1. Robert Barricklow

    One thing the worldwide medical cartel can’t allow:
    You simply can’t have a lot of healthy UNVACCINATE people walking around, telling others they never received their shots, when many people who have received the vaccine get sick and die. This is very bad for business.
    They need to vaccinate everyone or one purpose only; to destroy the evidence that vaccines are killing and maiming people.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      The above is a quote from the 6th edition[2006] of: Goodbye Germ Theory; as are the following quote[s]:
      Since 99-11, the pharmaceutical and medical cartel are actively, and fervently pushing with an unyielding passion to become the next branch of [world/my word]government. They want to enforce treatment of anyone they wish, and for whatever reason at their whim, especially your children.
      When federal and state public health officials convince your governor to declare a public health emergency they will have the authority to use the state militia to … [make hell on Earth/my words]

    1. Amen! Dr. Faustus is a piece of work. Another good interview of Mikovits is available at:
      (Same caveats as explained in this comment, about having to register with an email address to view the video: https://gizadeathstar.com/2020/09/three-cheers-again-to-robert-f-kennedy-jr/#comment-102260).

      Freedomplatform.tv has other good long-form interviews on similar topics, including a recent one on Moderna.

  2. I’ve got $1000 on the nose for Moderna vaccine to get the global go ahead.Pros: Huge debunking campaign regarding connections into Moderna that include Faucet,Serios and Eipstein.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    The signature of those who launched and designed the current worldwide covid1984 coup d’état. Ambition:
    “Why I can smile, and murder while I smile
    And cry “Content” to that which grieves my heart
    and wet my cheeks with artificial tears
    And frame my face to all occasions.”
    King Henry VI, Part III
    “I can add colors to the chameleon
    Change shapes with Proteus for advantages
    And send the murderous Machiavel to school”
    King Henry VI, Part III

  4. Has anyone considered lately how good and desirable products and services need little to no marketing – let alone MANDATES?

    If these medical procedures were any good, they would be hard to keep away from buyers.

    Which brings to mind Nuremberg Code. Informed consent on medical procedures even if Oliver Wendell Holmes thought it was fine to forcibly sterilize thousands of Americans long before Nazi’s did it.

  5. Not sure what you’re saying here. Question: are you sure you want an email address for a user name? There might be more people looking at this blog than those of us who post here.

  6. It would be interesting to know what signs and symptoms the afflicted person has. Somehow, being part of a vaccine control group will not bode well as a chief complaint by that now ill patient. Sure hope the initial interviews and histories were sufficiently complete as could be expected. Unfortunately, no patient history is ever really complete even by the most meticulous of clinicians.

      1. Appearing mute has its advantages as one is less likely to portray the fool through discourse. Seeming ignorant shortens a testy interlude, too. Objective signs curtail subjective storytelling and leading questions.

  7. probably more like the cowardly lion –
    I’m afraid there’s no denyin’
    I’m just a dandy-lion
    A fate I don’t deserve
    I’m sure I could show my prowess
    Be a lion, not a mouse
    If I only had the nerve

  8. Robert Barricklow

    Once anyone takes the shot; they’re immediately digitally graded SS: sanitized safe. Meaning; if not outright DOA, they’re terminally ill by injection.

    The devil is not in the detail;
    the devil put you in line to be shot.

    1. Might be wise to consider the test as suspect as well. These are not neutral items being jammed into human sinuses so close to the brain and direct connected through the olfactory nerve. Remember the early batches of tests rejected by CDC or FDA for being contaminated with duh duhn duhnnnn – CV1984.

    2. Reminds me when in the 60s I took my first ‘tab’ of LSD. After I dropped (took it)–I thought ‘there’s no going back is there…” I was right. Fortunately never had a bad trip, but the few I had changed my life. Now at 74 I have never taken a flu/vaccine, and never will. Will not take Covid test nor vaccine. How can you know who made it and what’s in it???

      1. G, Forest Maready and a couple others have some nice theories on how the toxins in vaccines and other sources gather in the brain. It has to do with stressors one feels at the time the body is detoxing whatever stressors one is unwise or underinformed enough to allow to enter. Think Paul Atriedes dealing with Spice poison in Dune. The key is to not be angered nor fearful. Fear truly is the mind killer. Seems that our most central brain parts call for help when distressed and receive it from phagocytes. Unfortunately most of the phagocytes in a toxin filled body are already in the process of ingesting and holding the toxins. When the mind is upset and stressed the brain calls for help and receives it from toxin laden phagocytes who unfortunately unburden their toxin load into that central part of the brain. It’s a beautiful theory even when poorly stated by me. It explains what has baffled folk like Christopher Exley as to why our brains collect so much mercury and aluminum in autism and alzheimers.

