August 21, 2020 By Joseph P. Farrell

I've blogged occasionally about a strange phenomenon: the Sudden Animal Death (SAD) or perhaps Sudden Animal Inexplicable Death (SAID). I became intrigued by these types of stories over a decade ago, when a strange story from Tennessee reported the death of a flock of birds which apparently suddenly all died in mid-air flight, falling to the earth, stone cold dead. I even recall mentioning the incident on one of the late George Ann Hugh's Byte Show episodes, and at the time I speculated that the explanation by have been the use (or test) of a type of electromagnetic technology deliberated designed to interfere with organic electrical processes, which would, indeed, shut down an organism "all at once" - brain function, nerves, heart - every one would suddenly and instantly stop functioning.

The Tennessee story of the SAD bird death was followed by similar stories in Arkansas, and then Idaho. The latter involved a flock of geese which, like the birds in Tennessee, fell dead from the sky while the flock was in flight. That time we were told it was "sudden onset bird flu" due to the presence of certain factors in the pathology. Again, I speculated that it was entirely electromagnetic in nature. With the onset of the Fauci-Lieber-Wuhan virus scamplandemic, I have entertained the speculation that perhaps we were looking at some bio-electromagnetic combinational technology, i.e., a virus that, under certain electromagnetic conditions, could be electromagnetically activated. Granted, it's a strange and certainly "out there" speculation, but it is one suggested by the presence of Dr. Charles Lieber in the center of the story, who was arrested shortly after the covid "outbreak", and who was certainly connected to the laboratory in Wuhan, and who was certainly involved in areas of research connected to my high octane speculation.

Well, Sudden Animal Death may be in the news again, according to this story found by B.H., only this time, it involved elephants - hundreds of them - that appear to have suddenly keeled over, dead, where they stood:

Over 350 Elephants Mysteriously Drop Dead

While it's too early to say if this sad event may qualify as a SAD event in the sense I've been speculated over previous years, there are a few indicators in this story that it may be:

Botswana has one of the Africa’s largest elephant populations, with estimates at about 130,000 in total, according to wildlife experts. Now, however, that number has been reduced because of a mysterious series of deaths — hundreds of elephants, more than 350, have died in the Okavango Delta.

There is no known cause of the deaths yet — not drought, not poaching, experts say, as the tusks of the dead animals were untouched. They simply died where they stood, falling forward and perishing right on the spot in the delta.


Authorities have ruled out anthrax, a disease mammals can contract, but they have yet to get lab results that show whether there has been a large scale poisoning or disease.

Experts, authorities and conservationists alike are apparently mystified, as the elephants seem to simply keel over and die, with no apparent sign of injury or harm. (Emphasis added)

The article continues by noting a backhanded  connection to the covid plansamdemic, and hints that maybe the SAD of elephants might trigger a similar "epidemic:

In a press release issued by the African Wildlife Foundation, which works closely with a variety of countries to stop poaching and preserve species at risk, officials said that samples from the elephants have been shipped to labs in Canada, Zimbabwe and South Africa to try to determine whether an unknown pathogen is at work.

To that end, any of the animals who collapsed near human populations in villages and other communities are now being destroyed, to safeguard against the transfer of germs and bacteria.

Naturally, now that scientists know the coronavirus came from an animal — probably a bat — experts are taking extra precautions to ensure such a thing does not happen again.

Again, while it's too early to say what the cause of these pachyderm deaths is, I cannot help but note that aspects of the story resemble what we've seen before with the SAD deaths of flocks of birds in flight:

(1) The deaths occur within a limited region; and

(2) The deaths appear to be sudden, with birds, and now elephants, apparently dropping suddenly dead while in the course of their normal natural activity.

While the impression created by the article in this case is that the elephants died more or less simultaneously, as in the SAD bird deaths, this point is not entirely clear.

That said, at this stage, I'm willing to entertain the possibility that my speculations about the SAD bird deaths might be applicable here, and that we might be looking at something technological, or bio-technological, such as an electromagnetically activated pathogen. Perhaps we might be seeing blowback of some sort to the use of technologies and their effect on the environment. I don't know. But I'm willing to wager that this event is not simply "some unknown disease", or that it has a merely natural explanation. Hundreds of elephants don't simply keel over dead in their tracks, in the same area, in a short period of time. I'm willing to wager, even before any lab results are in, that there's something very suspicious here.

See you on the flip side...