Technical Support Notice

RESOLVED: News & Views Feed

The news & views feed from youtube to the home page has consistently caused momentary site outages. It's a 3rd party tool, since youtube doesn't provide such a tool for displaying the latest episode. Every tool in this category is inherently buggy. They're mostly garage-coded, because Youtube keeps changing its API, and only scrappy garage coders keep up at all. So all such tools routinely break, even if they don't break the site. The most elegant solution is to add an extra click. By using the existing features to display the latest episode on the home page, and you simply click through to the landing page for that episode with multiple options for audio, audio download, and video, as well as show notes and listener comments, we significantly decrease the burden on the site's stability. The image may not always be awesome (yet) - we'll work on it, but this will be reliable, since we've found this technology reliable for several years running.