  9. There are those among us who would construe forcing a thoroughly untested vaccine on them unwillingly as an attempt to do bodily harm and, in “fear of their lives”, respond accordingly with appropriate force. Rightfully so, I might add. This could get very ugly, very fast. When the people sent out to do this begin receiving hot lead injections for their trouble, they might not be so enthused about carrying out their assignments.

  10. To repeat the language of the wikipedia article I published a link to with regard to President Ford’s presidency, the article says:

    “Ford was confronted with a potential swine flu pandemic. In the early 1970s, an influenza strain H1N1 shifted from a form of flu that affected primarily pigs and crossed over to humans. On February 5, 1976, an army recruit at Fort Dix mysteriously died and four fellow soldiers were hospitalized; health officials announced that “swine flu” was the cause. Soon after, public health officials in the Ford administration urged that every person in the United States be vaccinated.[93] Although the vaccination program was plagued by delays and public relations problems, some 25% of the population was vaccinated by the time the program was canceled in December 1976. The vaccine was blamed for twenty-five deaths; more people died from the shots than from the swine flu.[94]”

    With respect to the flu we’ve seen this playbook before–34 years ago. How often will do you expect to hear this discussion about the H1N1 crisis in 1976 repeated during this “plandemic” season?

    In the past couple of days I hinted at memory control as a huge problem within US culture. Our continual efforts to rewrite history for the political and social good has created an environment where people like this community must champion accurate and impassioned historical analysis using the best data we can find. If we neglect this challenge, we’re doomed. I’m a guy who really does believe in a half-glass full. This is why I post here–to keep the analysis alive and moving forward, contributing what I can when I can and listening to some of the most alert people on the planet.

    1. A few years ago, I used to think I was setting some records straight by posting here and on other sites – or by arguing with trolls on YT. Now it feels more like, I’m clarifying and refining my own thoughts on various subjects. I’m practicing for conversations that I know are coming one way or another. Practicing so that I’m less damaging in my corrections and hopefully more accurate. Thank you all for all that practice and smoothing of rough edges. Appreciate the patience and the corrections.

    2. We have re-written history by NOT teaching it. We have generations of people who know absolutely nothing except confusion.

    1. at some point I will have to explain to brainwashed relatives why a mandatory vaccine is evil. I am looking for a sentence just like your statement above. though instead of the number ‘one’ it could be ‘only a few’ but I don’t want to appear aggressive, I just want them to think. in a way, sacrificing a few against their will is not much different from an Aztec sacrificial practice, ‘it is all in the common good’

      1. For data, I would recommend that you start with RFK, Jr’s work on the issue, then begin looking at the history of the H1N1 national response beginning in the Nixon/Ford era. Because I was raised in a Pentecostal household who took the Mark of the Beast rhetoric and conspiracy theory seriously, I paid careful attention to the news. Though I no longer consider the evangelical eschatological theory as theologically sound or historically accurate, I came to realize there was something buried deep here–and lived to witness it. I’ve been passionate about history and anomaly since. The story of the flu vaccines has been with us for 44 years. It’s a story that needs to be pieced together and published before more damage is done. The presents of Baal Gates in this story leaves me speechless. Add Faux Fauchi and it’s ghastly.

        1. Thank you. When this absurd reality passes away….we need to restructure our entire educational system from the ground up…if any of us survive.

      2. Just tell them they’re not to have it in tough language and that if they do you won’t be the one feeding them with a spoon.

      3. I used to try explaining these kinds of things to brainwashed friends, wracking my brains to find a non-confrontational way to do so–even just something that might make them curious enough to examine their beliefs a little bit. I finally decided it wasn’t worth it, beyond pointing out a potential danger, or stating my own belief, one time and no more. I’ve found the brainwashing, the endless media repetition over years and years (or the mind control and entrainment?), is just too strong for most people to overcome.

        As an example, I feel like if, by now, someone can’t see the blatant, in-your-face inconsistencies, exaggerations, irrational hysteria, and downright lies surrounding the Covid narrative, there’s very little chance anything I say is going to get through to them. IMHO you have to be severely brainwashed if you don’t suspect there’s some degree of scam going on in this alleged pandemic.

        1. Absolutely. Your comment is my experience exactly. We are in exile from our former lives, probably for the better after we get over the loss.

      1. Hi Daphne O – it’s suspected transverse myelitis which is severe inflammation of the spinal cord, which can result in paralysis.

        I can’t find any exact info on just what exactly the participant’s symbols are, other than a blanket ‘neurological condition’. Here is one article – note before they get to the myelitis detail they say it might not be to do with the vaccine! Devils.


          1. Dom D’Agostino and the metabolic theory crowd applied to cancer, epilepsy and a list of chronic degenerative diseases might prove useful. It’s all about ketogenesis. Terry Wahls is a great jumping off place too.

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