3 thoughts on “TIDBIT: DNA “VACCINES””

  1. Loxie Lou Davie

    Yest. I watched a 2 hr. interview of CYRUS A. PARSA by Bases 101. An interesting statement he made at the end caught my attention!! I’m paraphrasing….This entire event was not planned by humans!!

    He keeps trying to warn us that A.I. is at the point of taking over the human race, which can then be controlled from behind the scenes & we won’t even have a clue as to what is REALLY going on!!

    It becomes more & more apparent that so many of the “faces” we see as the “fronts” are not even human beings…they have no “human” feelings. They have been taken over…or…lent themselves to dark forces.

  2. marcos toledo

    If the Fullmetal Alchemist anime-manga were to be rebooted. This would make an interesting plotline the use of every lifeform on Earth to create the ultimate Philosopher Stone the wet dream of every top state alchemist at Central.

  3. I watched this one…Luckily his credentials allowed him access so he could to share and show us to see for ourselves. Hopefully he will not be denied access to THOSE websites for doing so…his credibility is cemented in my opinion by refusing a position that required him to wear a face mask while trying to help troubled humans speaks. The spoken work is a small fraction when communicating. Facial expressions and body language convey most of the message. Duh…

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