Technical Support Notice

NEW: Sortable Search Results!

We've rolled out a set of new features around search.

NEW SEARCH BAR LOCATION: Minor change. Search now appears in 2 places: website footer (same as before) and (on desktop/laptop computers) search icon on top right of website. In the past, the search bar lived in the home page sidebar and in the footer, only. If you were in mobile, the main page sidebar would appear UNDER the left side content, placing the search bar in the middle of the page, where you had to hunt for it.

SORTABLE SEARCH RESULTS: Major change. Now when you search, you can sort search results by category. This is HUGE. It's FAR more efficient to be able to find what you want in search than Giza has ever had. Part of our ongoing commitment to rolling out UX/UI upgrades in 2021. Enjoy. Btw: Even non-members can see member content in search. If you type in UFO you're going to see that we have member stuff on UFO. Non-members just can't access it.

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