August 10, 2020 By Joseph P. Farrell

Many people sent me this article, and many thanks to those of you who did. The old Chinese curse says "May you live in interesting times," and it certainly seems that, if you're living in China, you're living in interesting times. And needless to say, I have some high octane speculations about what may be going on.

For example, in a week that saw that strange explosion in Beirut, there was also this in China:

China horror: Huge fireball explosion above Chinese city sparks 'doomsday panic'

The fireball in question was, according to the article, apparently caused by a lightning strike:

Footage of a massive terrifying fireball exploding above a densely-populated Chinese city was caught by multiple witnesses. Videos of the fireball explosion quickly went viral, as witnesses took to social media claiming that the explosion "sounded like a bomb blast". However, a lightning bolt was later found to be behind the massive fireball in Shenyang city in China after it struck high-voltage power lines.

And oddly enough:

Astonishingly, Chinese state media reported that the blaze did not cause any casualties nor damage to the tower blocks.

The explosion did not even interrupt the local electrical services or cause any fires.

The article is accompanied by a video which clearly shows the "lightning strike," and clearly visible in the video is indeed a massive electrical arc. The problem - for me at least - is that I'm not seeing an actual lightning strike, but rather, simply the electrical arcing, which appears within, or on, the building itself, making me wonder if some sort of dipole had been set up in the building for whatever reason, and if that had caused the arcing. And where we say dipole, we're also saying "local ionizing conditions". When the polarities between two regions becomes sufficient, arcing results. We'll get back to that.

Then, the "interesting times" became more interesting, L.G.L.R. spotted this story:

Pipeline Explodes, Roads Collapse After Flooding in Northern China

There we read that a natural gas pipeline has exploded, due to the flooding in China:

A natural gas pipeline exploded in China’s north-central city of Yulin on Wednesday. Authorities blame the blast on recent flooding in the region and have issued a warning to area citizens to expect more heavy rains in the coming days.

In addition to the pipeline explosion, several roads collapsed this week because of flooding in and around Yulin, located in China’s Shaanxi province. No casualties have been reported in connection with the pipeline blast, but regional authorities have evacuated roughly 600 people from the Yulin area as a result of the infrastructure damage caused by the explosion and road collapses, the South China Morning Post reported Wednesday.

“It happened at around 1:40 AM. We were sleeping,” local resident Ma Yongping told the state-controlled broadcaster, China Central Television (CCTV), of the pipeline explosion.

“We were woken up by the blast, which was so loud. I went out to check what happened. When I stepped out of my home, I realized it was a natural gas pipeline that exploded,” Ma said.Yulin borders China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to the north, which in recent months has suffered from severe droughts; approximately 45 percent of the region was affected as of June. In China’s south and interior, torrential rains have caused historic flooding in recent weeks. The overnight transition from one climate extreme to another proved too much for Yulin this week, whose faulty infrastructure was poorly equipped to withstand the flooding

There you have it: the pipeline explosion was due to the flooding and poor, "faulty infrastructure."

Certainly the idea of faulty infrastructure is both possible and plausible, and the strain on a pipeline due to flooding makes sense. After all, one can go on youtube and look at any number of videos that people have made of absolutely poor construction of new high rise buildings.

But what if it isn't?

I've been speculating for some time both in blogs on this website and privately in conversations with people, that there's some sort of hot covert war going on between China, and quite probably the USA. Think only of recent US Customs seizures of automatic weapons parts being smuggled into this country from China. Some have speculated that the weapons were China's little contribution to the ongoing unrest in some American cities, and were destined for Antifa and BLM and so on, but so far, the American federal government has not commented - as far as I can tell - at any great length on the seizures of these caches. But in any case, as part of that "hot covert war" scenario that I've been entertaining, I've included weather warfare in my speculations. The unprecedented Chinese flooding appears to be due to a weather system  that has parked itself in the Indian ocean and is funneling massive amounts of moisture into China. Why might that be relevant here? Because one of the uses of ionospheric heaters like HAARP or EISCAT is the ability to "steer" weather systems, an ability that would imply the ability to park them. It might just be possible with a little "focus" to create atmospheric dipoles of an intensely local nature as well. And all of this, of course, would be the perfect "plausible deniability," since actual warfare could be hidden behind "acts of nature," as most people still are unfamiliar with, or outright reject, the possibility of such weather manipulation. Indeed, one reviewer of the video, J.D., was of the opinion that the corona in the video is a massive electrical corona, signifying the presence of a massive power overload in the electrical lines, and I strongly tend to agree with him.

And the pipeline explosion? One question that occurs is, would the Chinese Communist Government admit it, if it suspected some sort of foul play was involved in the explosion? I suspect that would depend on the circumstances, and one component of those circumstances would be its ability - and willingness -  to deal with the perpetrator of the event.  If it was willing, and able, to deal with a perpetrator without serious risk to the regime, then yes, but if not, then no. The reason I mention all of this is because of the "Farewell" spy case. "Farewell" was the codename of a mole for French intelligence during the 1980s, deeply and highly placed within the Soviet KGB's technical branch, the department of the KGB that was given specific "shopping lists" of western technology to steal. One item of the shopping list that Farewell provided the French, that the French in turn informed the USA (Mitterrand directly and personally informed  President Reagan), was for sophisticated software programs. The Reagan administration decided to allow the KGB to steal that software, which was (of course) laden with backdoors. The software made its way into the Soviet infrastructure, including Soviet natural gas pipelines, and then was activated.  The resulting explosion of the pipeline was visible from outer space. (See my Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks, and Secret Sorcery, pp. 223-228) Maybe, taking a page out of the Mitterrand-Reagan playbook, the USA has allowed the Chinese to steal some doctored software.

The bottom line is, either China is having an extraordinarily coincidental run of bad luck and "interesting times," or someone is deliberately making those times interesting...

See you on the flip side...