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  1. One often thinks of the Pacific rim situation as the beginning of PATO, in line with NATO, in that sense referring to a Pacific Asian Treaty organization. There isn’t such a structured organization, at least, not officially, but when considering Geo-politics, economics, militaries, and worldly standings in diplomacy and necessary negotiations, it seems reasonable to consider and to organize hypotheticals accordingly. Japan would be a front player, if it’s not already.

    Japan still has a major clean-up operation it must fund to the growing amount of an estimated $180 Billion by one estimate. It needs to frugally invest its limited resources and financially reap as an island bound nation. It’s highly dependent on the alliances it can forge, especially, through changing diplomatic administrations. A change of the US administration, sentiments on Wall Street, K Street, and Main Street, pose considerable obstacles toward reliable long term goals and is best negated when possible from their point of view.

    That nearly decade old Fukushima disaster seems to have been hiding something of an almost forgotten past. Strangely enough, there are still remnants of an old alliance once behind the failed Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant as one looks west from the Pacific Ocean across the failed reactors. There was once a named entrance into an old facility called Bund eins (BUND 1, in large black characters) Presumably, and officially, no longer used, but not according to several generational locals. During the late thirties and into the forties a high-grade Uranium was dig out of the mountains. Very convenient to have a nuclear power plant built mere kilometers away, almost as if ready fuel for the reactors.

    This video [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_a4UUGsUQ4 ] shows Y S on his bicycle maneuvering into the Fukushima radiation danger zone to investigate the destroyed Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant as well as a few other things more secretive as his detector reads off some rather high microSeivert counts. According to his research, he suggests his video is solid proof that there was more underway at Fukushima than just generating electricity and why TEPCO attempts at maintaining a low-key media presence. Towards the end of the clip one can see the literal writing on the wall. In some ways they share something of a knack for imposed secrecy not unlike their distant cousins on the peninsula and the Party’s mainland.

    Having lived there several years one can appreciate the low-key secrecy traditional Japanese observe. There’s still something rattling around the noggin regarding that plundered wartime gold. Was all of it really found on those southern islands?

  2. On a semi-related front, from Jim Stone:
    “Update on the Three Gorges Dam in China:

    There is fear it will fail due to heavy flooding that is on it’s way – the worst in about 70 years. The problem with the Three Gorges Dam has been revealed. As it turns out, the company that installed it cheated the contract and did not install footings that would prevent it from moving under water pressure; instead, they believed the dam would be so heavy it would never move. The sat photos confirm that it’s damn near a miracle it has not failed yet.

    An additional problem was that it was built on fault lines and intended to be able to move. But what has happened so far has taken approximately 300 calculated years of movement and compressed them into about 10. That’s obviously not going to work out much longer and a failure of that dam would be devastating beyond description.”

    1. Loxie Lou Davie

      Thanks, goshawks, for the update on the dam; I was wondering how that was playing out!! Doesn’t sound good!!

    2. Australian Qld

      Good lord. Footings not secured to the bedrock of the dam? The dam wall mass considered enough inertia to be safe for 300yrs? A metric the chief dam engineer pulled out of his backside . Damn typical of engineering responsibility in the 80s / 90s Chinese style . In the old USSR the chief engineer of a civil failure where negligence was the cause was put against a wall and shot. Now that’s taking responsibility. From a fan in Qld Australia

  3. anakephalaiosis

    The USA, being exposed as papal puppet, is a center, that will not hold. It induces an epistemic collapse in narrative.


    Pavlov’s puppy had a crisis, when it could no longer distinguish between audio signal for reward and punishment.

    It is predictable, that those, who are in crisis of identity, will stand alone, because they are their own worst foe.

    A caged lion attacks its own flesh, in madness.

  4. I would step-back from viewing this as a regional thing and view it as a global thing: Problem -> Reaction -> Solution at its finest.

    The Problem is in the PTB ratcheting-up global tensions. It reminds me a bit of the AI in the Wargames movie, inching-up pressure on one power after another, so that each in responding is brought closer to the edge of *ahem* a first strike. (It also reminds me of the infamous quote, “If my sons did not want war…”.)

    The Reaction is the public (the sane part) noting that we are moving ever-closer to WWIII and demanding some form of world governance to reduce the chances of a nuclear Armageddon. Throw-in every possible fear/chaos addition (pandemic, social unrest, financial upheaval, etc.), so that the populace is in pure ‘reaction’ mode.

    The PTB will be ready – when the hysteria has reached a fever pitch (and maybe a few nukes have been lobbed) – to provide an instant Solution. Probably one that has been pre-written (like the Patriot Act). It will be slammed-through without much discussion, amidst much hand-waving about good-for-us, safety, a new era, and such. Only later will the ‘hooks’ be revealed…

    In my opinion, The Japan Times is just a mouthpiece for the PTB (like most major news sources). They write what they are told to write, and the reverse. So, the cited article is just one more mini-step in the Problem build-up. (And profitable in the meantime for the arms manufacturers.)

