1. Under all the lying and obfuscation by all parties, I think there is a concrete reason for the suspension of S-400 deliveries to China. First off, there is the semi-serious border clash between China and India which Joseph briefly mentioned. This has placed Modi in a politically precarious position, where he needs to be seen as not caving to Chinese pressures.

    Second, there is a massive arms sale underway in India, with a big fighter buy at the competition stage. And US companies want that sale badly.

    My guess is that there was/is a behind-the-scenes ‘agreement’ between Modi and Putin, which is advantageous to both. Modi gets a symbolic (but highly visible) delay in S-400 deliveries to China, while Russia continues deliveries to India. His personal stock rises. In return, Russia gets preference in the Indian fighter competition. That’s a $780 million order with Russia for immediate delivery of 33 fighters; not small change.

    I am assuming that China has been clandestinely-briefed about this state-of-affairs by Russia. “No harm meant. Deliveries will resume when the contract-ink is dry…”

  2. Robert Barricklow

    As I listen and consider the geopolitical/economic changes across the globe; what is gnawing at my sense of perceptive balance is s digital presence, indeed, culpability?
    All along the way, since its inception, the internet’s development is intricately connected to the political economic development; the most important policy battles have been, and are; over the internet which are international, and/or transnational in character. The world has been entering terra incognita as machines, algorithms, & AI change our basic understanding of what this means in terms of policies, indeed even what it means to be human.
    Analogue diplomacy vs digital diplomacy?
    Example: too big to fail isn’t a problem w/the system. It is the system! In fact, the digital’s function is to increase people’s dissatisfaction of any current state of affairs.
    The new reality is that digital’s new reality is that technocapitalism is trying to impose a system, an authoritarian system of corporate control over society.
    Resistance is futile. The word resistance itself is a relic of the electronic age, where a resistor on a circuit board could attenuate the circuit passing trough it. There is no resistance in a digital environment – only on and off. Anything in between is regulated to one or the other. There is no volume control. There are only switches.
    The digital media environment?
    No resistance. Only opposition.
    It’s hard for humans to oppose the dominance of digital technology when we are becoming so highly digital ourselves?
    All this prelude to ponder the digital signatures in this ongoing global transformation.

    1. Loxie Lou Davie

      Good One, anak!!! Who knew it was our own Filthy Rich who funded the Commie Revolution in Russia?!!

      Amazing how the American Public has been brainwashed!!

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