1. Interesting article, though the Chinese are the ones pushing rather than the ‘Quad’. The Solomons have had difficulties for a while and Australia has had a significant Federal police/military presence there.

    My money is more on Fiji/Bougainville where Chinese influence has really taken hold politically. Fiji is prone to military coups as well. Also, Fiji has a high Indian population……though India doesn’t have a force projection ability into the Pacific, so they will need Australia naval amphibious platforms if they wanted to ‘help’.

    PNG could be a flash point as well. Chinese debt trap tactics vs Australian aid are the name of the game. Those big gold mines are worth a lot of coin…..to the banksters.

    If a proxy war does break out in the Solomons, well that very much will be an Australia/New Zealand ball game.

    Let’s hope not.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    Ideally situated for a proxy war featuring the Quad versus china; but, framed w/in a U.N. narrative.

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