1. There’s something within us that has a direct affect on the physical material matter outside of us.
    TPTB use MSM to occupy and manipulate our thoughts with fear and anger. They have the esoteric knowledge and how “it” performs. I often think of “Q” in a way, that he/she is planting pictures and thoughts in our minds. Emotions run strong.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    the Buddhist Monks have compet/ition: DARPA.
    Well, and a slew of other alphabetas vying for top dog in the mind/control/collective attention.

    I wonder how “their” covid19 group intention running?

    Are the Buddhist going venture capitalist
    in bottled water market$?

    The usual ending w/Dudley Do-Rights singing the high-notes of benefitting mankind.

    Then, just below the digital fold:
    “Free: Don’t Miss The 5G Summit”

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