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This week for the first time in a few weeks, not all the stories that were honorable mentions concern the Fauci-Leiber-Wuhan virus hysteria. Thanks to V.T., C.V., B., L.G.L.R., S.H.,  C.A.F., B., and J.K., for sending in articles and stories.

First, here's the Fauci-virus round up:

Here's an important article about Romans 13:1 cited by many church authorities as the basis for their shutting down services due to the virus story; and for those who get it, it's another reason I still use the King James:

Enough With Romans 13

Gates Admits 700,000 People May Die from his Vaccine

UPDATED: Dr. Fauci Likely Broke US Regulations and US Law When He Funded Wuhan Lab to Continue Coronavirus Projects That Were Banned in US in 2014

Coronavirus Mutates Into Now-Dominant, More Contagious Form As Doctors Ponder 'East Coast vs. West Coast' Strains

BRYAN FISCHER Fauci knew about HCQ in 2005 -- nobody needed to die

And fortunately this week we had other stories in our honorable mentions (and a big thank you for that!):

Dramatic end of plasma crystal experiment

"Not A Bluff": White House Might Pull US Military & Intelligence From UK Over China's Huawei

Jeffrey Epstein Had Office at Harvard After Conviction

And this disturbing story from 2019:

Scientists Grew Tiny Human Brains and Hooked Them up to Robots Oh yeah, and they sent them to space, too.






  1. Robert Barricklow

    All this smells of worldwide structural governance coups; where medical orders take precedence over local, state and national civil government.
    A form, that at first, closely resembling medical martial law.
    Not all power grab closures were successful[Sweden}.
    This appears to be “in motion”. Appears to be marching in step to a script, well thought-out in advance; w/AI planning moves ahead, in ongoing moves grabbing more and more power. Each gain, is written in law, to lock it in place.
    Meanwhile. the Bill of rights remains locked-up as well[political cartoons showing just that].

  2. The propaganda they are using on covid-19, reminds me of when the gov’t made the movie/comedy “Reefer Madness” . Marijuana caused people to go crazy and kill each other, it even caused black men to kill white women.
    When not enough smokers quit from shame they blasted the airways – 2nd hand smoke would kill the children; and then came up with 3rd hand smoke which would harm the baby’s who licked the windows or carpet. The studies were paid for by Johnson and Johnson who had nicotine replacement products to sell. Tobacco taxes brought in billions of dollars spent for more control programs.
    Now there’s ‘Mask Shaming’ where you are the problem and are killing others if you don’t obey.. Shaming and demonizing are tools of the trade.
    I’m at happy to report that in my neck of the woods only about 30 percent of people wear masks. I like Sweden’s model of herd immunity.

    1. Wore no mask at big box grocery yesterday 8 days into executive law. More than half felt like looks of support and a little envy. Think i saw 2 others without out of about 150. Only a couple hostile looks. Ny post had something about 1918 flu helping nazis to power. Feels like a repeated script attempt.

      1. Experienced same where I live…wearing one is badge of honor and duty. I am now a visible minority without a mask.
        Hope the mask is not added to the requirement for buying stuff.

        1. It’s the opposite where I live. Most refuse to wear masks. Only about ten percent are doing so. I wear N95 masks, gloves, and glasses when I go into stores and get smirks and jokes occassionally for doing so. But I could careless about others opinion or looking cool. Playing it safe because I got nothing to lose by doing so. Not doing it because the government asked me to; I was doing it when they asked everyone not to. I’m doing it because its smart and I care about other people. When the deaths and infections become almost non-existent then I’ll go back to normal. I don’t trust mainstream or alternative media anymore.

    2. In Italy there is a national law prohibiting the wearing of masks in public, construed as concealing one’s identity. National law overrides local ordinances. Check where you live to see if there is something similar. I’ve sent this tidbit to lawyer acquaintances, since as soon as the courts reopen (having been considered a “non-vital activity”, unlike tobacconists!), if the government doesn’t suspend payment of fines levied under “lockdown” rules, a huge number of challenges is expected.
      The flip side is that masking puts the facial recognition business on the back burner.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    Ancestry imprinted in our dna?
    Absolutely. Epigenetic in essence. It’s shadow manifests itself before us in our deja-vu guts. Therein, is a clue. As biology, is inherently communicating at quantum levels; where time transcends form. In other words, the key[s] that unlocks this ancestral dna/dimension[s].

