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This week's tidbits come courtesy of V.T., K.S., E.G., B. & J.T.:

'No Vaccine, No Work' - Employers Discuss Making COVID Immunity Mandatory For Worker

More Rumblings From Washington State

Chief Medical Officer Says Canadians Who Refuse Vaccine Won’t Have “Freedom to Move Around”

22 Scientists Publish Paper Claiming The PCR Test Is “Useless” For Detecting COVID-19 Cases

Feminism gone mad: Nasdaq threatens 75% of listed companies with order to appoint women & LGBT or other 'diverse' directors to board - or else

The Digital 'Iron Curtain' Descends

Russia makes defensive missiles combat ready in Far East as tensions rise after last week's border incursion by US Navy

John Kerry traveling to Antarctica after BOTH elections ?!?! Thoughts on what might be going down? from conspiracy

No Smoking Within


    For anyone wanting to hear the True Mechanics of what has been going on, check out X-22’s interview with Dr. Shiva.

    This man is a true American Hero!! He came from India, lived the American Dream, ran for the Senate, then had his dream shattered with the Reality of American Politics!!

    Even so, he continues to fight!! Wish we had more like him!!

  2. Just when you thought the Vaccine thing couldn’t get worse.
    Australia just cancelled vaccine program because the vaccine is giving people AIDS!!!!!

    Google it!!!!

    1. HIV is COV’s brother. This is why hiv treatments work on the covbug. Hiv spike glycoproteins – those spikes on the outside of the particle – were found to be identical to those of covbug.

  3. There are three major GLOBAL HOAXES:

    1. Six million.
    2. Climate change.
    3. Corona.

    They are individually designed, to tap into respectively:

    1. Pity-the-kitty.
    2. Conscience.
    3. Primal fears.

    The business model of global hoaxes is, to gaslight such a BIG LIE, that the little brain cannot fathom it.

    There are very few players, that have the necessary resources, to spin exotic global hoaxes.

    In fact, global hoaxes are millennia peekaboo of pontiff pontifex, hiding behind pious position, as Palpatine.

    Who wants to have a papal sock in the face?

    1. Making GLOBAL HOAXES is about, what theater company of crisis actors are going to host the fake epicenter.

      Preferably located somewhere exotic, far away from the intended target, to provide deniability.

      It is about stealing property, during fake crisis, like marauders plundering corpses, caused by bankruptcy.

      GLOBAL HOAXES are the scoundrels’ ABC, on how to learn to be a thief, stealing presidential elections etc.

  4. Although an advocate of self-help strategies, health, wellness, and prevention measures there are concerns about folks self-medicating without knowing the consequences of excessive dosing, intolerances, anaphylaxis, or potentiating affects from sources not before considered. Considering how the Indian government takes care of certain things with a great deal of sensible approaches one can only hope their efforts don’t end up tainted by bad players for profit or worse.

    Thought the Fauci 2-ply mask combination was interesting. . . . Penguins? . . .Emperor Penguins, from the looks of them. Let’s see, where has one known penguins to come up in conversation before. Worth a thousand words, eh? It’s thought to be in the fabrication, filtration materials, and form fitting of the masks that make the difference between large scale exposure/transmission and rates of protection and reduction of particle flow(masks usually have a functional two-way construction (reducing output and reducing input of airflow)). The lower the inoculant exposure and expression, the better. Catching those bugs both ways benefits any and all who wear them and might be vectors or unknown spreaders while their immune system is working on immunity. Then it’s just up to properly disposing of the contaminated isolation materials without making a mockery of their use in the first place. From what one has seen from a multitude of sources – needs much work and proper instruction with disposal of contaminated apparel.

    One of the biggest problems with that bug is that there might already be a black market for another one concocted, copycat vaccines lacking efficacy (don’t have to guess too much from where or who when its release motive and probable source remain obfuscated on purpose), not to mention potentially very profitable, a less obvious active strategy. Look what and how it affected world class economies. Then there are those troublesome interpretations and narratives to potentially stampede populations kept in the dark.

    A 94% plus efficacy rate when Dr F was touting at least a 75% rate or so being good once. Not bad! Considering that the yearly flu bug vaccine production remains a moving target as that bug continues to mutate.

    The Party has certainly made current affairs the stuff of interesting times several times now.

