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This week was another tough week to figure out what to blog about because people sent in so many good stories and articles. All of the following are worth your perusal. Thanks to M.W., J.N., H.A.I., L.G.L.R., S.S., and A.S. for these articles:

China‘s Growing Agriculture Crisis

As More Children Learn From Home, The State Is Cracking Down On 'Virtual Truancy'

'China orders hospitals to abort, kill newborn babies of religious and ethnic minorities

School District Under Fire for Asking Parents To Vow Not To Sit In on Children’s Online Learning

India, Japan, Australia keen to boost supply chain security by reducing reliance on China



  1. Harry at voxnews.com has a plausible (albeit easily labeled anti-semite as it’s clearly anti rottenchild) outline of who owns and operates antifa et al. It’s a less detailed overview of where antifa/blm/cv1984 is coming from and going to. Be warned, Harry gets upset and swears.
    https://www.bitc hute.com/video/kBqg0pClpD8/?list=notifications&randomize=false

  2. Tony Heller gets analytical as ever clarifying what news is lying to us about this that and whatever protest.
    https://www.bitc hute.com/video/gMmkc54-3y4/?list=notifications

    And as ever ReallyGraceful does a good job outlining what Gates and Rockefellers are saying as they loot the planet.
    https://www.bitc hute.com/video/Xsus7i6CikE/?list=notifications&randomize=false

  3. Fulford on the scamdemic (I’m catching up on old posts of his):
    “My sister, who is a specialist in epidemics and head of medicine at a major university hospital in Canada, has been on the frontlines of this so-called epidemic since the beginning. Her conclusion is that there has been a vast over-reaction to something that fails to meet the definition of a real pandemic. According to her, the overall death rate from respiratory diseases (pneumonia, tuberculosis, influenza, ‘Covid-19’, etc.) is lower than in average years. However, the suspension of such things as cancer screening and treatment of other illnesses means it is ‘too early to tell if the overall death rate is dropping’. Either way, it is clear what we are dealing with is not a medical issue but a political one.

    What is interesting is that, until I actually went to Canada and talked with her, it turns out all my emails asking her about this in the past had been blocked by a third party. In other words, government agencies are censoring private emails to suppress medical truth.”

    1. Robert Barricklow

      I’ve long suspected “they’ve” been weaponizing the emails; delivering ones they want, and squashing ones they don’t want to see the light of day.
      Full Spectrum Dominance in all respects;
      even down to innocent emails.
      They want Total CONTROL.
      And mind control is being pushed; like the Pusherman, into the veins via vaccinations?

      1. bcc every email and reread them all.
        another useful tactic is to send links only.

        I sure would feel better reading what looks like more accurate information from a more accurate looking source than Fulford.

  4. BTW, anyone noticing that more food plants and farms are being cv1984 tested out of production?

  5. Saw this today on zero hedge. Sandia is under attack and so far not looking good.

    https://www.zero hedge.com/political/sandia-labs-goes-nuclear-employee-who-sparked-internal-revolt-over-critical-race-theory?utm_campaign=&utm_content=ZeroHedge%3A+The+Durden+Dispatch&utm_medium=email&utm_source=zh_newsletter

    https://www.you tube.com/watch?v=zyNW9nlFDBk&feature=emb_title
    Pushing Back on the Narrative of Modern Systemic Racism & White Privilege by Casey Petersen

  6. anakephalaiosis


    Into town rode marshall gunslinger,
    with his trigger-happy finger,
    and with pointed gun
    at shining sun,
    he arrested the star singer.

  7. Robert Barricklow

    China’s growing agriculture crisis.
    Of course this is warfare. Yet, I can’t help but think there are [a] key Chinese faction[s] involved in assisting these operations.
    The NWO is doing these regime change ops around the world, including the USA[if the NWO has its way: the USSA].
    Definitely many players, from many platforms; all vying for CONTROL. The only one being left out are the 99%ers[if you can’t see yourself being played; it’s already too late?]
    The baited w/covid1984 was swallowed worldwide; hook, line, and sinker. Now, those leaders who were played; can’t fess-up that the virus is nothing but a magick illusion.
    Too many players, with too many ways to technologically destroy, with too many control files; and most importantly w/too many, if not all, who lack the …

    1. Robert Barricklow

      … balls to call if off!
      All those sent to wars to fight for liberty;
      or, give me death?
      Was for naught?
      Because not one, of a sh*t load of leaders,
      has the courage of one simple soldier?
      What leadership wants to leave this world destroyed because of their time on Earth?
      As if the Earth, and her living beings,
      were nothing but virtual air?
      Illusions begetting illusions?

      Is there not but one leader in the bunch?
      that can see through all the hocus-pocus?
      Isn’t there one leader, who is a leader?

      Or, is that hierarchy of organization;
      a weapon, in and of itself?

