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WARNING: Prepare to be grossed out. In fact, if you're squeamish or have a weak tummy, or like me can't watch those "medical films", fictional or otherwise, of surgeries without being grossed out, you might want to skip this blog altogether.

Ok... for those of you remaining, you might be aware that recently I've been noticing the new meme being driven into the public consciousness, the meme of "following the science." It's a scary meme, because following the science does not mean wrapping one's mind around the fundamentals of relativity theory or quantum mechanics. What it means is following the science when it is proposing massive policy agendas, you know, like mandatory nose-feeder bags to stop the spread of flu viruses(!), mandatory vaccines containing mitochondrial RNA components, mandatory carbon taxes to stop "climate change," mandatory collective farms because it's "more scientific", and so on. I think you get the idea, and I think you can readily see that "following the science" is really more about "following the scientism", the technocrat with a computer model, or a PhD in "Public Health Administration" rather than an actual practising physician, and so on. It's the Michael Bloomberg model of farming: there's nothing to it: dig a hole, insert seed, water said seed.

With that in mind, do remember your friend's mom telling your friend not to pick his scabs and eat them (particularly in public)? Do you remember as a kid being grossed out by that kid during recess that would pick her nose and then very discretely (or sometimes not so discretely) pop it in her mouth? (See, I told you this was going to be gross). Well, if you do, then consider this choice little article shared by V.T.:

Makers of grow-your-own human steaks say meal kit is not ‘technically’ cannibalism

Now some time ago I blogged about the 3-D printing of cultured synthetic meat, and even about a restaurant (in Nuttyfornia, where else?) that was proposing to take DNA samples of famous people, culture them and 3D print them as "meat", and serve it to people as a kind of "designer cannibalism." One could have Wolf Blitzer blintzes, Nasty Piglosi potato pancakes, Feinstein falafal, Chuck Schumer sprouts or Madow meat loaf or Trump truffles, and so on.

Well, for those worried about the "cannibalism" aspects of the new "technology," not to worry; there's a solution ready to hand! Just eat yourself:

The saying “You are what you eat” may soon become a lot more literal.

A “DIY meal kit” for growing steaks made from human cells was recently nominated for “design of the year” by the London-based Design Museum.

Named the Ouroboros Steak after the circular symbol of a snake eating itself tail-first, the hypothetical kit would come with everything one needs to use their own cells to grow miniature human meat steaks.

“People think that eating oneself is cannibalism, which technically this is not,” Grace Knight, one of the designers, told Dezeen magazine.

Well, apparently Grace Knight didn't get the memo from her mom: picking your own nose and/or scabs and eating them isn't what nice civilized people do.

They may be nice sources of "protein." And they may avoid all the nasty problems of eating other people in Blitzer blintzes, Piglosi potato pancakes, Feinstein falafal, Schumer sprouts or Madow meat loaf or Trump truffles,  nasty problems like... oh, say, mad cow disease, kuru, and so on.

It may not be cannibalism, but it is just plain gross.

And one more thought: these people are just plain nuts, bonkers, insane... perhaps they've been eating themselves (and others) already...

See you on the flip side...



  1. Bruce Patrick Brychek

    Dr. Joseph P. Farrell – Skimmed your cannibalism article the other day. Interesting, but not a subject matter I had previously thought much about.
    Then I received this below just now.
    Have you seen this?
    This begs the question for me.
    How did “they” know that the lung tissue from a 14 week old Caucasian Male fetus would benefit this Coronavirus?
    The unarticulated premise for me is that “they” are experimenting w/ all types of aborted fetus tissues.
    FINAL QUESTION: Is injecting aborted lung tissues of 14 week old Caucasian Males CANNIBALISM ? BB.


    According to the explanation and the documents you will see here, the Astra-Zenneca Vaccine offered,
    as this lady explains, has a ‘truckload of sh-t in it’ among which is ‘the lung tissue from a 14 week-old
    aborted Caucasion Male fetus’. View this video ‘full screen’ so you can easily read it and follow her
    instructions. Do your own research. We are just providing you the information. This is what the
    Corporatocracy is offering you, should you be inclined to accept it, this is what you will get. Once
    injected, be advised you have taken another step into the World of depopulation by acceptance of it.
    IMHO, that will not happen with most supplements nor with the 65 year-old relatively inexpensive
    remedy called Hydroxychloroquine.


  2. In the UK, we now are automatically opted in for organ donation, for operations to ‘help save lives’ . (Opt out required).

    I wonder what other uses for donated body parts are in the small print.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    Done on many of your links.
    https://bit chute.com/video/gaOqosQqui9o/
    is it 90 or 9o [ninety or 9 little ‘O’
    The little o and the zero ‘0’ are virtually identical.

