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Hi folks. There's no main blog today as it is the American holiday of Thanksgiving, so I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a nice long weekend with your family and friends!


  1. I was streaming an interview you gave on on The Higherside Chats on Youtube. Guess what Youtube disabled the comment section. What are they afraid of that they did this to this show.

  2. Also in a Thankful Mood for all I have learned on this site!!
    Thanks, Joseph!! 😉

    Will the Cov-Vax reappear under another title???

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to both you and Daniel(and; to all the Gizars and their loved ones). I am especially thankful for all of you this year, for creating an island of sanity in this corner of the interwebs. It may get weird on in here, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. This website, Joseph’s writtings, and other works(webinars, chats, &c), have greatly improved my knowledge in many areas of interest(some, I was unaware I was even interested in!). And the fellow Gizars; who’s research questions and posts are outstanding. I rarely comment or post, as one of the mostly silent members, I wanted to express my thanks to all. Have a happy holiday, and stay safe.

  4. Hoping Joseph and all Gizars had a Happy Thanksgiving! Our family celebrated a wonderful day, nose-bag free!

  5. I’d like to express my thanks to Dr. Farrell for making this website available and for his years of research and writing, which can only be a labor of love.

    A happy, nosebag-free Thanksgiving to Dr. Farrell and to Gizars across the land!

  6. Happy t-day. Run cold turkey trot a la wim hof and eat plenty tryptophan for warm b3 rushes and relax. Best to D and J and Shiloh and Gizars.

  7. Trump is the real McCoy, and Biden is the wrong one!

    Origin of the idiom, appears to be Scottish clan leaders, in dispute of who holds his whiskey.

    The genuine article, in Scottish brewery and distillery, is a matter of taste.

    In vino veritas.

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