Babylon's Bankers


November 19, 2020 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well we knew this one was coming. After election night, with the sudden shutdown of counting, and then the propatainment media piling on the "anoint Joe now" bandwagon, I thought to myself "How long before they start talking their usual 'healing' nonsense?" I didn't have to wait long. Similarly, I've been wondering just how long the kleptocracy behind the global planscamdemic would take to figure out a new tax to steal yet more wealth from the middle class and stuff it into the wallets of the banksters. Well, again, I didn't have long to wait, as this article sent along by K.B. indicates:

Deutsche Bank Proposes A 5% "Work From Home" Privilege Tax

Yes, that's right folks. Deutsche Bank - a "banking institution" well-and-infamously known for its standards of propriety, stability, and probity - has come up with another of its brilliant ideas: a tax on those who, working from home, have not been financially dislocated by the corona-covid cult and its planscamdemic:

At a time when the Fed is already monetizing the entire US budget deficit thanks to helicopter money, sparking conversations about the utility of taxation, and when a Biden administration is set to at least try and roll back most of the Trump tax cuts, the last thing the population wants to hear about is even more taxes.

Yet in a "modest proposal" from Deutsche Bank, the bank argues that in a time of pervasive covid shutdowns, "those who can work from home (WFH) receive direct and indirect financial benefits and they should be taxed in order to smooth the transition process for those who have been suddenly displaced."

In other words, the argument goes that working from an office is somehow punitive, and since WFH during the pandemic leads to "many benefits" as a resulting "disconnecting themselves from face-to-face society" a 5% tax for each WFH day "would leave the average person no worse off than if they worked in the office." The bank calculates that such a tax could raise $49bn per year in the US, €20bn in Germany, and £7bn in the UK. "That can fund subsidies for the lowest-paid workers who usually cannot work from home."

So for all of us who WFH (Work From Home), including you teachers confined to your cells because of the covid planscamdemic, they want even more money, which, in Germany's case we're told, could cough up a comfortable 20 billion euros, some of which we would not be surprised to learn would end up in Deutsche Banks coffers, to ease the pain its own decisions and "financial probity" have caused it.

And yes...

It gets crazier: the bank claims that working in the comfort of one’s own home leads to a slew of financial benefits including:

  • financial savings on expenses such as travel, lunch, clothes, and cleaning.
  • indirect savings via forgone socializing and other expenses that would have been incurred had a worker been in the office.
  • intangible benefits of working from home, such as greater job security, convenience, and flexibility.
  • There is also the benefit of additional safety.

As if it is difficult to find someone who also sits in front of a computer all day long in Bangladesh and has the exact same skillset but would work for a fraction of the pay.

Yet those people who are working remotely are, according to DB, the equivalent of social parasites as they "contribute less to the infrastructure of the economy whilst still receiving its benefits" potentially extending the slump in national growth. In other words, the mere act of working from home makes you guilty of not propping up the economy!


While it would be easy to laugh and merely brush this idea off as another ridiculous policy proposal from a bank whose very existence would be very much in question had it not been for several rounds of generous taxpayer funded bailouts, since this is yet another grossly socialist proposal we are concerned it has a very high probability of passage not only in Europe but also in the US, especially if Democrats manage to pull of a "Blue wave" sweep in Georgia in January.

So, let's get this straight: people who have been forced by the planscamdemicto work from home (which has every appearance of having been cooked up precisely to harvest even more wealth from producing people so that people like Herr Templeman can produce more papers on how to harvest more wealth from people who actually produce something) are now being blamed for that situation, and because those people are no longer driving and pumping up the economy by face-to-face transactions like buying gas and the impulse candy-bar at the convenience store, they should pay more in taxes so other people can hide in their basements, wear masks, and issue edicts about following the science.

It makes perfect sense to me: we grow an economy by shrinking an economy by taxing, not what you actually spend, but what we bankers think you might have spent had not the covid planscamdemic come along.

Only Deutsche Bank would have the brilliance to think of such an obvious solution: tax what people might spend. We should all listen to them because they're following the science of a computer model of what people might have spent, and because Deutsche Bank is well known for its financial stability, conservative investment strategies like all sorts of puts before 9/11, and for its sterling reputation of financial probity.

This strategy makes much sense to me, because governments and corporations will now be able to charge people for products they might have bought, and that the corporations might produce!  And we can issue government and corporate bonds based on what might have been produced and what might have been spent, in addition to taxing what people might have bought. WOW!

And wait... we might be able to create entirely new kinds of derivatives, and a whole new derivative market, the Might Produce Something (MIPROSO)Derivatives, which can then be bundled into tranches of (in)securities along with weather derivatives, robo-signed mortgages on buildings on vacant lots, and sell them to pension funds underwritten by Chinese banks floating loans on tungsten-filled gold bars, and take out insurance policies on those buildings on vacant lots and bundle them into the tranches of (in)securities... WOW!

(Interlude of coughing, hacking, wheezing, and puking)

See you on the ...

Oh, a couple more things...

One wonders just how long before we start seeing protests in Frankfurt. My bet is, it won't be long.

As for Deutsche Bank's "brilliant idea," this is what comes from mask-wearing ghouls, who aren't too smart to begin with, when they get hypoxia from breathing their own carbon dioxide, and not enough oxygen, which is, I recall, one of the conditions increasing likelihood of corona virus infection.

And yes, folks, these people running this "financial" system are that insane.

See you on the flip side...