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There are lots of unusual stories in this week's honorable mentions. Thanks to D.N., M.D., V.T., K.M., M.W.,

Cranial deformation and genetic diversity in three adolescent male individuals from the Great Migration Period from Osijek, eastern Croatia

(And if you want to take the time to translate from Serbo-Croatian, there's this:

Senzacionalno otkriće: Huni su bili ovdje već u 5. st.!

These Early Humans Lived 300,000 Years Ago—But Had Modern Faces

Police will enter homes and break up Christmas dinners if families break lockdown rules - and there will be riots, predicts police commissioner

Moon mining rush: Russia to draw UN’s attention to US plans to grab lunar resources

Bayer Acquires Asklepios BioPharmaceutical to Broaden Innovation Base in Cell and Gene Therapy






  1. What a feast of curiosities worthy of serious commentary and discussion–some of which is already occurring. The articles regarding the archaeological research I find amazing for many reasons–some of which fall on that rather curious time signature found in Farrell’s Cosmic War book. Now that would create the perfect context for such an archaeological find. It does make one wonder why this research is being released at this period in our history. The context of all of these stories is both strange and curious. SPMOTU is definitely moving quickly to fulfill their apocalyptic deception.

    1. Also some scientists speculate Venus may have been full of life and oceans around that time period. They still don’t know what caused it to resurface its whole surface. Perhaps it had a Moon that crashed into its surface? It’s already proven microbial life can survive in space and could have been shared between planets. Then perceeded to evolve into similar life on each but earlier on Venus, the Garden of Eden.

  2. Interesting that the large skull is considered artificially deformed. Also that the skeleton involved was malnourished. Not just different. But deficient and deformed.

    Interesting that the teeth did not show the typical wear we see in modern humans (or older agricultural humans).

    What a kind and considerate man that police commissioner appears to be. I wonder if he was that considerate in his dealings with Jimmy Saville.

  3. Are people going to get the idea soon that this is not just corruption and ineptitude? This is a well planned coordinated sustained attack. It’s genocide. It’s democide. It’s Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. It’s causing deaths and hypochondria. It’s Nurse Ratched attacking Randle McMurphy.

    How is it possible that Z-Dogg is such a pharmafia hit man attacking vaccine damaged kids’ families and here he is spot on with cv1984 with Jay Bhattacharya?

  4. Robert Barricklow

    Mining rush.
    Interesting that Russia is leaning on the UN, a key piece of the NWO infrastructure. W/covid1984 leading the way to consolidate power; and China providing the money, organization, and blackmail/threats, to back it up?
    I can’t figure out if Russia’s playing Cool-Hand Luke;
    or, is a Covid1984 communist collaborator?
    Russia wants a NWO?
    I notice their[Russian] vaccine isn’t being honored in any of the NWO captured states. It must be certified as viable in those locations; and their Gates of Hell vaccines are the only ones that really work. You know, turn their citizens into zombies of obedience.
    Russia seems to be playing along to get along?
    You’d think Nation States would be getting together
    to kill this Nasty NWO bug.

    1. Interesting. On Russia’s vaccine – looks like they are walking away from the fray. They already have their citizen slaves well enough locked in. What use is it for them to make a show of their slavery as Oz, Ireland, UK and NZ are doing?

  5. Robert Barricklow

    The Early humans was interesting; especially the National Geographic framing the story w/Nature coming in as anchor rag.
    Is this also part of the slow-drip disclosure being framed w/in acceptable NWO parameters?

  6. Carlo Maria Vigano (priest) Open Letter to DJT (Oct 25 2020). Explosive! :
    (you will need to ‘magnify’ it to read it)

    As I read the letter, I was suddenly shifted into when I was reading Zecharia Sitchin, and the conflict between the half-brothers Enlil and Enki (and the descendants of either). Each of those would ‘rope in’ hordes of humanity to fight physical wars for their side. Neither really cared a damn about humanity.

    Now, I am thinking about the Wargames movie:
    “A strange game. The only winning move is not to play…”

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Thanks for the link Goshawks.
      The priest tells it like it is!
      Evil has been powerfully organized.
      A Health Dictatorship is being implemented ASAP.
      Much more in this “explosive” letter.
      Thanks again, for the heads up.

      1. This was not the first. RB, seek the other out as well. I know of one, but there may be a third.

        1. Robert Barricklow

          I believe Dr. Farrell posted some.
          I know I read one he posted that had me thinking there’s hope for the Catholic church after all.
          Supposed China is giving the green light to 10 million plus Chinese Catholics.
          Again, Dr. Farrell predicted that the Pope would position his church as the NWO church. The only church allowed in the tyrannical technocratic near future?

    2. wow wow G.
      Are we not seeing tips of huge icebergs of wars in mgmt?
      How does this play out? I have contacts well placed in church convinced of Pell’s innocence. Have not heard their comments on Becciu yet. Crazy stuff considering the guilt of other clergy who were defended as aggressively as Pell.


      And now we’re seeing a resurgent conservative movement planet wide? How much of the kovidcult (esp Gates/Schwab/Rockfailed) gets neutered in this process? Such a dream requires the neutralization of Bayer, Pfizer,………
      Anyone here remember how long it took to get a German pharmafia member to pull thalidomide? And now it’s coming back on the market?

    3. Glad you shared this one. I was made aware of this earlier from Dr. Taylor Marshall’s web-site. I usually go there when I am interested in information related to the schism developing in the Catholic organization. How this debate is being framed, along with other curious details, makes this whole story breathtaking. If you’ve not read his first letter, seek it out also. It’s one of at least two.

