Tidbits of Conspiracy News


I decided to keep this week's honorable mentions separate from the election/election fraud round up, so here are some of this week's "close calls". Thanks to J.K., K.M.,  W.G.,  V.T., for sharing these stories:

Researchers At Large Hadron Collider Are Confident To Make Contact With Parallel Universe In Days

Austria To Ban "Political Islam" After Terror Attack

SpaceX, NASA set for historic Crew-1 launch today: Everything to know

Brazil’s Bolsonaro Hints at War with U.S. Under Biden: ‘We Have the Gunpowder’

India and ASEAN to Create a B&R Alternative?

Sneaky ‘Hidden Gene’ Found Within Coronavirus Genetic Code May Help Explain Its Spread

New device puts music in your head — no headphones required

Bill Gates Caught Promoting Child Labour In The Guardian

And an interesting book review by Catherine Fitts:

Book Review: The War on Populism: Consent Factory Essays, Vol. II by C.J. Hopkins





  1. Interesting blog (with sources) on the censorship around CV:
    “The media reaction to this [appeals court in Portugal] case has been entirely predictable – they have not mentioned it. At all. Anywhere. Ever.

    The ruling was published on November 11th, and has been referenced by many alt-news sites since… but the mainstream outlets are maintaining a complete blackout on it.”

    1. No transparency and vague explanations, died with/died among, asymptomatic may be contagious, masks, lock downs and more testing will end the pandemic.

      Most people know how to count to 40. But very few people know how many cycles the PCR test is using. I would like to make this the question/answer that every body is asking each other. Oh you got tested, How many cycles were you tested at. Gov’t and labs are keeping this information quiet. Keep it simple. It’s not complicated.
      Because all of us here know that when the covid vaccines are given ‘they ‘ can change the PCR Cycles to show any rise or fall of “Cases” whenever it suits them.

      Even dr. Fauci said over 35 cycles only shows dead nucleotides and makes it impossible to find the virus.

  2. In the beginning there was a lot written about the legality of the measures introduced due to the plandemic. Some of these referred as well to the Nurnberg convention. I lately understood that by declaring a pandemic this supercedes the Nurnberg conventions. Is there anbody here who knows more about this.

    1. Del Bigtree has done some decent work on this so far.

      I think the process you refer to is called “chipping away” at barriers to their goal. Nuremberg Code is a big barrier.


      The goal of all these arguments seems most likely to be to put ideas in play that were previously almost universally accepted as evil. Now it seems we need to consider the virtues of ……….. violating constitutional rights, civil rights, Nuremberg rights,…………..

  3. “Rochester Institute of Technology students discovered lost text on 15th-century manuscript leaves using a multispectral imaging system they developed as freshmen.” (my italics)
    I feel so old… (grin/grimace)

    One could ‘translate’ this article from January into ancient geneticist undertakings:
    “The new data also suggests that modern humans contain a ‘ghost lineage’, meaning a group for which we have no physical evidence. The data from these genomes, combined with some additional modern samples from West Africa, suggest that an unknown group contributed to hunter-gatherers from both East and West Africa. But it doesn’t appear to have persisted to the present as a distinct population.”

    ” And we now have evidence of at least two ‘ghost lineages’ in humanity’s past. One appears to have been present early in the history of the Neanderthals and Denisovans and is hinted at by its DNA. The other appears to have contributed to African populations but not survived to the present.”

    Hmmm. I wonder if the above is related to the push for having everyone’s DNA analyzed…

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