    I really hope that there are (positive) Higher Powers out/in there, overlooking our situation. Without their ‘intervention’, the human race is probably screwed. Hmmm. Now that I think of it, that is Problem -> Reaction -> Solution taken to a whole new level…

    1. I’ve often wondered just how global Mr. Globaloney’s power really is. Sure, he’d like every country on earth to be on board, but I think there are dissenters–Russia being the biggest, and maybe Japan too. Another thing I’ve always suspected is that Mr. Globaloney’s agenda has a cultural/civilizational/racial component. If my suspicion is correct, the Russians and Japanese wouldn’t rank high in Globaloney’s view, which would be all the more reason for them to chafe at his game.

    2. Loxie Lou Davie

      Let’s not forget A.I.!!! According to Cyrus A. Parsa, we are close to the tipping point of an A.I. taking over the entire Human Race, & we would be totally unaware that it has happened!! Controlled by the Invisible Enemy our Wrecking Ball keeps talking about…IMO!!

      “Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity”, his book!

      1. Robert Barricklow

        Well, that explains the Mandatory injections of programmable bots. The Big Bad AI, “All the better to control you naked ape wannabe Gods”.

  5. marcos toledo

    How about Japan clean up the mess it created by screwing up Asia since the 1890s Maybe apologies to Korea and China could be a start with some reparations throw-in. Finally how about telling the UK and its muscle the CSA to leave Asia alone.

  6. Robert Barricklow

    Who could trust the U.S.?
    About as many that could trust Israel?

    Is the U.S. code for NWO.
    Now, I ask you, “What Nation could trust the NWO”?
    Answer. Every Nation can trust the NWO
    to stab it in the back, until it has no sovereignty; and can join the long list of other NWO “quaint” nation states.
    Japan wants to be sovereign. Therefore it needs real currency[regional?]; and real independent weapons, linked to a “trusted” source.

    Everybody is jumping on the Bush Doctrine: preemptive first strike capabilities.
    The more, the merrier.
    Rich nations first strike are; at the very least nuclear.
    Poor nations are biological. Or, missiles that blast numerous rocks into orbit.
    Both have cyberwar capabilities; although, not the ace in the hole back door ones.
    Then there’s the space based kinetic energy ones.
    And, what about Von Braun’s asteroids?
    Then there’s the E.T, question?
    That golden age of U.S. stable global governance has passed; and there’s no stable governance, like a good old fashioned dictatorship. Read technocratic NWO governance broken down into global regions; all under one stealth NWO governing body?
    White Rabbit [19:58]

  7. Can somebody please tell me WHY we have wars, I mean it’s as simple as that. Can you imagine the billions spent on defense being used for something else, ie the list is endless

    1. Robert Barricklow

      When they say there no business like show business.
      There is.
      War is a hell of a business:
      there’s no profiteering, like in the business of war.

    2. Because the secret society Illuminate Freemasons are bankers. Prescott Bush financed Hitler. It is eloquently explained in this video. With a pdf of the bloodline. Goes into detail many of our leaders. Explains why 800,000 to one million children are missing of our streets every year. Nothing is done by the police. Our nation is ripe for judgment.
      See the video on youtube about Lucifer and Luciferians, Masters of Deception by Chuck Swindol Good and Evil is being played out.

  8. Very interesting analysis indeed. My own take-away is that for the ever-discreet Japanese to reject Aegis and state that they no longer can count on the US as a reliable ally is tantamount to any other country screaming at the top of their lungs that they perceive the US empire to be in mortal peril of collapse and that we’re on our own from here on in.

    So personally I see the big news here as Japan is readying itself as quietly as possible for an imminent US power vacuum, and that this should give those Americans remaining complacent in the face of the onset of systemic societal meltdown great great pause.

    You know, one can’t see the forest for the trees and all that. Apparently, Japan sees that the US forest is tinder dry and smouldering, and they are inching as quickly as possible to the exits, wearing a petrified smile and sweating profusely.

    Meanwhile, years ago now the Russians have already written off the US as impossible to hold its word and lately mock and scorn the West for historical revisionism and amnesia; in blunt terms calling the US a depraved, inveterate liar.

    So, when you concluded by talking about Japan’s near-term prospects in 5 to 10 years, my own thought was that the viability of the US empire over that same term was much more alarming and problematic, and the perspective really should be that “even Japan” dares to speak up with grave apprehension about the alarming state of the US empire.

    1. I pretty much agree. Not sure the empire’s gonna collapse tomorrow, but the rest of the world (especially the non-Western parts) won’t wait till the last minute to make plans and start positioning themselves for the future.

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