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And apropos of today's main blog (though I leave it to you to figure out why), S.S. submitted this short video of a resonance property and self-organizing systems):


  1. speaking of resonance properties: we need to stop instrumental tuning at A440 and go back to A432; A440 is an extremely disruptive frequency that leaves us open to more disruptiveness;

    A432 is the frequency of universal love, peace and harmony-

    Larry in Germany

    1. I agree. How did A432 get so blackwashed as to make it the opposite of an issue even to folk as far down many rabbit holes and as skilled and as trained and as schooled as Doc?

      Even with zero background on it, just the nature of the idea itself speaks all we need to hear to grock it. Just the description is enough.

  2. Is it just me? I can’t help thinking that the moving base had a lot to do with the synchronization – wrong? – feel free to educate me. Will it be the same on a stable platform.

    1. I bet it’s more about them sitting on the same base and the base transmitting some kind of waves between them. I envision the base as the “ether” or the “medium” that connects them. With any luck, someone more physics-literate than I am will chime in. 🙂

    2. They individually shock the medium, and the medium echoes back.

      Sound is vibrant, and a musical drone – as medium – has same effect in social groups.

      The hidden factor is the constant gravity pull, upon a vibrant surface.

      Natural music gravitates, towards equilibrium of synchronicity and cyclical spin. Bach’s art of fugue.

      1. Cardiac cells do the same thing – you can place several that are beating asynchronously near each other and they will begin to beat in synchrony. Additionally, the same thing happens with mother and child during breastfeeding or general “cuddling” – the mother’s heartbeat helps regulate the child’s….(which is why co-sleeping is the natural way – not depositing a baby in a crib in a separate room, much evidence supports natural practice)

        We’re all beings with a variety of aspects of self (physicial and not) that naturally seeks connection – aka synchrony – with each other and our environment….

    3. the current ‘event’ disrupts many of our existing fields of resonance = disrupts our ‘base’

      can resonance only amplify existing frequencies?

      without a hook, is the eye useless?

  3. Robert Barricklow

    Tendency to organize and march to the same drummer?
    Inherent group behavior.

    I see the resonance angle; but is there more at play?

  4. Vibration, energy and frequency – always seeking balance. It’s beautiful to watch.
    At the beginning of the video the metronome’s remind me of humans, we are in chaos. Our intent is human evolution where we grow into harmonic spiritual beings, ‘their’ intent is devolution.

    1. All I could see as they began to resonate together is a troop of Nazi’s in lock step. Harmonic spiritual beings? Not to me.

  5. A unified, cohered, synchronised harmonic. Can’t allow the human collective to do that, again! We must employ Asymmetric warfare On the population to confuse, obfuscate and divide – isolate them and do not let them socialise especially whilst we test our 5G systems. Or they may imagine to overthrow us.

    1. Same thoughts here. I wonder how far apart the metronomes could be placed before the synchronization would fail. Would the experiment still work if they were “socially distanced”? Would the answer depend on the properties of the common surface they’re sitting on?

  6. What happens, when 32 induced principles – from a quantified sundial – enter into resonance?

    How can one induce resonance in a 32-point compass, from the book of stone, in Notre Dame window display?

    How can the resonance of 32 Ryne-Stafas bring downfall, to Pope Nero-Caligula and his Jesuit octopus?

    That is the purpose of investigation, when constructing Doctor Who’s time machine:


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