  7. Don’t worry, Santa Klaus will have a nice little reset gift to give for Christmas if you’ve been good boys n girls. Remember S K Baine’s assertion that there would be a Christmas false flag – I don’t think he was that far off. Time is off but I do believe the main goal is to Disrupt the big Christian festival as a precedent. Maybe even for a new religion. And we all know what that is.

      1. Robert Barricklow

        The Christmas article clearly shows this is not about slowing the virus; but speeding up the power virus of tyranny.
        Why kill Easter and Christmas?
        What’s that really about?
        Are the dumbed-down lambs really go to lay-down for this?

        1. Killing Easter and Christmas are partly about (1) demoralizing people–a key tactic in the CV19 psyop, as far as I can tell; (2) bankrupting even more small and midsize businesses, many of which rely on Christmas sales to make it through the year.

        2. throw in a few food shortages and false flags become even more effective. amazing how many of the grocery store chains, food processing plants and farms are being hit with casedemics as the pcr tests get used more and more (and the cycles on the pcr get ramped up higher and higher).

        3. RB It looks that way (lying down lambs) let’s HOPE ( TPTB) get a BIG SHOCK tho ?¿? I live in Pa …but has anyone else noticed you can’t hardly get any ammunition ,like anywhere ? It sure “feels” like an fight is coming (& for the record folks THIS site IS only place I say this ! ) I have buds that DON’T pay attention to hardly anything going ON ?

          & they are speaking of something’s coming ?¿?

          1. Robert Barricklow

            I’d like to see Trump hold onto his office; get an Attorney General who will immediately arrest countless pedophiles and/or traitors; Media moguls who committed treason[all media will announce Biden – no matter what[it’s already been scripted, canned, and ready for “action”]; and the Democrats who concocted the Russian 2020 election lies.
            That would be a good start …

          2. Robert Barricklow

            … and the grand finale?
            Arrest the NWO covid1984 monsters.
            Or, better yet … before trial,
            Line ’em-up against the wall, and vax[shoot] ’em!

  8. Robert Barricklow

    Some very intriguing articles.
    Especially drawn to:
    “Police will enter homes
    and break up Christmas dinners … ”

    Can’t wait to read this later tonight,
    and other “Honorable Mentions”

    I’m late …

    White Rabbit.

    1. if police power is used to break up christmas dinners then this would be a good opportunity to video such a disruption, and post them all. holycovid.com. 😉 it would be good to have an extra place setting and invite the enforcers for some christmas pudding. posting these scenarios would be joyful in that it would show the absurdity of this whole farce.
      anyone using appropriate force against the tyranny should dress as st nick or as an elf.

      Also if any one is wondering why there is relatively high numbers of compliance with the public health dictates to minimize interaction, it may that a considerable portion of people are at home “working” and getting full pay. This seems unfair to those whose skills do not lend themselves to online work but there quite few of my office colleagues who see this as the new normal and are embracing this turn of events.

      1. Wait till the money – whether from the government or from falling sales – runs out and their companies start “downsizing.” They’ll be on the dole and, later, on UBI. They’ll still get to stay home… To be fair, I have nothing against working at home; I’ve worked just as hard at home as in any office. What bugs me is the complacency of so many who’ve been “bought off” by government cash to accept this CV19 tyranny.

  9. “Break up Christmas dinners”? Just another way to further scare those who are already devotees of the Church of St. Kovyd, who will eat their reheated pizza (delivered by a masqued man) without taking their masques off.

    1. like button.
      Ironic to see Karens devoted to every new “measure” to protect us at the same time we see the vast majority of folk learning to be more careful of the Karens with power – aka the new gestapo.

  10. Ah, mining the Moon and the “supposed” planting of flags; colonialism goes to space. A new world indeed…

  11. anakephalaiosis

    Abraham’s “sacrifice” of Isaac was the Pact. This was done, as a precautions, against hostile infiltration. The Pact was the option of an emergency break.

    It just means, that somewhere along the time line, someone would have to take the fall, as a precursor, to resettlement elsewhere.

    Assuming, that an ancient resettlement between continents took place, then it was likely driven, by the same necessity, that Abraham was facing.

    Papal space rats are like corporate termites, that seek to crawl under the bark, to hollow out the tree.


    1. anakephalaiosis

      Abraham’s “sacrifice” of Isaac is traditionally presented, as a moral dilemma. But it is NOT. It is a deliberate precaution, taken against cuckoos nesting in tribal bloodlines.

      When grandson Esaú showed his true color – as a cuckoo – it is clear, that Abraham was cleaning out an infested bloodline.

      It also explains the parable of Abél, killed by Caín, as the latter being the cuckoo showing its true color.

      The Jesuit sleeper cells are the same breed of cuckoos, that seek to place a cuckoo, in highest position of authority.

      Having cuckoos on thrones always leads to infanticide on firstborns, from which Christ was a surviving escapee.

      Roman imperial dynasty was the cuckoo bird as well. All empires throughout history is a succession of the same cuckoo bird.

      Pope, the cuckoo bird, is sending out his Jesuit space rats, to infiltrate, subvert and overthrow, by tentacles of imperial octopus.

      Pope, the cuckoo bird, says “feed me, feed me, with your empathy and pity, because I am one of you!”

      Pope, the cuckoo bird, is the pedophile predator feeding on innocence, while claiming to be innocent.

      The biblical narrative, when truly understood, is about ONE man – Abraham – taking up arms against the cuckoo bird.

      The heathen sacking of Rome was about roasting the cuckoo bird, providing a timeout – in a Briton-Saxon accord – that produced the Ryne-Stafas.

      The cuckoo bird fears the sun cross, because it is a 4-point compass, that reboots the western mind, by pyramidal geometry of Genesis.


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