    1. Hey RB

      I cut and pasted it without changing it from this. When I put it on the page I put no space into the link. Just a carriage return at the end of “bit”. Apparently when we cut and past the whole link it takes out the carriage return and runs the link as is and it works. Any better?

    2. Yep. I could not get the link as you posted it to work. The way I reposted it here works fine when I highlight both lines and copy and paste.

  4. Nothing new in those reports. Everyone knows by now that the figures are bull and are being fabricated. Its been repeatedly stated that there is no excess mortality since spring, hence the msm’s pivot to screeching about “cases”. Those running this psyop are not interested in statistical accuracy – they couldn’t care less at this point; they’ve moved onto the next phase which is getting everyone chipped (jabbed) and driving us into the totalitarian control grid.

      1. Fast too right? Curious that the censorship is so fat and heavy and fast and yet so much is still getting through.

        It’s already out of police control. Surprised we have not heard of protester deaths. So the police are jackbooting it on everyone old, young, all races, genders. Hm. Seem like like building a pretext for martial law? How long can regular formerly normal and carefully uninformed people who trusted their authorities take it before they just plain freak out in unorganized spasmodic ways?

        1. Robert Barricklow

          As Naomi Wolf wrote the book
          on how the totalitarian comes to roost; and when in comes – it comes fast!

          The End of America:
          Letter of Warning To A Young Patriot
          Sept 5, 2007

    1. By their own stats, Canada has only 166 people dead outside of care homes this year. The rest who died all were in care homes. 11,947 – 10,781 = 166.

  5. and lo I next read this one by Shimatsu (thru Rense.com)
    Rice, dracula, Jesuits, Horror Movie Right There On My TV (/Skyhooks band song)
    “This is another Jesuit-run skunk on the pavement.”
    “Even a fearsome Vlad the Impaler, aka Count Dracula, failed to mass murder as many civilians as the Obama-Biden-Rice death squad have down [done] worldwide”
    I wonder if they get adrenochrome from the traumatised general population, stockpiling for their bunkers, or Dark Energy Matters.

    1. I am reminded by this that Prince Charles is very proud of his direct descent from the blood hungry Vlad/Dracula. And he’s all for the Totalitarian Reset! He’s a strange one for sure!

      1. Robert Barricklow

        I’d like to do a royalty joke about Prince Charles and big ears. But I’ll just say; even that joke is not as dirty as Charlie; and he’s certainly no Prince, in anybody’s book.

        1. He is Jimmy Saville’s bestie. Remember before Diane’s divorce who the royals foisted on her as marriage counselor and go between? Yep Jimmie the monster Saville. Who was Charles’ mentor? Lord Mountbatten? What did they uncover about Mountbatten after his death?

  6. Anyone seen Soylent Green? It depicts the dystopian nightmare that they are trying to create to a tee. Its so prescient, why its almost as if someone planned this all along. Set in 2022 – coincidentally (sarcasm) – “the cumulative effects of overpopulation, pollution and some apparent climate catastrophe have caused severe worldwide shortages of food, water and housing”. Sound familiar? (World Econ Forum state that 1 billion people are going to be displaced by a climate event, engineered by their weather weapons no doubt). The population are fed soylent and only the elite can afford real food. Edward G Robinsons character is so depressed by it all he asks to be “put to sleep” by the govt euthanasia center. Hint – Chuck Heston’s character discovers that soylent green is not made of plankton.

    1. Spoiler alert. Greatest dramatic line of all time screamed as only Charleton can: Soylent Green is PEOPLE!

    2. Agree. There are numerous tv shows right now that are acclimating people to this idea. One of the shows is called “ I Zombie “ where this woman fixes gourmet meals out of human brains. It’s unbelievable how they indoctrinate. When people talk about it I just make a mad cow joke out of it to subtly let them know their brains will turn to mush. It’s really sickening at the shows on tv. I rarely watch tv but I know people who watch this stuff. I am deeply concerned about the future of our youth.

  7. I don’t mind eating a juicy bankster, if I can have good ale, to pour it down with.

    If general population should develop a sweet tooth for banksters, they would be in demand.

    The dodo went extinct, because of popularity.


    1. With some Kerry Heinz sauce ? interesting background her father is listed as a Portuguese-born oncologist and ‘tropical’ disease specialist ..

    2. anake dude that’s funny 😀 ….I told you an good while back ,I’d share a pint wit you! (& I don’t drink hehe ) lol you can talk “normal” & damn man you must just wait for doc’s posts …your always the 1st response lmao 😁

  8. So many technological “advances” of recent decades are multipurpose, and this meat thing is no exception. There’s always the monopoly/profit purpose: ban the raising of animals for food (blame climate change, zoonotic virus, or whatever), then patent and monopolize lab-grown and cannibal meat technology. Same playbook they’ve used with GMOs.

