...