    And then there are those things about cyberwarfare and security. Data collection software of the past and modifications of the present to include manipulating legal systems and the vote. AI is already out of control. Safe haven(s) have become myth for any who might have once known them.

  5. On a totally different subject:
    “…an archipelago of volcanic islands off Alaska may contain an undiscovered supervolcano similar to Yellowstone…”

    Referenced paper (abstract only) :
    “…a large previously unrecognized caldera that is largely hidden by recent deposits and the surrounding ocean.”

    1. ZDB, yes, it has felt like the Cabal/TPTB/SPMotU/Phoenician Navy have purposefully been “upping the ante” for the past year. I read sites on both sides of the ‘divide’, and the rhetoric is scary.

      This tactic was last tried by the Rothschilds – quite successfully – in bringing the US to Civil War. Their purpose was to create two separate sub-nations, so that each sub-nation could be played off against the other for fun and profit. The Civil War casualties of an estimate of 6-800,000 dead and several times as many wounded did not mean anything to them.

      So, as I read/hear about the ‘stoking’ of the divisions, I wonder about the behind-the-curtains purpose, this time…

      1. Robert Barricklow

        Lincoln foiled them w/the return of the greenbacks. Why pay interest when you can issue your own currency. It’s in the constitution.
        One of the few good things there beside the Bill of Rights.
        The bluebloods usurped the spirit of The Declaration of Independence. when the convention produced The U.S. Constitution.

        1. Free slaves seek independence, whereas FREE MEN do not have a care in the world. Because the latter are already spirited away.

          Trees do not grow by support. They grow from within. Trees grow upwards. Fruits fall downward. That is nature of things.

          When American fruit company sought independence, it went straight for the fall. It was a bumpy ride, in the free fall.

          Gravity is harsh mistress. She picked apples, and ate proverbial fruit, that sprouted spring.

          1. Robert Barricklow

            What do you think about
            the Pinocchio fairy tale?

            [Puppets; lying political/economic class; human vs puppet; and lastly, children.]

    1. LOL. What a joke. China sent smiling medical experts (along with Cuban friends lol) to “help” the Italians cope with the demands of cv-1933 back in March and now, like kids in the playground, are pointing at their Italian friends and screaming “bullies!”. Its Fake Enmity; namely ‘lets pretend we’re enemies to confuse the proles’. Its part of the deliberate confusion and distraction. Confusion, like chaos, is all part of the psyop so that people are inundated; so flooded with a river of BS that they have no idea who to believe or how to navigate their way out so they shut off or they “trust” the msm. Its a classic tactic; not new. It steers us towards obfuscation and discombobulation – military tactics; confuse the enemy with tmo. The military have devised this stuff – make no mistake. Once you understand it you can analyse everything in terms of military strategy. They are operating for and on behalf of the Industrialists – as per Eisenhowers warning. Anyone got a time machine? I’d like to return to the early 90s please. Or even the 50s.

  6. Rumblings from Washington State – Washington was likely one of the Wast Coast petrie dish beta testing sites of voter fraud, (1) First and now 10 years of mail in voting. (2) for C_A voting software before & after Dominon. Remember Robert Gates ‘VoteHere’ ? located a few short blocks in Bellevue from that software jungle in Redmond. (3) Curiously slim but winning totals for unlikely state wide candidates for longer than Ted Bundy’s Olympia & Seattle occult heshes have been in power.
    (4) Historical CCP Chinese ‘trading’ port for intellectual property from Boeing via Clintons, Shalikashvili, Perkins Coie, Gary Locke, Bio-tech & silicon valley of the north, U of W etc etc etc ..

    1. Curious factoid – Washington’s largest & some say most corrupt county, King County, was originally named to honor an elitist deep state player named William R. King (aka Aunt Fancy), the long term chanteuse, room mate & collaborator of President James Buchanan, ardent Freemason, and cotton plantation slave owner & advocate of slavery in both Birminghams. Also the shortest serving (6 weeks) vice president in history in the USA.

  7. Robert Barricklow

    It is clear from this snap shot, of countless articles on the coronavirus 1984; that the curtain, surrounding a hidden play of absolute medical tyranny, has risen across the country showing the people a new landscape, a new USSA. A landscape of technocratic totalitarianism using the corona1984 virus as a lever to pry those freedoms and liberties the citizens of The United States once enjoyed; away from there hands.
    Many will remember the Moses of The Ten Commandments saying with rifle in hand, “From my cold dead hands!”


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