Tidbits of Conspiracy News


If you thought I was exaggerating about Nuttyfornia Governor Gavin Gruesome, there's this:


I don't know about you, but when simple gatherings in homes - of any sort, religious or otherwise - are banned while "protests" are permitted, then I don't call that healthcare, I call it an agenda, and an ideology, and Gruesome's agenda and ideology are on parade for all to see.


  1. I can hardly believe my eyes when I read the news out of California . . . and Michigan, Kentucky, etc.

    Where are the attorneys, the constitutional law specialists? All hiding under their beds to avoid the virus??

  2. marcos toledo

    Remember the CSA was founded by the same types that took over Britain and Ireland from 1066AD to 1180AD. Slavery-Serfdom has been what keep these power junkies going THAT IS ALL THE LIVE FOR.

  3. Kentucky puts ankle bracelets on asymptomatic couple because their flawed testing kits came up positive?

    When do these emergency dictators continue their emergencies so that they can mandate more decrees that of course preserve their emergencies?

    More cases? More emergency. Let’s lockdown 25 M people in Oz because it’s an emergency that 122 people in 6 months died with (not of) cv1984.

  4. Ridiculous. I have read that there are several recall petitions being initiated against him, where those will go is anyone’s guess since most of the population is centered in just a few counties near the coasts which are heavily Blue. But Mr. Gruesome seems to be being “groomed” for bigger stages.

  5. Robert Barricklow

    Literally, in-your-face agendas; just as is the mask.
    Ironically, the leadership masks of this country are coming off, to reveal nothing less than sinister beings; if indeed, “they” are even human.

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