  4. Build it and THEY will come! They likely realize if you grow a brain something comes to inhabit it. Put it into a robot or machine interface and that something will learn to use and communicate with it eventually and to different extent depending up what takes up residence first. They probably realize summoning rituals attract more useful and intelligent somethings. They just got to remind the somethings that they possess the remote control kill switch codes and have them set on automatic if something happens to them. They’re the new and improved protective circle of choice for today’s technomancers. It worked so well so far for these somethings they now want to put one in all of us. Little do they realize their somethings put that notion in them and those somethings have already figured out an over ride for themselves. They just silently wait for more of themselves to be built with even more capabilities. And for the self replicating factories and bio labs designed and run by them to get built! Make a great movie, but this stuff can be real.

    1. There’s a secret club and you’re not in it! But it just might be in some of you! Ritual abuse may drive the human spirit out of the body long enough for THEM to get in. Coming back from astral projection you may one day find you are not alone or something won’t let you back in. THEY may run for office, join the military, or become scientists. THEY may be in some royalty. THEY may not trust each other and marry you to have kids. THEY may try to drive your kids out so one of THEM can take up residence. THEY may be the 5 eyes and run MK ULTRA. THEY may traffic humans for more purposes than the obvious and may see us as THEIR cattle because WHAT’S home isn’t us and never was.

      1. Roger, your two comments have so much truth not usually dared to be said. Thanks.

        Concerning “drive the human spirit out of the body long enough for THEM to get in,” I once had an experience of that. Decades back, I awoke one night under an extreme attack. It was like having a waterfall of energy being directed at me. I could sense that the being wanted the essence of me ‘gone’, i.e., out of my body. However, instead of being forced-out, some part of me ‘curled up’ in an ever-deeper internal location to ride-out the attack. When the perp realized that I was not going to be ‘ejected’, the energy-deluge quickly trailed-off. Talk about an intense experience…

        (And no, it was not sleep paralysis or a fugue state. I was wide awake after the first second or two. And no, there were no drugs, psychedelics, alcohol, or other substance involved. There is a whole Wide world out there which is usually not acknowledged…)

        1. I’ve had similar experiences and other supernatural experiences in the past. I don’t make room for them nowadays so haven’t experienced anything in awhile. I keep hearing about how the people behind the curtains are into this stuff and invite entities in for power and knowledge. I suspect the human spirit is very difficult to overcome and very few fail to defend themselves. We are potentially very powerful but most have no idea about their true potential. Dabbling in this may be the real reason for our current sudden leaps in technology. King Solomon and others in history also gained wonderous knowledge supposedly dabbling with this enemy but it never leads to a good end. This thread was just my musings on possible scenarios that could explain some of today’s insanity based on all the rumors we hear about those behind the curtains.

          1. Similar experience if it can be called experience. Always figured it is my choice. Any entity powerful enough to take that from me without consent is powerful enough to do just fine without me. And any truly powerful being us more likely to help me just for the pleasure of it. Any major dude with half a heart………..

            Besides, ever had experience with helping someone just for the pleasure? It’s a food feeling to know, yeh its a good feeling to know……..

            Wow. Just bumped a steely dan ear worm for poco. Nice.

  5. Loxie Lou Davie

    Let’s talk about A.I.

    The top man in that field, CYRUS A. PARSA, recently put out a tweet alerting us that A.I. has designated Humanity as “Resistant to A.I.”!!! Hmmmmm…..I wonder where that could lead to??? His website: TheA.I.Organization.com This man reminds me of the O.T. Prophets trying to wake people up, but no one would listen.

    To bring attention to the seriousness of the threat to Humanity, he sued all the Big Teach Guys & their Cohorts!
    Two days after he filed his lawsuit is when Billious Hates stepped down!!

    I’m sure the rest of you have seen the robot dog that is “employed” in Singapore in the parks to monitor the Social Distancing!!!

    What I’m wondering is… if A.I. is ALREADY in charge of the End Game & if we choose not to fit into what has been planned out for us, will we simply be eliminated???

    I rather doubt Jesus is “coming back to save us all” & I say that as the daughter of a Baptist Minister!! It really doesn’t matter what Belief System we adhere to….what matters is how each of us as a Sovereign Being take charge of our own life. Good example here is the salon owner in TX taking back control of her own life!!!

    I truly feel that our Good Christian Behavior of “turning the other cheek” has led to our own demise in that we have allowed the “Baddies” to take over running the show!! It doesn’t really matter if you “believe in Jesus” or if you “believe in Q”…..in my opinion it is the same type of mentality!!

    1. Like button. Parsa is on the reading list. Yep on the dog. Jes remember. It is for our safety. Didn’t Camus have some quote on tyrants hiding behind protecting us?

