May 12, 2020 By Joseph P. Farrell

The evil super-genius criminal mastermind and leader of the always-byzantine-never-to-be-trusted Russians, Vladimir Putin, has had another foul plot of his exposed, this time apparently by some Briton with a cell phone, who captured the evidence on his video camera. Mr. Putin, it seems, has teamed up with the world's pigeons and doves to attack 5G by dive-bombing 5G towers, in the latest countermove against Mr. Globalogna (Mr. Globaloney), according to this video shared by S.H. (to whom a big thank you. WARNING: the video does contain foul language):

All laughter aside, I found this video intriguing for all sorts of high octane speculation reasons. I've blogged in the past about those strange "sudden bird deaths" where flights of birds just fall dead from the sky. The two most famous examples of the phenomenon were years ago, with birds falling dead in Tennessee and Idaho. Shortly after, another incident occurred in Arkansas, and more recently, hundreds of starlings apparently fell dead in Wales. And in a Netherlands 5G test in the past few months, birds again fell dead.

In the case of the Idaho bird deaths, we were told at the time that it was all because of "sudden onset bird flu." At the time, I thought this was nonsense. I still do, for such a scenario would require that the birds - in this case a flock of geese if I recall correctly - would have had to (1) contract the disease at the same time and (2) that the disease progressed in scores of birds at the same rate, leading to (3) death at the same time and in mid-flight.

I mention all this because some electromagnetically caused or "enhanced" pathogens might mimick the symptoms of such a virus. At the time, I argued that these incidents were perhaps "tests" of a new kind of bio-EM warfare technology. Maybe, maybe not, but it is suggestive in that some have argued that there is such a connection with respect to the Fauci-Lieber-Wuhan virus. After all, Dr. Charles Lieber of Harvard was involved in nano-technology research, and was also connected to the Wuhan laboratory, and was of course arrested by US federal authorities for allegedly not disclosing this relationship.

And though it's not a subject I've ever blogged about, most of us have probably seen those stories of whales that beach themselves for no apparent reason. Some people have speculated that the world's militaries' use of very low frequency Earth broadcasts to their submarine fleets may somehow be responsible.

All this brings us to the video at hand. In watching it, I wondered exactly what many commenters on the video wondered: the doves, or pigeons, appear to be attacking the tower's wires, attempting to disconnect them. In and of itself, it's not unusual for birds to gather twine and so for their nests. But electrical cabling on a microwave tower appears to be stretching the point. One commenter even noted the resemblance of this behavior to Alfred Hitchcock's famous movie, The Birds.

There are mythologies that in some sort of apocalypse, animals "go crazy" and start attacking humans, or coming into human environments they'd otherwise avoid, or start attacking human technologies.  To be sure, this video is a one-off, but the behavior does appear at first glance to be strange.

So I have to wonder, in my high octane speculation sort of way, if we're not witnessing something like "mother nature's revenge"?

That's a might big "if", but if it is the case, then perhaps we need to keep an eye glued for similar behavior. Just a thought...

... see you on the flip side...