September 28, 2020 By Joseph P. Farrell

You may or may not remember the stories that broke in the American media in the mid-1970s about the Soviets irradiating the American embassy in Moscow with low power microwave radiation. But whether you remember it or not, the topic is pertinent because the US government quietly studied the phenomenon up to the time the irradiation stopped in 1979. The conclusions of these studies were mostly inconclusive, but they did uncover some "nuggets." It's pertinent also because of the current environmental and health concerns over the roll-out of 5G and the coming "internet of things", and how better to insure that said roll-out is successful, than to create a planscamdemic, and force people to "lock down" and "socially distance", and thus become reliant upon home delivery services for groceries and so on? (And, while we're on the topic, yes, whatever the magic virus is, it does kill, and no, the response of various governments to it is not proportional to the threat it actually poses, nor is the response of the powers that be based on "science", because their platforms are openly censoring any observation, data, or science that contradicts the WHO-CDC-Fauci-Baal Gates narrative. To put it country simple, the response of governments has not been rational, but hysterical.)

But I digress...

Why am I raising the subject of that Soviet irradiation of the American embassy, and talking about 5G?

It's because of this article kindly passed along by P.A.I., about the Soviet story, and because while the article is a valuable addition to your file on microwave environmental and health effects, there's one thing in particular that caught my eye, and sent my high octane speculation back down some branches of the speculation tree that I've toyed with in previous blogs. Here's the article:

THe Moscow signal epidemiological study, 40 years on

What sent me down previously explored branches of the speculation tree was this:

As indicated by the Associated Press (21), referring to this report, Soviet scientists were absolutely convinced of the biological effects of microwaves at low intensities, that radiation could be used as a weapon to disorient and affect the behavior of military and diplomatic personnel, and that it could also be used in interrogations. The report also indicated that radiation could cause heart attacks and affect the blood-brain barrier. As a result, a person could develop severe neuropathological symptoms and even die from the resulting neurological disorders. In addition, Adams and Williams pointed out that reports had emerged from communist countries claiming that women who worked in industrial environments may have suffered miscarriages due to exposure to microwaves.

The Soviet Union extensively investigated the effects of microwaves on people, and found that those exposed frequently developed headaches, loss of appetite, tiredness, difficulty in concentration, poor memory, emotional instability and labile cardiovascular function. These effects were found at lower intensities than those that caused problems due to tissue heating (22). (All emphases added)

And then there's this little punch to the solar plexus:

It was certainly suspicious that the Soviets had a maximum exposure level 1000 times lower than that of the Americans. What did the USSR know about the effects of microwaves that the US did not know?

Yes, that's right folks: the Soviet regulations for maximum ambient microwave radiation set a threshold three orders of magnitude lower than the corresponding American limits in the same time frame. And the article hints at the reason for this, both with its question "What did the USSR know about the effects of microwaves that the US did not know?" but also with its observation that "Soviet scientists were absolutely convinced of the biological effects of microwaves at low intensities."

What this article misses is the massive amount of research gathered and published by retired US Army Lt. Col. Tom Bearden in a fascinating book titled Gravitobiology, a book detailed Cold War era Russian research into what might equally be called not "gravitobiology" but "electromagnetic-template biology." Without going into all the how's, why's, and wherefore's covered in Bearden's fascinating book, basically the Soviet research can be summed up as follows: Soviet scientists discovered that (1) all diseases or diseased cells in a tissue carry a unique electromagnetic signature or "template", as does all healthy tissue; (2) these templates could be reproduced or approximated by multiple wave-mixing or interferometry of waves in the radio-microwave end of the electromagnetic spectrum at low intensity; and (3) tissue exposed to an environment where a selected template is being broadcast will eventually be more likely to develop the disease of that template (or conversely, if already with a specific disease, revert to health if exposed to the electromagnetic "signature" of healthy cells).  In effect, the Soviets had created a "bio-electric library" of these templates, much like in this country, scientists worked for various government agencies created "electro-encephalographic disctionaries" of brainwaves patterns associated with specific words as well as emotions, and a capacity both to read such brainwaves remotely, but also to project such patterns sequentially via microwaves, directly into a brain. Or, for that matter, much like the claims of Dr. royal Raymon Rife in American, or Alain Priore in France. Note, once again, that microwaves are the culprits, and again, at low intensity.

Note, too, that in the Soviet research these templates are formed by wave mixing, by interferometry, and that in turn requires more than one broadcast source or antenna. And this, of course, is exactly what we have with cell towers and 5G towers, which, at the flip of a button, could be turned into a local, regional, or much larger interferometer.

... now just add some nanoparticles to your vaccine, specially designed to penetrate the blood-brain barrier, and to make transmission more efficient by, oh, say, some particulate heavy metal (like colloidal silver perhaps), and you get the idea...

... but there's more...

See you on the flip side...