A few weeks ago I blogged about the emergence of a local currency in Tenino, Washington. (See In that blog, I speculated on the emergence of local currencies as a response to the loss of faith in the "Big Central Banking-Fraud" model of money. I further speculated that, while most local currencies are piggy-backed on national currencies, a point might come when that backing changes from the national currency to local hard and soft assets.

Well, local currencies are back in the news, and according to this article sent in by V.T., there's a couple of very interesting reasons why they are emerging as local (and I strongly suspect, eventually even regional) solutions to the complete mess of things the banksters have made. The trouble is, the two reasons are mentioned only in passing, but they leaped off the page when I read them:

Short on Money, Cities Around the World Try Making Their Own

Now, of course, if this trend toward moving to local and regional currency solutions continues, it won't be long until Mr. Central Bankster hires his goons for a few assassinations, and sends in his gorillas to smash printers and facilities and break a few knee caps, or, like the unfortunate mortgage broker of a few years ago, "assisting" people to commit "suicide" by wielding a nail gun to the back of the head (remember that one?) And yes, this development is, in my opinion, is why Mr. Globaloney and Mr. Bankster are talking about gun grabs, secession, and financial "resets" (Look carefully at two articles in tomorrow's "honorable mentions". The magic virus has so many uses!).

As the article avers, the trend of local currencies is increasing.

The real question is why? The article briefly mentions two reasons, and upon a little reflection, one can see that they're both related. Here's reason number one, in a little context:

ince the launch in May, cities from Arizona to Montana and California have been in contact with Tenino for advice about starting their own local currencies. “We have no idea what is going to happen next in 2020,” adds Fournier. “But cities like ours need to come up with niche ways to be sustainable without relying on the larger world.”

Such so-called complementary currencies — a broad term for a galaxy of local alternatives to national currencies — have been around for centuries; according to research published in the journal Papers in Political Economy in 2018, 3,500 to 4,500 such systems have been recorded in more than 50 countries across the world. Typically they are localized currency that can only be exchanged among people and businesses within a region, town, or even a single neighborhood. Many are membership programs limited to those who have signed up for the scheme; they typically work in conjunction with rather than replace the official national currency.

They take many different forms. Relatively few are based on paper money; many are now purely digital or are exchanged via smart cards. Their goals also can span multiple economic, social and environmental objectives. Some complementary currencies aim to protect local independent businesses. Some promote more equal and sustainable visions of society. Others have been founded in response to economic crises when traditional financial systems have ground to a halt. As the coronavirus pandemic brings on a wave of social and economic tumult, all three challenges appear to be in play at once. 

“In times of crisis like the one we are jumping into, the main issue is lack of liquidity, even when there is work to be done, people to do it, and demand for it,” says Paolo Dini, an associate professorial research fellow at the London School of Economics and one of the world’s foremost experts on complementary currencies. It’s often a cash flow problem. Therefore, any device or instrument that saves liquidity helps.” (Emphases added)

Here's reason number two, again in a little context:

As in Tenino, the Brazilian city of Maricá, in Rio de Janeiro state, combines a local currency with a basic income program. Around 80,000 residents, nearly half of the population, receive 130 reais ($35) each per month, without any conditions about how they can spend the money. Launched in 2014, the money is distributed in “Mumbuca,” the city’s local currency, which is not accepted in the rest of Brazil.

“This can become a model on how a city can efficiently disburse social benefits during the pandemic, supporting poor families while they stay at home and also small business during the crisis,” says Eduardo Diniz, professor of banking and technology at the São Paulo School of Business Administration, who has been researching public policies using community currencies since 2014.

In May 2020, Maricá residents spent 30 million reais worth of Mumbuca, according to Diniz. The key to the success of Mumbuca has been strong participation of local government. “Historically, it was a very poor city,” says Diniz. “The decision to invest this money through the currency means they have been able to build schools and hospitals with it. The same money is passed through the economy again and again.”

Other research has demonstrated the value of keeping cash flowing close to home: One study in Canada showed that independent retailers recirculate 2.6 times more money into their communities than chains. In addition to encouraging people to shop locally, complementary currencies can incentivize positive or philanthropic patterns of behavior. (Emphasis added)

So notice what we have: (1) A response to the lack of liquidity, at (2) a local level. Solution: create liquidity (money) that circulates locally.

