3 thoughts on “SURVEY: Forum Update”

  1. I would like the public to have access to the daily posts.
    The economics needs a system to pay the bills and grow the needed infrastructure; to maintain control of a direction that maintains the overall “spirit” of the members, and Dr. Farrell’s continued stewardship.
    One is tempted to go w/the old adage:
    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
    But, the times are changing quickly, and w/exponential complexity.
    There is that proverbial double-edged sword – in this case:
    keeping-up w/what’s “really” going on; while. at the same time,
    keeping off any radar that against
    any exchange of ideas & views
    that do not conform to the whims
    of whatever Politburo algorithms are
    in control at any one given time[couldn’t resist].

  2. Bring back the style of the old forum with topics we used to have.and ditch this wannabe “Facebook” posting style! Also, the answer to subscriber or paid member, I have been both depending on whether I can afford $12.00 for a month. A real forum and hopefully the return of Daniel’s Giza Dialogues would be a very strong draw for me.

  3. I know and do appreciate the hard work that has gone into improving/changing this Website. Although, it seems to me like Giza is more like Facebook. I have never ever cared for Facebook. Feel very cautious re: becoming more public, particularly in the present political environment. The “what if” type questions, mostly predispose a change to another platform. Although it is none of my business, I would prefer to know what platform and why the change is necessary. As to change tickets, I have a better outcome if I post or mention an issue in a post; eventually the problem is rectified on its own or maybe it is just my strong morphogenetic field – LOL. Please disregard my cynicism, I have been surrounded by MIS/CSO type people for many years and tend to think of what might happen if …

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