Technical Support Notice

RESOLVED: More Infrastructure Upgrades

Update: FORMS—We changed the form engine to one that is more secure from SPAM and over which we have more control for creating a better, more flexible user interface. Contact & support forms will look slightly different, but will operate more smoothly. The support ticket form, notably, is easier. The contact form for Dr. Farrell now supports a subject line. The immediate improvements are functionality, ease, and greater security.

LOOK & FEEL—We replaced the website theme with one that lets us develop a more flexible and robust user experience. Right now, it will not seem like an improvement. It's essentially an engine, but we're still building an improved automobile around it. Some slight changes to look and feel necessarily result. Some areas will look more 'basic'/barebones in style. Those will be improved over time. We wanted to get the engine installed. However, if you see an area that doesn't actually work (e.g. the content is 'squished', or there's a useless image at the top of a video that doesn't work, etc), these minor results can happen. We've done a cleanup across the whole site, but inevitably something will get missed, and we'd appreciate a support ticket if you notice something. The immediate results are we now have the ability to build more functionality into the website. This will help us make OTHER upgrades.

We're making some upgrades to the underlying infrastructure. This might mean a temporary disruption in a) how any contact/support forms work, and b) font sizes/look/feel of aspects of the site. These upgrades are necessary to lay groundwork for other more robust 2021 upgrades.