1. Going public by any means with commentary remains a risk. It seems nearly everyone needs a non-hackable server farm to maintain connectivity and reasonable access for commentary. Not to mention some sense of security and protection in the form of teams of attorneys for the PROMIS and clarity of jargon in legalese that’s been getting lots of mileage on networks. Legal-pad margins are expensive these days as they are long.

  2. Yeah Monty Biden and his lying circus are the most hillarious Ensemble – this can only be topped by electing a horse for president.
    The Romans did it – so why shouldn’t the Americans….
    Regarding the Vatican i am not sure, if they are in such a powerfull position.. My impression is, that there are parallels – both, the US and the Vatican are losing their previous status, whereby i don’t know if this is in case of the Pope part of a hegemonial agenda. Pope Francis definitely has a socialistic background, is a jesuit and a strong advocate for the One World Order with a OneWorldReligion and a OneWorldCulture. The moisty dream of Mr Globalowny….
    @J. Farrell Thank you for your work which widens my horizon.
    P.S. Your German pronunciation is excellent – rare to find in the anglo world!

    1. I love the “Monty Biden” quip. Excellent! With respect to an plan to fulfill certain eschatological expectations from evangelical apocalyptic the Papacy would be critical to such a plan. This attitude has been in play here for many years, so a Roman Catholic element would definitely fuel that speculation. It would also be an excellent diversion if worn as a “hat”.

      1. Robert Barricklow

        The first one didn’t take;
        so I added the missing “p”, and it’s under “75%”[my success rate;).
        Just checked the ‘directly above video’ – it’s on!
        If it still doesn’t work, then it might be a browser;
        or, some other censorship tool.

        But, as of now, youtube hasn’t taken it out.

        1. It worked. I take it this gentleman has an affinity for Vigano.

          More and more I feel more people are taking this point of view just by virtue of how these agenda’s are being worked. It doesn’t require my recruitment. It doesn’t take providing all sorts of references. I feel that people are getting it by feel.

          Being forced to do anything makes pretty much anything bad.
          Even the best in life forced upon someone becomes evil.
          Even the youngest beings know this inherently.

  3. Never mind corporations putting the Bill of Afterthoughts into their charters… U.S. states should be explicitly adding its provisions to their constitutions.

  4. Robert Barricklow

    Nazi Germany Enabling Act 1933 gave Hitler and his Cabinet to right to legislate by degree. Hitler now had dictatorial powers. In other words; the legislator voted to give its authority to Hitler. On e of the first things Hitler did was to cohere the power of the state within Hitler’s position of power.
    Then, Hitler’s administration changed the oath that the German military took; from defending the constitution, to pledging loyalty to Adolf Hitler -simply put, changing the oath of loyalty from the State, to Hitler himself.
    From Germany’s own storming of the capitol[metaphorically, to the storming of the USSA capitol to the domestic terrorism bill[metaphorically, The Enabling Act of 1933 Nazi Germany]
    Looking like 2021 Biden is goose-stepping in 1933 Nazi Germany’s footsteps – to powers beyond those in Germany’s constitution.
    The above; blasts right out from the video’s starting gate.[0:00 t0 5:17]
    Absolutely loved it!

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Geopolitical fallout will be huge from stolen election.
      Domestically, the fallout begins by hitting #1 on Bill of Rights: Free Speech.
      Before that; censoring the NY Post’s the Hunter Biden Story, then canceling a sitting President’s free speech on Twitter. All portending a Rogue State flexing it’s in-your-face, out of control; newly acquired power.
      Power stolen in a blatant; also, in-your-face election fraud. The world knows; even while the USSA press choir marches lockstep in whitewashing lie, after lie, after regurgitating lie. Then add, [can’t put three words together] sock puppet Bidenshenko – fitting snugly into the pocket of China; and, it’s making Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove appear quite tame by comparison.[15:00]
      Are the Deep State operatives trying to defang the Presidency to install a USSA Politburo[making USSA policy by Commie Committee]/27:40.
      Aka Party Rule!
      That controls all levers of power; including the nuclear football!

      And the video just keeps getting better!
      Outstanding High Speculation!

      ….or, is it?

  5. Well America can certainly be commended for embracing our ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)
    policy with the Joe Biden team.

  6. Biden Administration == Visible Industrial Election Fraud == Illegal Presidency == Narcissists Incorporated == Politburo Governance == Lilliputian Intellectualism == Universal Agreement Emasculation == International Geopolitical Instability == Certain Economic Uncertainty == Global Reset Necessity == Fascist International Opportunity == United Nations Intervention
    The U.S. is being set up for a collapse and dismemberment?
    This equation was set up before listening to the video in its entirety and anticipated before discussion.

    1. It’s certainly possible the U.S. is being set up for dismemberment, which would offer tremendous financial opportunities, like government liability write-offs, easy profits and asset grabs for private equity firms, etc. The thing is, I don’t think it’s all Glob[aloney]’s idea. I believe there would be grassroots support for it. Then again, if we think of things like the “Arab Spring” or Maidan, it looks like the Glob’s modus operandi is to leverage real, preexisting popular discontent and channel it toward regime change and profit. That could be going on. The best thing for the U.S. would probably be not dissolution, but a move toward a de facto confederation without changing the Constitution (which I don’t believe will actually happen).

      1. I framed it as a question–not a conclusion–for a reason. I honestly have no firm opinion. But we saw prior to Lincoln’s war an international desire to allow the breakup of the United States so they could invade and dismember the rest. That was averted with Russian support. The domestic situation is complicated. I suspect, though, the U.S. dream of empire has been terminated.

        1. The empire and its currency were getting long in the tooth, and no empire lasts forever; so I take your suspicion for a virtual certainty at this point. One major difference between today and Lincoln’s time is that transnational corporations are players on the global stage on par with (and in many cases superior to) nation-states in terms of power. In contrast to the past, it seems today’s East India Companies don’t need the support of any particular nation-state in order to exist. There’s probably a transnational corporate desire to allow the breakup of the United States so they can invade and dismember, the more efficiently to parasitize us.

          1. Hmm… Could it be the TPTB fear Russia will come to the aid of potential breakaway states this time? That would help explain the uptick in S0r0sian happenings in certain Slavic places.

          2. Considering how much the Russian government hates the over-reach of transnational corporations, those same corporations may have cause to fear another Russian intervention. I give the idea greater odds than most. Sometimes, the enemies of my enemy make my enemy my friend.

          3. Robert Barricklow

            You just made my day!
            Absolutely love your high octane scenario;
            and whole heartedly entertain your odds!

          4. Robert Barricklow

            There’s a poem
            In Russian folklore and culture
            of the titanic struggle against Nazi evil:

            The battle goes on, holy and righteous
            A deadly battle not for glory
            For life on Earth.

    2. Robert Barricklow

      Like the break-up of the USSR, and the subsequent Rape of Russia.
      All done for Russian citizens safety, of course!

  7. Hi Doc. and al Gizers ,

    Is it possible to place al interviews “part 2” with Dr. Joseph P. Farrell in the member section of
    Giza death star .


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