    Then there’s the push for technocratic control of all living things; that fits here. But there’s also a push to break down the most fundamental taboos of modern civilization: human sacrifice and cannibalism. I don’t know what that’s about. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion one goal might be to normalize mandatory euthanasia (good for the “overpopulation” problem and a great source for bodies that can be used for…?).

    1. There is a lot of cannibalism going on in academia: the so-called “social cannibalism”.

      Literature attempts to devour linguistics and vice versa. Once they were two aspects of the same thing: philology.

      Faculties are guarded like territories, against interdisciplinary transgression.

      BBC Wildlife is just more honest about it.

    2. roastedandsalted

      at -90 degrees storage i am wondering what is hibernating in there, when injected It lives. what does IT do when planted six feet under or cremated? sounds wormy to me.

  9. Let’s see, . . this is a twist on, ‘you are what you eat,’ right? You know, instead of, you eat what you are? Or is it, the other way round? . . Well, . . . you wouldn’t want to get lost on that circle that hath no beginning, and hath no ending. Most difficult when an individual begins lost, though.

  10. Well, the psychopathic scum are coming out of the closet. There have been rumors of our elites’ depravity for centuries unfortunately they usually turn out to be worst than we could ever think or dare to imagine. The problem is they have the money and power to make their twisted fantasies all too real.

    1. By the way, these are the creeps that give magic and science a bad name. Totally clueless and arrogantly ignorant they are just naturally stoned out.

      1. Feminism is about public stoning of fathers and forefathers, in the name of a foreign idol. It is treason.

        It is complicated, to call out feminism as treason, when anything goes, in idolatry of mass media.

        THEREFORE the concept of honor is to be completely removed – at its source of origin – when following the strategy of entering state of no honor.

        In natural state, there is no honor, by default. Animals eat animals.

    2. Hannibal Lecter, eat your heart out.
      I will have to add to LBTQ, BPC (Bestiality, Pedophilia, Cannibalism). Have I missed something, Deicide, Incest, Usury, Transvaluism (I claim that one).
      (I think it is Ted/Austin Boer show this week who suggested they might be putting human dna in rice and other foods to get us used to, addicted to? the stuff. Aspartame is tame by comparison.

  11. And New Mexico is closing down grocery stores based on a 90%+ false positive rated PCR test that Portugal courts have proven out unreliable and made illegal in determining quarantines.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      gone to the 404 graveyard.
      Information warfare is getting more brazen.
      Dummies can’t see it one lick.
      Yet, on the bus today I talked w/a number of black teens who were in-the-know.
      Seems the lower class …
      more informed percentage wise?
      The well to-do, more red-buttoned obsessed?

  12. All the evolve devolve thoughts make me wonder. What makes Darwin’s (and other eugenicist family members) religion of structured non-intelligent change such a given? What if we are all here? Just here. And always have been. Just in varying degrees, qty and types.

  13. After learning about pink slime and ammoniated e-coli ridden beef, do you think ray crock’s friends would hesitate to lie to us?

    1. Anyone reminded of ‘yes men’? Two friends posed at and to Davos as startups with proposal to take sewage and reprocess it into hamburgers. Davos crowd bit.

    2. Why am I reminded of that mucked wierd tunnel grand opening for railroad through a mountain in Dwitzerland?

  14. I believe a lot of what Joseph has mentioned comes from two lines: First, a kind of ‘camel’s nose under the tent’ conditioning. Mention it here and then there, and eventually it becomes ‘normalized’. This is just basic marketing, applied to perverse subjects…

    Second, there is a class of ‘entitleds’ who are bored and are going down the perversity path. This is like the S&M and ‘shades of grey’ memes that are being pushed. When normal stuff no longer thrills you, you get sucked-into darker pleasures…

    1. Remember that ‘friend’ in highschool and sometimes in college who never got caught in anything and always seemed to be whispering great ideas in some one’s ear at any given time? This feels like that. All these wierdnesses feel like that on a grander scale.

  15. Robert Barricklow

    “I have been assured by a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London[technocrat in the Biden administration], that a young healthy child well nurse, is, at a year old, a most delicious nourishing and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled; and I make no doubt that it will equality serve in a fricasee, or a ragoust.”
    A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift 1729

    Aprox. 400 years later the modest proposal has been 2oth worst century tweaked into a technocratic venture capitalist business proposal. Not just food for thought, or a satirical grist for the mill. No! In actual fact! From a human society that understood deeply the meaning behind Swift’s satire, to today’s technocratic totalitarians, who rub their hands together greedily, just imagining the delicious profits & benefits of their modest wholesome proposal to the world’s food shortage[actually being caused by the technocratic distribution mess created by other technocratic totalitarian, monopolistic, modest proposals.].

