1. The Xi/CCP intrigue sounds just like the kind of party infighting and purging that characterized the Soviet regime. If Stalin could take down Trotsky in Mexico, Xi’s enemies may be able to take him down in China. So yeah, I think he could be in trouble.
    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Britain (and the City of London) were trying to get in on the game in Southeast Asia. Also, I suspect, similarly to Dr. Farrell, that post-Brexit Britain will be setting up bilateral trade agreements, and defense treaties to protect the trade, in places that might have seemed unlikely in the past.

  2. China’s New Silk Road fundamentally came from the exorbitant build-up of Chinese industry, coupled with the slowing of the Chinese economy. In a capitalist country, industry would be down-sized and serfs thrown-out onto the street. However, Xi has wanted to lift his serfs out of poverty. So, his ingenious idea was to make agreements with other countries to build up their infrastructure using Chinese materials and (mostly) labor. This keeps Xi’s factories busy and serfs employed. Actually, a good idea.

    However, the fly in the ointment has been politics. The PTB has seen (rightly or wrongly) these agreements as a foot-in-the-door to economic domination of these nations by China. So, they pushed-back in a variety of ways.

    Without the South China Sea aggressiveness and the Hong Kong aggressiveness, these third-party nations might have blown-off the PTB assertions toward China. But with these ‘missteps’ by China, suspicion of motives is now in the air. The New Silk Road is stumbling.

    Xi’s worst enemy is himself…

  3. In a generation or two what is the Party today might not be noticeable, if at all. For the Party today, it’s too late. Cutting their greed, their losses, theft, or self-promotion for power is likely more than it is worth maintaining. Their element of surprise dissipates rapidly.

  4. Few years ago everybody was raving about BRICS and the end of the dollar.Thats gone by no. Now new Asian
    based entente with a Japan as a financial clearing house? Only if they get rid of US bases from their territory. As far as UK weaseling themselves to new entente? They got a problem, since they put all the money in Chinese New silk road at first.

  5. Robert Barricklow

    Seeing as how, in the “Chinese” system of justice; there’s a conviction rate of over 99.9 percent, Xi’s connection is pretty much toast.
    Wonder if the A.I. technology spotted that corruption; or, if it was just plain politicized? After all, the Chines A.I. program can accurately sense, forecast, and provide early warning of major situations for infrastructure facilities and social security operations; grasp group cognition and psychological changes in a timely manner which will significantly elevate the capability and level of social governance, playing an irreplaceable role in effectively maintaining social stability. In other words, an authoritarian rulers dream come true: control and surveil entire populations.
    Remember for the CCP it would be simpler for the government to dissolve the people and elect another people. So China needn’t bother w/elections as it shapes another people to conform to its government’s desires.
    Wonder how that Little Red book of Mao is compared to the new XI Little Red Ap?
    Definitely interesting times in China’s CCP leadership.

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