But wait a minute! Why should there be a shortage of liquidity (money, cash) locally, when we've been watching the central banksters creating trillions in "quantitative easing" (and even quadrillions in derivatives)? Where's all that "quantitative easing going" anyway? It's another case of missing money, though of a slightly different sort. Supposing Mr. Central Bankster - we'll call him I.M.A. Grifter - decides to stimulate the economy. To do so, he creates massive amounts of fiat money, which is then loaned at interest (but steep discount) to Mr. Big Banker - call him G.I. Luvmoney (for all you Game of Life fans). Mr Big Banker takes that money, and invests in the stock market (or if he's a pension fund manager on the payroll of China, in a few Chinese companies) and a few mortage-backed "securities" that have been bundled together in large tranches, driving the prices of stocks up, while the local factory owner is shut down due to the planscamdemic. G.I. Luvmoney then forecloses on a few factories, and the houses of the employees, picks up properties on the cheap, and resells them to other Big Banksters who also have their fingers in I.M.A. Grifter's central bank pie. Notice that the vast bulk of this liquidity circulates among the banks, and is being used to manipulate stock markets, and buy - or seize - hard assets on the cheap. (See this informative video, which, oddly enough, was sent to me by Catherine Fitts, at the same time that one of this website's forum members also spotted it:

Very little of this massive liquidity makes it to "the deplorables." That is to say, very little of it actually finds its way to a locality.

Thus, faced by a liquidity crunch caused by the likes of I.M.A. Grifter and G.I. Luvmoney, localities are simply creating their own liquidity. As the two systems continue to draw apart, expect the local currency phenomenon to grow, and become regional. And the crucial step, as I blogged in my previous article on the subject, will be when those cities, counties, states and provinces, realize that the key step to wider circulation, is simply to change the backing from the national currency to hard assets they control. At that point, expect a fight.  So besides investing in hospitals and schools (not a bad idea by any means), investing in defending them would be smart too.

And as for the backing of those local and regional liquidity solutions, can you say "Texas Bullion Depository" or "Utah goldbacks" or "Ithica Hours"?

See you on the flip side...


Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. Loxie Lou Davie on August 15, 2020 at 1:27 pm

    HEAD’S UP to all!!! Millenial Millie has been arrested & has just put out a Bombshell video with two Wh-Bl’s that will bring MANY, both Left & Right, tumbling down!!

    Spiro ? put up the video of her arrest; heart wrenching to see her little boy in his PJ’s on the porch watching it all. Millie has NO clue why a Grand Jury has indicted her!!!

    This just might be the card pulled that brings the entire House of Cards tumbling down??? Dr. McGregor put the video up on his Tw……!! MOST revelatory, to say the least!!

  2. PiPoe on August 15, 2020 at 10:38 am

    not related to local currencies (I’ve become quite interested in the goldbacks – they have more designs in process besides the Utah set – my main concern is that there appears to be only one production location which leaves the source extremely vulnerable to government interference)

    but this morning I viewed an interesting interview with John Moore by Mike Adams – Planet X

    Great article on a timely topic – Thanks Dr. Farrell

  3. Miguel Oniga on August 15, 2020 at 7:29 am

    I was a rock.

  4. Richard on August 15, 2020 at 3:56 am

    River hours might also be included in your “Utah goldbacks” or “Ithica Hours” of local complimentary currencies. Like any monetary exchange unit, it is only viable with those that agree to use it as a means of exchange for barter or direct exchange of goods and services. Exchange processes are only as good as those that support it as they shuffle the credits and debits of the clearing cycle.

    This business of going gold, silver, diamonds or oil just doesn’t do much for the corporeal processes that need anabolic, metabolic, and catabolic biological support. Great for scarcity and all that that implies. It has to be converted and then only when there’s an agreement to make the exchanges to fulfill two sided ledgers unless one is a resourceful food farmer and/or tradesman. Skills are very important commodities because they can be used as an exchange method. Somewhere in the agreement there must be an exchange from the symbolic currency, if not direct barter, to that which fulfills sustenance of the biological form. There are those that might suggest, “What is all this business about biological sustenance?” Without it, gold, silver, diamonds, oil are worthless. They cannot be eaten or drunk to even begin to manipulate those presumptive commodities of superficial monetary value. It’s as if there are a certain few who insist on the vast majority being beholden (controlled by) to the symbolic exchange system. It works well when most are in agreement for using it. And one should wonder why there are certain powers, over you know where, that are trying to break from the petroleum dollar and come up with their own symbolic exchange system that the rest MUST endure? Not likely.

    The trouble with that scheming is that they’ll end up sliding into a similar hole of tar pits that require an absurd amount of enforcement that will not go well, if easy was their assumption. It may not be the same repetition, but it will rhyme with an air of similarity that is just as limited despite their imaginative zeal and lust for power, finance, and wealth. Cyclic stupidity only now on steroids while they believe they have a handle on very fast information flow. Bunk!

