10 thoughts on “TIDBIT: BANK RUNS IN CHINA, TOO”

  1. “. . . listed as a dishonest entity . . .” Very diplomatic characterization. More than those state-run entities deserve. Others are closed due to the weather phenomena.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    Meanwhile the Covid1984 perps are enjoying a world in economic & social collapse; waiting in the wings, to pick up assets on the cheap. Destroying everything worth a damn, and replacing it w/s snitch society of dehumanized robocops.
    Where has all the common sense gone?
    Even the so-called leaders look to have been taken over by a mind-controlled zombie fungus[deep time AI].

    The zombie fugus[deep time AI] doesn’t have a muscular, animal body w/a centralized nervous system; or an ability to walk, bite, or fly. So it commandeers one. It is a strategy that worked so well, that its lost the ability to survive w/o it. For part of its life cycle the zombie fungus[deep time AI] must wear an ants[human] body.
    Infected ants[humans] stop behaving like ants[humans] and become a medium for the zombie fungi[deep time AI] in ant’s[human] clothing.
    Impelled by the zombie fungi[deep time AI], the ant[human] veers off the tracks of its own evolutionary story – tracks that guide its behaviors and relationships to the world as other ants/intelligent life in the galaxy – and onto the tracks of the evolutionary story of the zombie fungus[deep time AI].
    The ant becomes the zombie fugus.
    The human becomes deep time AI.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Are we watching a deep time AI extended phenotype;
      begin to grow its roots beyond a point of no return?

        1. Robert Barricklow

          After I wrote the above I picked up
          The Genius Plague by David Walton
          The parallels of AI w/fungus are”
          “Life did not take over the globe by combat, but by networking.”
          Lyn Margulis, symbiotic evolutionist

          Check it out sometime.
          The author even makes the AI/fungus connection towards the end of his novel.

  3. Ehrrrrr, this is from the Epoch Times?
    An anti-Chinese government propaganda rag?
    From the equally suspect cult called Falun Gong?

    Some kind of symmetry going on here as just yesterday we got a small flyer in our physical mailbox here in NZ. This flyer trying to convince us how tyrannical and monstrous the Chinese CCP is. All with the usual propaganda:
    * How COVID was allowed to spread by the CCP,
    * How China is going to conquer the world (gosh, where have we heard that before)
    * Killing up to 80 million of their own people (again, where have we heard THAT before)
    * Targeting minority groups for persecution
    * Murdering prisoners for organ harvesting
    * Destroying economies by stealing intellectual property and dumping “consumer” goods below cost.

    Two URLs were supplied on the flyer:
    Tracing back those links leads to Epoch Times and the Falun Gong.

    My oh my, based on the above, where could this propaganda – and I include this so-called “bank-run” – possibly originate?

    1. What sucks is how plausible most of it is (except of course the cv1984 lies). What makes it ALL seem all the more plausible and likely is the Chinafication of all the other nations. Australia is case in point. Seen the police state in Melbourne this last week?

  4. Have you seen the new National Park quarter series – one of the designs have two fruit bats, an adult and baby. What an odd coincidence with covid.

  5. So they will arrest a few “bad apples” and say that the management was solid. But if this happens at a thousand banks, no amount of arrests or bad “social credit” scores for those naughty people who withdraw their cash will do much good.

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