      Does this now requires an individual revolution,
      of each of us, resisting in all shades of color; all forms and shapes, of an all-out resistance.
      In mind and/or body; unstoppable at every turn, every stop sign, w/in every flow of traffic.

      Why, this virus is exponentially catchable …

      [rant on simmer]

        1. Yep. Saw an article off zh earlier claiming that it was just 10k conspiracists in Berlin again. I think RFK2 was there. That guy is going to be Pres USA if he’s not careful.

      1. Robert, you saw MicroMacron in Beirut, right? Is he the kinda leader you’re talking about? Or the governor of Idaho bringing the emergency terminated legislature back for an emergency session to grant him and his minions complete legal immunity during this emergency? That is, he’s shutting down the legislature and the courts during this emergency granting him complete unbridled power as long as the emergency lasts. How long will the emergency last in Idaho? Cali? Maine? NY?

        And now we hear mayors in SD are masking their people? Is anyone else starting to see why these tyrants are forced to increase tyranny indefinitely? That is to infinity?

        1. Robert Barricklow

          Humans have flaws, thank God.
          It is rare to find leaders in these covid1984 times; like the governor of South Dakota; or, the Tanzania president – that defies the lockstep dance of tyranny. Though both have their flaws; they’re not masked ones.

  8. That one about schools is truly shocking. What on earth is going on in schools these days?! Another quote, alluded to but not included in the article, from the Pennsylvania teacher: “And while ‘conservative’ parents are my chief concern – I know that the damage can come from the left too. If we are engaged in the messy work of destabilizing a kids [sic] racism or homophobia or transphobia – how much do we want their classmates’ parents piling on?”

    The messy work of destabilizing . . . ? Huh? It’s totally incredible that these endless “phobias,” especially the sexual ones, should be brought up in a schoolroom at all. I say this as someone who could whine about fitting one of those categories if I wanted to. But the cult of victimhood embraced by these social justice loons doesn’t represent, and isn’t going to help, people like me, and it’s sure not gonna help the kids sitting in those classrooms. What is this doing to the psychology of young children? As if peer pressure and puberty weren’t bad enough, now kids are forced to talk publicly about sexuality, and without parental consent? Holy cr*p!

    That teacher’s babble is peppered with “critical theory” mumbo jumbo (you know–critical race theory, critical gender theory, critical everything else theory). I just recently learned that this critical theory insanity is what the “woke” movement and BLM both stem from. And IMHO the philosophy behind critical theory is maybe the greatest danger to Western civilization that exists right now. I finally realized that wokeness is the philosophical justification for the PTB’s war on Western culture. See the work of James Lindsay (Ph.D., mathematician, and wokeness explainer and critic). Just search his name on YouTube or see:

    1. Robert Barricklow

      S Klein
      Interesting links.
      Especially keen on Sept 13th one; as it tells of another balloon being floated in certain circles.
      W/in that article are telltale signs[cannot be fact checked] of mis- and dis- information[IMO]. But the truths[assuming so, as they can be checked] w/in are juicy, as Goshawks reiterates a few in his post below.

  9. Interesting ‘historical’ data courtesy of Benjamin Fulford (unverified):
    “…Moderna is in the 3rd and final stage of their vaccine development.

    Here’s something many of you don’t know; guess who the first CEO of Moderna was? A Cornell graduate by the name of Anthony Fauci, who was a roommate with none other than Bill Gates. … It was at Cornell that Bill Gates designed the RFID (Radio-frequency identification) and patented it under US2006257852.

    Now let’s really go down the rabbit hole. Moderna was a pharmaceutical company that started in Germany under the name IG Farben. IG Farben is infamous for its mass production of Zyklon-B… After Germany fell, IG Farben was dissolved and its assets sold off by a Nazi turned American by the name of, you guessed it, George Soros. Soros rebranded the company as Moderna.

    And who was the primary stockholder of Moderna until his death? Jeffrey Epstein. His role in Moderna is where he made his fortune and established his connections.”

    1. Interesting. Ties a lot of loose ends into a nice, almost conveniently believable bundle. Fact may be stranger than fiction with this one. Time will tell.
      Good find…

    2. Interesting indeed. Quite a few strange and unexpected bed fellows you mention. Can’t help but wonder if there’s an Asian and French connection yet to surface with these biotech, bio-lab, bio-Silicon Valley coincidences. This collection certainly suggests something of chain branching trials and experimentations right down to the microbial and amino acid levels. Begs the question just how many twisted pairs are there anyway.

      1. To be sure, this makes me wonder how many of those allegations are true in much more indirect manners than what Fulford alleges. Remember Fulford being granted an hour interview with Rockefeller in a hotel in Japan during Fukushima? Who does Rockefeller grant interviews too? And what did Fulford do in that interview? Blockbuster, right?

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