    Frankenstein is tame by comparison.

    ‘… worried about cannibalism aspects of the new technology… there’s a solution… Just eat yourself’! …
    After all, ‘You are what you eat’.!
    Loved it! [and, your celebrity menu specials!]

    Oh, were Jonathan Swift to time travel to today and read about these technocratic proposals as real honest-to-God[oops!]. Strike that. As hellacious, honest-to-God business proposals; instead of highly farcical gist for the mill satire.

    But, it’s just as insane as their 20th worst century slave vaccinations on a bogus deadly flu.
    the only thing daedly about this whole monster mash is that the inmates of the asylum have trully taken over. And some even believe their own press.
    If only Ripley[Ripley’s believe or Not] and swift could travel together to the future to see this living nightmare unfold.
    But I wouldn’t wish that upon any kind soul. It’s enough that we must suffer through it; until an enforced populist course correction is set for a better world for all living spirits …

    White Rabbit

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Then there’s the classic book[one of my favorites]
      Columbus and Other Cannibals:
      The Wetiko Disease of Exploration, Imperialism, and Terrorism by Jack D Forbes [1978]

  16. And the figurative zombies becomes literal .. a more honest update to the ‘Flavor’ industry DNA stories of yore ?

  17. Three types: vile, in between, and good. The good are always outnumbered. Three more types: not so bright, in between, and intelligent. The intelligent are always a small minority. And even three more types: the weak, in between, and strong. Unfortunately the strong, though a minority themselves, have a minority of good and intelligent among their numbers. That’s why the human race is failing to evolve and is like a snake devouring itself in an eternal circle, doomed to make the same mistakes of destroying itself over and over. Because it’s predominate heads are not moral or smart enough to change their behavior.

    1. The difference is between people who are seeing the cosmos and humanity in a wider perspective. Others have such small worlds so their views are simply “ about me”. That viewpoint will doom humanity.

  18. so every time I follow the logic of life consuming other life forms, I start with breatharianism and then I end up at Memories of West Street and Lepke, by Robert Lowell.

    “…a jaundice-yellow (“it’s really tan”)
    and fly-weight pacifist,
    so vegetarian,
    he wore rope shoes and preferred fallen fruit.”

    and after the Thursday ritual feast can we avoid the-
    “Flabby, bald, lobotomized,
    he drifted in a sheepish calm,
    where no agonizing reappraisal
    jarred his concentration on the electric chair
    hanging like an oasis in his air
    of lost connections. . . .”

    cheered up now?

  19. This goes back to the open and closed model of the cosmos. Since energy is infinitely available, so is food. If yet infinitely, food, in the conventional sense, would already be available tomorrow even for billions more if the current mindset changed.

  20. One step toward the fulfillment of Harry Harrison’s “Make Room, Make Room” novel (on which the movie “Soylent Green” is based.) If one can get people interested in “eating” their favorite ______ stars (I feel generous today), one can tear down the walls prohibiting the real thing. You make it legal by fiat and importation under a different name at the beginning, then change the legislation later when it becomes more “common”. We knew this was coming… It was just a matter of time…

    1. Now, add the movie “The Island” from 2005 with “people” farms and organ and tissue harvesting you have a full stop production line with very little waste and plenty of profits…

  21. Darwin apparently had it all wrong when it comes to the human species. Apparently we have been on the devolving path since Adam and Eve. That downward spiral has now reached a logarithmic rate thanks to our technocratic elite. They should have ate from the Tree of Life and remained blissfully ignorant from the beginning. Given their immortality, they would have eventually gained the knowledge anyway, but would have had the maturity to understand what not to do with it.

  22. OK, after reading this Blog I needed to take a momentary pause from reading while I retched in the toilet.

    Back, now, and feeling a bit better.

    Years ago while managing a quaint little French cuisine restaurant I allowed the waitresses to coax me into eating escargot [snails to those of us living in the back-country], and found them to be quite tasty. But, I’m sure to draw the line on growing ‘steaks’ made from human cells. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m quite sure we will not witness McDonald’s adding ‘stuff’ grown from human cells anytime in the foreseeable future, or at least I hope they would disclose it should they try to ‘pull-a-fast-one on unsuspecting folks.

    1. Not so sure about that timeline Nidster. Think about what was acceptable or not acceptable a mere 100 years ago.

    2. Only a few years ago in the UK and Ireland there was the “Horse Meat Scandal” when somehow equine DNA showed up in various meat products which were not labelled as such! Horse meating whilst frowned upon is not actually illegal, but it should not be passed off as beefburgers. But during the investigations Human DNA also showed up in some products. And I suspect it wasn’t just from a few dropped eyelashes.

      1. That should be ‘horse meat eating’. But maybe ‘meating’ would be a useful portmanteau word for us non-vegans.

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