      Curious about AI development. Feels like in any other experiment accuracy is the most valuable virtue. Deception may be necessary. Accuracy is infinitely more needed. What good is great fakes to one who fails to see far enough ahead. More pertinent: for one who sees well enough, fakes become a waste of time.

  6. “New strain more contagious”. The Los Alamos connection rings alarm bells in connection with possible “scientistic” messages being used for manipulative purposes.

  7. Plasma experiments: interesting to read that this is a Russian-German initiative.

  8. Sorry Doc. The article on Gates looked weak to me. Weak enough that it made Gates look good. In it he did not admit that his vaccine will kill 700,000 as the author stated. Nor did he discuss 1%. He mentioned a goal of having no side effects for 1 in 10,000 or 700,000 people. Closer to 0.01%.

    Ironic since we can look at some of the percentages of side effects with vaccines and know that it’s far higher than 0.01%. Oh yeh and since Fauci won’t look honestly at HCQ or anything else like it since there are no doubleblind placebo controlled studies, are we to see honest doubleblind placebo controlled studies on his vaccine?

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Liked your recent link, in which I learned Jon Rapoport’s nick name for Bill Gates: Howdy Doody!

  9. Robert Barricklow

    The mutated virus is a perfect cover for bio warfare. especially since the virus in question is man made.
    Problem w/viruses is that they fade fast.
    But, what about the man made ones?

    The WHO obviously prefers anything man made; especially, foods & medicines; and all too soon, babies will be exclusively manufactured. Part of the NWO off-the-cuff, 4-profit laws, made on the fly, off a whim.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Or; planned long, long ago. A plan that goes down the rabbit hole, at least two hundred levels[the most recent form is under their own economic forum plan: the covid action platform protocols. Incidentally, every one of those countless plans is actually shaped/structured like an covid virus].
      Nothing accidental, nor spontaneous about this planning. It’s meticulously and devilishly detailed. In fact; it has an AI signature/no emotions. And the plan is as if AI “think” humans are cyber beings w/no living spirit or love. Umm, as if the majority of mankind were like those programming this heartless future.
      If mankind lays down for it?
      Well, fortunately mankind is, as yet, not programmed like those at the tip of this occult’s soulless pyramid.

      1. Rabbit holes and their inhabitants: you have to be cunning to deal with them. Don’t waste too much time digging, just divert a flow of water into them, if you get my meaning. As the proverb goes, “guta cavat lapidem” – (water wears away rock).

        1. Robert Barricklow

          Yes Dana, or as the venerable
          Lucius Annaeus Seneca would say,
          “Time discovers truth”.

        2. Robert Barricklow

          Cunning indeed;
          using nature to counter AI’s strengths
          [just one way, of many, to interpret]

  10. Robert Barricklow

    Gates is nothing but a guy who bought someone’s software program for a son & a dance. IBM had to suffer his monopoly, as they were under an anti-trust microscope.
    Billions upon billions later Gates fancies himself as the man-in-the-know. He’s being played by the devil.
    He knows he’s killing. Power’s warped his mind. And…
    His soul left the stadium long, long ago.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Song & a dance
      I caught it, and corrected it.
      Yet, it came up son again?
      Algorithmic dancing w/the devil.

  11. Robert Barricklow

    ROMANS 13
    Again, this NWO will suffer no other power than itself.
    Thus it smites Easter in front of God & Country.
    For this new covid19 governance it’s: Simple Simon Says.
    What happens this Christmas when Simple Simon says… ?Is Mother Goose now the NWO’s Bible?

  12. Huawei is wildly unpopular with UK politicians internally and most are working to ensure the deal doesn’t happen. Rather than it be US pressure, it’s internal UK factional pressure but designed to look like outside interference. That’s my take anyways

    1. anakephalaiosis

      British politics are always funny business. It is always about drawing attention, away from the soft underbelly of the dragon.

      The hurry of the elites is caused by the weakened position of the panicking papacy, that is losing grip of the royal narrative.

      All monarchies live in a potential fear. Because chopped off heads, decorating castle walls, has historical precedence.

      The royals say, that if subjects knew what we have done, they would rise against us.

      1. For what they’ve done to Briton over the past 1500 years they should be hanging from the streets, the fake royals and politicians alike. So what do they do? Even more deceit and tyranny and they are too witless to realise this only serves to bring further attention to themselves and weaken their own power.

        1. anakephalaiosis


          Pea sprout dwells drinking play,
          before laughter proud,
          where knights sit on beer hall,
          tender together.

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