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RESOLVED: Upvotes in Forum

We were trying out a tool to allow upvotes in the forum. We hit our limit per page, and it seems to be working well enough for now, so we upgraded to remove the limits. This won't be the end-solution, since we plan to replace the very forum infrastructure this coming year with a much more robust system, and it'll have its own means of showing approval. But for now, this works well unless we determine it's slowing down the site/community too much.

1 thought on “RESOLVED: Upvotes in Forum”

  1. If one were to guess, this business of up vote/down vote, is based on the other social media formats (one doesn’t have any of them) having problems with who’s who and regrets having tapped a thumbs up or down. In one’s humble opinion, that “Like/Dislike” phenomenon is not worth the distraction of a shiny object it at first resembles.

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