    Some suggest that politics are local. That may be for a certain distance. So might local currencies fulfill local needs equitably until distance, changing geography, and differing demographics. The Euro was such a financial product that was meant to fulfill a particular niche for nation states. Turns out there are limits to its efficacy.

  5. anakephalaiosis on August 15, 2020 at 3:22 am

    Walt Disney, the mint master in Duck tales, issues Disney Dollars, with collateral in riches of fantasy, that fosters the Act of Creation.

    Druidic-Christian currency is the flow of spiral sundial – the hakenkreuz – with collateral in Act of Creation, and, when making a stand, it leads to crucifixion, death and resurrection:


    Pope Nero-Caligula, emperor of piety,
    bestows grace upon majesty,
    so that Corona crowns
    upon thrones,
    may kiss papal toe in servility.

  6. FiatLux on August 14, 2020 at 8:20 pm

    Attempts at local currencies will likely keep popping up, though I have no idea if they can succeed. What really struck me was the article’s attempt to tie local currencies to: (a) digital cash; and (b) “equity” and “sustainability.” Seems like the media is bending over backwards to twist any subject into an excuse to push those things. I’m with WalkingDead on digital currencies: bad idea, local or not. “Equity” and “sustainability,” I suspect, translate to “further erasing the middle class” and “taking people off the land so they can be herded into smart cities”–all under cover of social/global/climate justice.

    The last paragraph is really bizarre (to me, anyway): “‘I’m not even sure that growth is necessarily what we want,’ she says. [Really??] ‘This is a different experiment. It’s not about helping local businesses who are having liquidity problems to do business. [It’s not??] This is much more about trying to change the nature of the culture and to create more resilient, self-sustaining communities.'” [Huh??]

  7. marcos toledo on August 14, 2020 at 7:48 pm

    Well, I would not put past our elites to bring back indentured servitude for the 99% of us look Libya it’s outright full-blown slavery over there. I watch a segment I on RT that during the great depression there a community that used wooden blocks to barter for goods.

  8. OrigensChild on August 14, 2020 at 5:33 pm

    When Infernal Business Machines (IBM) begins looking for people to help decommission mainframes and transform the banking system into the cloud, you can count on this plandemic being a top hat for a huge economic project. I found an interesting job description to demonstrate this. These currencies will now become that systems Achilles heel. If these are coupled to medical mandates of the insane variety and people are cut out of the economy for refusal to shoot up and shut up these currencies will become the model for developing into independent communities of the Amish variety for quite a while. I’m not convinced these communities will go away–but will spread. There is a point where murder and extortion fail. I have my eyes squarely on RFK, Jr. If something happens to that man with respect to the vaccination and mask issue, you know they are rigging the deck. The PTB should pray he lives. If he dies now a lot of people in our community will be believe it’s a natural death or suicide. His death is definitely something Trump would notice and have opinions to state using the greatest bully pulpit in the world.

  9. Robert Barricklow on August 14, 2020 at 12:17 pm

    Local currencies that pump up the local economies.
    Cartel currencies that extract from local economies.
    The old story of who has a monopoly on money?
    The King, or the people[local merchants]?

    The two key changes that destroys local economies?
    Chartered monopolies[read corporations]
    Central currency as opposed to market currency.
    People who wanted to transact had to borrow from the central treasury. Like a Gates of Hell operating system and corporations are the software.
    So there is the beginnings of an anti-human capitalism that will eventually have corporations winning court cases that give them the rights of human beings[personhood]; while human beings strive to brand themselves in the style of corporations.
    Bottom line:
    People are the best asset to be exploited.
    People are the worst cost to be endured.
    So, this model is digitally accelerating civilization under the false premise things are getting better/for the wealthiest who count the votes; so it must be getting better for those who cast the votes.

  10. WalkingDead on August 14, 2020 at 10:18 am

    It would be wise to avoid any digital form of localized currencies for obvious reasons. Digital security is a myth, especially on Baal Gates Swiss cheese Windoze. The hacking of blockchains proves this beyond doubt.

    • Roger on August 14, 2020 at 1:07 pm

      Local crooks can be just as bad if not worse than transnational crooks. Local currencies could easily be abused by the political local elite who would be in charge of issuing them to also stealthily steal steal everyone’s real physical assets. There seems to already be a clandestine effort to steal ownership of land and housing from an independant many and put it all in the hands of the wealthy few in every county of the US. It seems there is a movement underway to make everyone renters instead of owners. Even your possessions may no longer be yours someday and must be rented from your property lords. If I don’t pay my county tax on the tools of my trade each year then the county may come and seize them. So does anyone who ever incorporates actually own their own business and business related possessions anymore or do they only rent these assets that actually becomes property of those who own and manage your business liscences?

