April 29, 2020 By Joseph P. Farrell

B.H. found this one from 2014, and it's as vile and nauseating now as when it first appeared, and I thought, surely, this is someone's very sick, twisted, ugly joke. Surely the "culture" of this country, and of Nuttyfornia, hasn't deteriorated to this extent. And on top of that, to propose such a notion while the nation goes through the Fauci-Lieber virus hysteria takes some real cheek, some real chutzpah. I mean, we're talking Billious Hates-sized Microsludge "business model" chutzpah here.

But no, all my hopes for an "Onion"-style satirical piece were dashed, when I read the banner of "The LA Times" perched over the whole article, like some vulturine imprimatur or nihil obstat implying "Hey! this is a cool idea!" Give it time, maybe Pope Marxist-Globalist the First will weigh in saying as much. I maintain my hope that, no, the LA Times has decided to get into the satire routine, but then I remember that the propatainment ministry has no sense of humor, and therefore, no sense of irony, satire, or anything else. If there's one thing the propatainment ministry - See BS, Faux News, The Swampington Post, and so on - have taught us through the Lieber-Fauci-Wuhan hysteria, is that they are collectively clueless and humorless.

What am I ranting about?

Well, take a deep pull on your favorite adult beverage, sit down, draw a deep breath, and if you're religiously inclined, say a prayer (preferably a "binding one" like the Breastplate of St. Patrick, and add a special petition for the demise of this very very bad idea):

Ellen DeGeneres salami? One company’s quest to make meat from celebrity tissue samples

What's next? Tom Hanks haggis? Wolf Blitzer bologna? Barbara Streisand sugar? And while we're at it, since we can now do sequencing of dead people, we could dig up a few and have some real delicacies, like Cronkite crepes or Bogart blintzes with creme de Crawford sauce and sides of Davis delight, Pelosi potatos, and Karloff carrots. If you think I'm exaggerating, think again, because the article ends this way:

In case you’re wondering, DeGeneres’ salami is described as “black pepper and garlic with a playful kick of mustard give the Ellen salami a highly approachable and well-rounded flavor.” The description notes DeGeneres’ meat would be blended with ostrich and finished with a hint of brandy and shallots.

No thank you. I want nothing to do with Ellen DeGeneres, and certainly not as a source of food, and no other human being as a source of food either. And of course, no one at the LA Times apparently contacted Ms. DeGeneres to ask her what she thought of the idea, because all the article says is that the company promoting this cannibalism hopes they'll be able to get celebrities on board. At least in the twisted sci-fi movie Soylent Green there was a comforting measure of distance about whom one was eating, and there was no pretense about asking anyone. Now, there's no anonymity at all; it's a menu item.

But what did we expect in a society where it's "ok" to murder babies, "harvest" their organs and stem cells, and put human parts into "vaccines"?

To be sure, this article will probably be scoffed at, dismissed as yet another crazy fad to come out of Nuttyfornia. But give it time, because unless the American sheeple wake up and say no to all of this in any form, it will happen.

And the most disturbing prospect of them all: A couple of years ago an Italian study of the contents of vaccines concluded they were full of heavy metals, nanoparticles that the scientists did not recognize, and that were not included as "ingredients" in the descriptions. In other words, Big Pharma demonstrated a willingness to salt their vaccines with all sorts of crud without any informed consent to those taking them. The GMO "agribusiness 'industry'" also did studies of putting vaccines in GMO crops. (We less-than-lovingly refer to that industry on this website as "I.G. Farbensanto.") So who's to say, with all the articles in recent years about "3D printing" of laboratory grown "meat" that they're not doing so already?

And then there's all the health-and-sanity complications from cannibalism, as any familiarity with tribes still practicing it will show a dramatically high occurrence of people with symptoms similar to "mad cow" disease.

Just some thoughts.

Now I have to visit the bathroom, and retch yet again.

See you on the flip side.