July 29, 2020 By Joseph P. Farrell

As we're watching some American cities melting down in what seems to be a never-ending litany of rioting, another very disturbing trend is emerging: "doxxing," i.e., the publication of the names, and home addresses, of people in government or law enforcement that the rioters oppose. Indeed, one well-known American television personality, and conservative commentator, Tucker Carlson, had his home address published, and his wife was actually threatened while she was home alone and her husband was on the air. Carlson has since had to move to protect his family from death threats, which even arrived in the mail, and he's pulled no punches in blaming various media outlets, including the New York Times, for this. In his opinion, it was done intentionally to hurt him and his family.

Well, now there's this, shared by V.T.:

Dozens of federal law enforcement officers in Portland doxed amid riots, officials say

Dozens of federal law enforcement officers in Portland have had their personal information posted online by individuals who have also encouraged protesters to go to those officers’ homes, officials said Tuesday.


"We are going to convert their name [tags] to their badge number as about 38 of our officers that are out there have been doxed and their personal infomation has been put online," he said.

Nor is this new trend limited to national media figures or local law enforcement in Portland. It's spread elsewhere:

It said that police in Kentucky, as well as Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Boston and New York City, had been doxed.

Many regular readers here are aware that I've been suspecting large scale covert operations have been going on for some time. And as I've warned, it's a game that two or more can play.

With that, we're at my high octane speculation of the day, for I fear it will not be long before we see the doxxing game being played not only by angry mobs and their agents provocateur, but by those to whom they are opposed.  Consider the signs of evident organization, and big money, in what we've seen thus far. There's no doubt in my mind that little, if any, of this is "spontaneous," especially when bricks are conveniently delivered to sidewalks. This is organized, and there are both money and nefarious people behind it.

But they are playing with fire, for two can play the doxxing game. One can imagine what will happen when other millionaires or billionaires start funding surveillance of the rioters and their funders, or tailing the buses bussing them in for a "spontaneous demonstration, tailing them back to their points of origin; one can even imagine that if no such wealthy people arise to fund counter-activity, that "foundations" will be created and then crowd funded, and personnel recruited to track and follow the rioters to their homes, and that they, and their covert sponsors, will be doxxed as well. In other words, it's a game that two can play, and thus far, one side has been very patient and hasn't been playing the game, but I don't think it will remain that way; the "big names" can be tracked, their homes and properties published and even viewed with google maps.

That's always the trouble with covert operations, whether you're a state actor, or a billionaire malcontent trying to remake society in your own revolutionary self-deified self-deluded image: two can always play the game...

My only surprise, thus far, is that it hasn't happened... yet, or to put it differently, as far as we know. There has been no response in kind, doubtless because most people view the activity as reprehensible, and because they still have some thread of faith left that the system might yet work. But  if it doesn't, it's only a matter of time.  And that's what bothers me, because at that point it's an admission that in the face of radicalism, old fashioned politics has ended, and something new, and very dangerous, has begun.

See you on the flip side...