      • Roger on August 14, 2020 at 1:15 pm

        Local currencies may be the beginnings of a war between local elites verses transnational elites who are attempting to impoverish local community based wealthy elite families. Neither will be good for the 99.9%

      • Roger on August 14, 2020 at 1:27 pm

        I hear increasing mention on different intellectual forums of bringing back voluntary slavery for those who become penniless and homeless. Where they can volluntarily sign contracts giving temporary or permanent ownership of themselves and their labor in exchange for housing, personal neccessities, food, and health care that they can no longer provide for themselves. This may be where the elite want to take the survivors of the End Game.

        • Laura on August 14, 2020 at 2:47 pm

          children’s books dealing with slavery in the context of orphanages stick with me a long time. especially The Supernaturalist by Irish author Eoin Colfer.

          using social orphans for commercial and energetic exploitation becomes acceptable, but there is always a place for human ingenuity.

        • FiatLux on August 14, 2020 at 8:34 pm

          I’m not sure direct slavery is an interesting business model for the elite. If it were, I don’t think it would have gone away in the U.S. Unless there’s a way technology can now make it efficient and profitable?

          I’ve been envisioning their new model as: Put the newly penniless on digital UBI payments directly from the central bank. That money then being siphoned off to the likes of Amazon and whatever other monopolies survive. Meanwhile you thin the population of the 99.9%, and make sure to totally eliminate the middle class, by lowering life expectancy and spreading profitable chronic diseases.

          • Roger on August 15, 2020 at 11:29 am

            The elite already brought slavery back, but it’s not out in the open. It’s ALL about eliminating useless eaters that are of no use to them in the future and enslaving those who they find desireable. Total enslavement of the most barbaric kind as practiced by the Barbary Pirates.

        • goshawks on August 15, 2020 at 3:33 am

          Miles Mathis has some thoughts on slavery:
          “Creating a maximally productive slave is a tricky thing. To start with, We the People have to believe we are not slaves. We have to believe that ‘All Men are created Equal’, which is why Jefferson put that in his document – though he obviously didn’t believe it. We have to believe that we will share in the fruits of society, both financially and spiritually. Hence, the ‘Life, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness’ clause. Productive slaves have to be convinced they are happy, which is why the media used to spend so much time driving that home. This was the main line of propaganda until recently. Think of the 1950s, when the manufactured satisfaction of the middle class was job one. Almost all entertainment was geared toward a chirpy idyll of the Mayberry sort, or later of the Waltons or Little House on the Prairie sort.”

      • Billy Bob on August 14, 2020 at 4:46 pm

        Titles of ownership only confer who is responsible for taxes, insurance etc. for that asset. Once a person leaves the earth theatre the responsibility passes on to those mentioned in the will.

  11. Joseph Aiello on August 14, 2020 at 9:03 am

    Imagine a digital wallet containing a variety of tokenized currencies and assets. Assets can be metals, real estate or even artwork. Then you go to a point of sale terminal and through your wallet you pay and choose which asset will be exchanged to cover the transaction.
    I see these local currencies fitting in easily.

  12. Joseph Aiello on August 14, 2020 at 8:55 am

    Tokenized gold can be used worldwide.

    • Roger on August 14, 2020 at 11:33 am

      Nope, have to keep it real gold and silver coinage otherwise governments and banks will make a thousand one dollar gold tokens for every actual dollars worth of gold they possess. They use this fake gold to slowly and stealthily steal most physical assets of communities. Tokens are another form of fiat; and fiat is economic warfare.

      • SteveM on August 14, 2020 at 12:36 pm

        The “gold backing” of a country’s currency has nothing to do with the gold bars that the National Bank keeps in its vaults. It is just a cleverly devised diversion.

        The real gold cover refers to the gold in the bone marrow of the population (colloidal gold), which naturally serves as a reserve of life force and sperm bank for men. This gold, however, is grown out of the bones by cultural “mining methods”, together with the silver, copper and iron also contained in the bone marrow, which is the basis of the former coinage systems.

        The value of the Hebrew word for “covering gold” is also matched by the Hebrew word “dybbuk”: “the soul of a dead man in the body of a living man”. This refers to the gold from the bone marrow when it is not used for its naturally intended purpose, but is misused for cultural exploitation.

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