April 24, 2020 By Joseph P. Farrell

With the recent revelations circulating around the internet concerning Dr. Anthony Grouchy (rhymes with Fauci) and his role in corona virus research, not to mention his 2017 statements about a coming pandemic (which foresight makes it sound an awful lot like a plandemic), his apparent circumvention of an Obama Administration proscription on further research by outsourcing it to China, his connection to Bill Hates and his plans for a "Microsludge" model of vaccines, with implanted "tatoos" and planned "updates" for the latest vaccine for the latest plandemic, it's beginning to look like the whole propatainment media narrative might be starting to unravel.

While all of this has been happening, we've also seen various theories being advanced, some of which yours truly and others have entertained as hypotheses, such as: (1) the plandemic was a project of Mr. Globaloney to take China's silk road plans down, and perhaps even Xi Jinping's government itself; (2) to place Trump's reelection strategy on hold and perhaps even end his administration; (3) that the narrative of COVID-19 is a cover for several different phenomena, including different strains of the virus or even in some cases speculated relationships between virus symptoms and the [ELECTROMAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY INVOLVING NUMBERS AND LETTERS CENSORED] rollout, and so on.

If one has been watching the world reaction to the Chinese government, it certainly looks like number (1) is in the works. What interests me is number (3), that the propatainment media narrative might be a cover for several different things, including, but not limited to, different strains of the virus.

At the beginning of this blog, I outlined the emerging cause that Dr. Grouchy himself looks increasingly dirty... very dirty. According to some reports, when the Obama Administration put a moratorium on Fauci's corona  virus research, the reason given was that the virus had nearly escaped American laboratories "by accident", and President Obama wanted nothing more to do with it. At which point, the narrative goes, Fauci allegedly decided to sidestep the prohibition, outsource the research to China, and allegedly fund the whole thing with American tax dollars. In the midst of all of this speculation, some have advanced the idea that the vaping deaths of last year may be tied to this whole scenario. Indeed, those deaths began in September, and Mr. Hates' Exercise 201 pandemic "wargame" a month or so later, so naturally, some are drawing connections. Well, "B." shared an article on the subject of the vaping deaths, and there's something in this article that really jumped out at me:

Flu season threatens to complicate diagnoses of vaping-related illness

What jumped out at me was this:

Public health experts are cautioning that the coming flu season could complicate attempts to diagnose new cases of a mysterious vaping-related illness — and, in turn, make it more difficult to track down the cause.

The issue, experts say, is that flu and other respiratory viruses can, in many ways, look strikingly similar to a case of vaping-related illness: Symptoms include shortness of breath, night sweats, low oxygen levels, and hazy spots on a lung X-ray.


Just a few months ago, an otherwise healthy young patient coming into the hospital complaining of difficulty breathing, a cough, or night sweats would be suspected as having the flu or pneumonia. Opaque spots on an X-ray, too, would add to that suspicion. But this summer, that assumption started to shift as health officials sounded an alarm about the symptoms of vaping-related illness. There have been 805 confirmed and probable cases of the illness as of Tuesday.

You don't say...

Then consider this article, also shared by "B.":

And from that article, consider these statements:

Dr. Pirzada is one of the many physicians across the country treating patients — now totaling more than 215 — with mysterious and life-threatening vaping-related illnesses this summer. The outbreak is “becoming an epidemic,” she said. “Something is very wrong.”


Health investigators are now trying to determine whether a particular toxin or substance has sneaked into the supply of vaping products, whether some people reused cartridges containing contaminants, or whether the risk stems from a broader behavior, like heavy e-cigarette use, vaping marijuana or a combination. (Emphasis added)

So I pose today's high octane speculation in the form of some questions:

(1) Were we looking at patient zero of the corona virus plandemic in the first vaping death, and didn't know it, because the symptoms between vaping symptoms and corona virus symptoms are, by the acknowledgement of medical professionals themselves, remarkably similar?

(2) If health officials were looking for a toxin or substance had snuck into the supply of vaping products, why have we not heard anything? What tests were done? Who did the testing? What was discovered? And if something was discovered, will they even tell us?

(3) What are the corporate connections, if any, of the corporations or their officers producing the vaping materials to people like Fauci and Gates?

(4) Have health officials done any autopsies on the vaping victims to determine if they contracted corona virus? And for that matter, why has reporting on vaping deaths declined? Is it because they are being reported as corona virus? H

And so on. You get the picture. Color me increasingly skeptical of the whole propatainment media narrative.

See you on the flip side...